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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 4.
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Guidelines for designing a working programme for character building in the context of updated federal state educational standards
Lozovitskaya Alyona Andreevna, Sapozhnikova Yuliya Andreevna
337-343 Pedagogical Sciences
Forms of organisation of students’ academic research work in scientific student groups at universities of the Russian Empire in the late XIX – early XX century
Kuzyoma Tatyana Borisovna
344-351 Pedagogical Sciences
Studying text expressiveness in a novel of the Enlightenment period for text-producing competence formation among students – future linguists (on the material of S. Richardson’s ‘Pamela’)
Balashova Tatyana Alexandrovna
352-358 Pedagogical Sciences
Formation of motivation to study a second foreign language among students of language faculties using gamification elements (by the example of German language teaching)
Bystray Elena Borisovna, Skorobrenko Ivan Alexandrowich, Belova Larissa Alexandrowna
359-365 Pedagogical Sciences
Solving the issues of personnel training through science popularisation and early career guidance among schoolchildren in the spheres of agriculture and biology
Zhuravleva Ekaterina Vasilyevna
366-373 Pedagogical Sciences
Web-application “The Correct Solution” for organising a mathematical olympiad for 9th grade students
Kamozina Olesya Vladimirovna, Okhlupina Olga Valentinovna, Anishchenko Daniil Sergeevich, Ryabtsev Nikolay Pavlovich
374-381 Pedagogical Sciences
Role of piano cycles by modern Russian composers for children in the development of musical interest among students of Chinese music schools
Zhao Jiabo
382-387 Pedagogical Sciences
Neuropsychological approach in the correction of speech auditory agnosia in preschool children
Borovtsova Larisa Anatolievna, Isaeva Svetlana Nikolaevna, Melekhova Viola Mihailovna
388-395 Pedagogical Sciences
Conceptual model for the process of professional training of a computer science teacher for instructional design in a digital educational environment
Boronenko Tatiana Alekseevna, Fedotova Vera Sergeevna
396-406 Pedagogical Sciences
Features of implementation of the supplementary professional training programme “Translator in the sphere of professional communication” in military educational institutions of higher education
Kalashnikova Olga Anatolyevna, Ryabova Tatyana Vasilievna
407-412 Pedagogical Sciences
Typology of pedagogical interaction between educational process subjects at university: A polysubject approach
Krolevetskaya Elena Nikolaevna, Isaev Ilya Fedorovich, Sobyanin Fyodor Ivanovich
413-418 Pedagogical Sciences
Use of the intonation-semantic (content) analysis method in the context of the theory of artistic piano intonation in the process of musical and instrumental training of pedagogical university students
Maryatch Anastasiya Yuryevna, Shipilkina Tatyana Anatolyevna
419-428 Pedagogical Sciences
Implementation of the principles of educational content visualisation in the blended teaching of foreign languages to students of linguistics
Murduskina Olga Valerievna
429-436 Pedagogical Sciences
Methodology of teaching the Japanese hentaigana syllabary to future specialists in the field of East Asian languages and culture and teachers specialising in East Asian studies
Strelnikov Igor Anatolevich, Strelnikova Natalya Viktorovna, Ratnikova Vasilisa Igorevna
437-447 Pedagogical Sciences
Methodological support of professional self-determination of a future specialist using the tools of the national qualifications system (within the framework of the project “The National Qualifications System as a Career Designer”)
Tazetdinova Elena Nikolaevna
448-452 Pedagogical Sciences
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