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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. № 7.
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Artistic Realia in Victor Pelevin’s Early Stories
Ayupov Timur Rustamovich
5-9 Philological Sciences
Image of Dead City in Unfinished Novel "Shura_Le" (Chapter "Chunya") by the Ufimian Prose Writer Svetlana Churaeva
Golaidenko Larisa Nikolaevna, Prokof'eva Irina Olegovna
9-13 Philological Sciences
Oriental Mythopoetics in S. P. Balabin’s Novel "Born from Lotus"
Kirillova Elena Olegovna, Feshchenko Dmitrii Sergeevich
14-22 Philological Sciences
Love as Element of V. Tokareva’s Artistic Conceptual Sphere (by the Example of the Story "Beyond the River, beyond the Forest" and the Novel "The Poet’s Wife")
Kondrasheva Ekaterina Vladimirovna
22-28 Philological Sciences
Man and Reality in I. Vyrypaev’s Dramatic Text
Meshchanskii Aleksandr Yur'evich, Savelova Lyubov' Anatol'evna
28-32 Philological Sciences
Mayakovsky’s Image in A. Akhmatova’s Creative Consciousness: The Poem "Mayakovsky in 1913"
Nekoz Olesya Aleksandrovna
32-36 Philological Sciences
Aspects of Corporality and Anagram: Text as Body. Collection of Stories by I. A. Odegov "Stump"
Ovcherenko Ulyana Vladimirovna
37-41 Philological Sciences
Representation of History in "History of the Russian State" by Boris Akunin
Osmukhina Olga Yuryevna, Karpov Anton Dmitrievich
41-46 Philological Sciences
Semiotics of Day and Night and Temporality Conception in M. Y. Lermontov’s Novel "A Hero of Our Time"
Pogrebnaya Yana Vsevolodovna
46-53 Philological Sciences
Image of the Chinese in the Story by Vs. Ivanov "Armoured Train 14-69": Tradition and Innovation
Cao Xuemei
54-57 Philological Sciences
Ethics and Humanism of Artificial Intelligence (by the Material of Victor Pelevin’s Novel "iPhuck 10")
Yan Meiping
58-63 Philological Sciences
Rubaiyat Genre in the Tatar Poetry: Functioning and Translating Peculiarities
Nagumanova El'vira Firdavil'evna
64-68 Philological Sciences
Transformation of Folkloric Images and Motives in Plays by Galimzyan Gilmanov
Nureeva Gulshat Ilshatovna, Mingazova Lyajlya Ihsanovna
68-72 Philological Sciences
Transformation of Theomachist Motives in Symbolist Poetry (K. D. Balmont, F. K. Sologub, A. I. Tokaev)
Khetagurova Dzerassa Kazbekovna
73-79 Philological Sciences
Worldview in Gothic Story "Corstophine" by E. F. Benson
Burtseva Marina Anatolievna, Burtsev Anatoly Alekseevich
80-85 Philological Sciences
Comparative Analysis of Artistic Specificity of Animalistic Fairy-Tales (by the Material of the British and Russian Fairy-Tales)
Egorova Ol'ga Arsenovna
85-89 Philological Sciences
Poetics of the Novel by Sema Kaygusuz "Y?z?nde Bir Yer" ("A Place on Your Face") (2009)
Repenkova Mariya Mihaylovna
89-95 Philological Sciences
"It Would Have Been Another World": War Theme in Poetry by Edward Thomas
Talyzina Elena Viktorovna
95-100 Philological Sciences
Functional Potential of Intertextuality in the Contemporary English-Language Fairy-Tales
Tananykhina Alla Olegovna, Kozinets Irina Olegovna
100-104 Philological Sciences
Artistic World Model in Lyrics of the German-Speaking Poetess Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger
Mel'nikova Irina Markovna
105-109 Philological Sciences
Typology of Intermedial Relations in Modern Poetic Discourse: Systematic Review
Abrosimova Ekaterina Alekseevna
119-124 Philological Sciences
Meta-Linguistic Potential of Political Internet Commentaries
Bogachanova Tatiana Dmitrievna
125-129 Philological Sciences
Textual Connector "And Now about...": Lexical Variants and Specificity of Functioning
Wang Qiaoshi, Sheremeteva Elena Sergeevna
129-134 Philological Sciences
"Digital Economy": Linguistic and Linguomental Aspects
Volkov Valerii Vyacheslavovich
135-139 Philological Sciences
Linguo-Semiotic Mechanisms for Formation of Colour Phraseological Units
Li Jing
139-144 Philological Sciences
Lexico-Syntactic Variations of Circular Compositions in Poetical Contexts of V. Shalamov and A. Tarkovsky
Makevnina Irina Anatolievna, Pavlovskaya Irina Grigorievna, Philimonova Natalia Yurievna
145-148 Philological Sciences
Functions of Language Game in Perfumery Discourse
Marinchenko Irina Aleksandrovna, Vasil'eva Elena Vasil'evna
148-153 Philological Sciences
Concept ПСАЛЪЭ (WORD) in the Kabardian-Circassian Phraseology
Abazova Marita Mukhamedovna, Khutezhev Zaudin Galievich
154-158 Philological Sciences
Functioning of Abbreviations in the Yakut-Language Magazines
Vasil'eva Nadezhda Matveevna
158-161 Philological Sciences
Adverbial Synonyms in the Kabardian-Circassian Language
Dzuganova Rita Khabalovna
162-165 Philological Sciences
Means to Express Inceptiveness in the Forest Yukaghir Language
Prokopyeva Aleksandra Egorovna
165-170 Philological Sciences
Linguocultural Concept PROHIBITION in the Tuvan Heroic Tales
Khertek Lidia Kendenovna
170-174 Philological Sciences
The German Verbal-Nominal Combinations: Parameters of Description and Classification
Boguslavskaya Irina Vilenovna
175-180 Philological Sciences
Manipulative Communicative Strategies (by the Example of 2016 Presidential Election Campaign in the USA)
Dmitrieva Marina Ivanovna, Dubrovskaya Veronika Vladimirovna
180-184 Philological Sciences
Role of Realia in Song Discourse (by the Material of the English-Language Rock Musicians)
Kobzev Anton Alekseevich
185-188 Philological Sciences
Interlanguage Equivalents vs Translation Equivalents in English and Russian (by the Example of "Good" vs "Хороший")
Lekomtseva Irina Alekseevna
189-193 Philological Sciences
Cognitive Mechanisms of Elliptization Process in the English Language (by the Material of News Media Texts)
Suprun Anastasiya Gennadevna, Prokhorova Olga Nikolaevna
194-197 Philological Sciences
Cognitive Metaphor in Scientific and Professional Discourse (by the Example of the English Oil Refining Terminology)
Tikhonova Irina Borisovna
198-202 Philological Sciences
Basic Models of the English-Language Business Phraseology
Fedulenkova Tatiana Nikolaevna, Spitsyna Natalya Nikolaevna
202-206 Philological Sciences
Verbal Means of Influencing the Reader as Anthropocentric Peculiarity of the English-Language Military Advertising Texts (by the Material of ‘Army Times’ Magazines)
Khafizova Mariya Borisovna
206-210 Philological Sciences
Phraseo-Semiotic Link as Indicator of Phraseological Fields Correlation (by the Material of the Spanish and French Languages)
Nemtseva Kseniya Igorevna
211-214 Philological Sciences
Analysis of the Russian Translation of Pierre Lemaitre’s Novel "Au revoir l?-haut" ("The Great Swindle")
Skorobogatova Taisiya Ivanovna, Suraleva Ol'ga Yur'evna
214-219 Philological Sciences
Metaphorical Models for Formation of Evaluative Metaphorical Nominations in the Slavonic Languages
Vasil'eva Anastasiya Yur'evna
220-224 Philological Sciences
Traditional vs Expressive Collocations in Russian and English as Study Subject of Combinatorial Lexicology
Vlavatskaya Marina Vital'evna, Rakhmetova Evgeniya Sergeevna
225-230 Philological Sciences
Precedent Phenomena with Sphere Source "Literature" in M. Stepnova’s Artistic Discourse
Volkova Roza Aleksandrovna
230-234 Philological Sciences
Conditions of Text Interpretation (by the Material of the French Language)
Voskoboinikova Lyudmila Petrovna
234-238 Philological Sciences
"Forces Released but Non-Transfigured": Cognitive Self-Interpretation of "Revolutionary Rock Experiment"
Ivanov Dmitry Igorevich
238-243 Philological Sciences
Communicative Evasion Strategy in Television Discourse: Issues of Analysis
Isaeva Snezhana Nikolaevna
243-247 Philological Sciences
Institutional Approach to Business Discourse Study
Kovalchuk Nadezhda Vladimirovna, Soprantsova Julia Sergeevna
247-251 Philological Sciences
Cultural Codes as Axiological Representatives of the Concept LOVE
Kremshokalova Marina Chaflenovna, Cheprakova Tatyana Aleksandrovna, Shibzuhova Indira Rustamovna
251-255 Philological Sciences
Lexico-Semantic Analysis of Ambiguous Text (by the Material of A. Men’s Book "The Son of Man")
Kryachko Vladimir Borisovich, Khvan Natal'ya Stanislavovna, Gvozdyuk Violeta Nikolaevna
255-260 Philological Sciences
Metaphor as Pedagogical Discourse Construct (by the Material of the English Language)
Perelgut Nadezhda Mayerovna, Yanovskaya Anastasiya Vladimirovna
260-266 Philological Sciences
The Russian-Language Online Petitions in the Context of Mediatisation and Postulates of Harvard Negotiation School
Rebrina Larisa Nikolaevna
266-271 Philological Sciences
Sports Nomination: Universal and National-Cultural Aspects
Sedykh Arkadiy Petrovich, Koteneva Inna Anatolievna, Smirnova Lyubov' Viktorovna
271-278 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Official Written Communication
Khalupo Ol'ga Ivanovna
278-282 Philological Sciences
Peculiarities of Translating Gastronomic Realia from Spanish into Russian
Grunina Yuliya Aleksandrovna
283-286 Philological Sciences
Proverbs with the Component ‘Сыгъз?рин/Gold/Золото’ in the Ossetian, German and Russian Languages: Universal and Nationally Specific Features
Dzakhova Veronika Tambievna, Dzodzikova Zaida Bakhtyngereevna, Kudzoeva Anzhela Fedorovna
287-290 Philological Sciences
Functioning of Youth Slang in Anthony Burgess’s Original Novel "A Clockwork Orange" and Its Translation into the Russian Language
Kuznetsova Elena Valer'evna
291-296 Philological Sciences
Modern Political Discourse from the Viewpoint of Argumentation Theory: By the Material of V. V. Putin’s and Emmanuel Macron’s Speeches
Pletneva Olga Dmitrievna
296-301 Philological Sciences
Representation of Communicative-Pragmatic Frame "Intellect" in the English and Russian Paroemiological Worldviews
Shaimardanova Milyausha Ravilevna, Zorina Anna Viktorona
301-306 Philological Sciences
Determining Mutual Contingency Coefficient in the Russian and Chuvash Newspaper Texts
Tukmakova Nadezhda Petrovna
307-312 Philological Sciences
Principles of Linguistic Information System Design
Yatsko Viatcheslav Alexandrovitch
313-316 Philological Sciences
System of Communicative Exercises for Teaching the Russian Phraseology to Foreign Students-Philologists
Polonnikova Ekaterina Gennad’evna
317-321 Pedagogical Sciences
Specificity of Domestic and Foreign Online Courses from the Viewpoint of a Teacher-User (by the Material of Online Courses of the Russian and French Authors)
Chernyshkova Nataliya Vladimirovna
321-325 Pedagogical Sciences
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