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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2024. № 2.
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A terminological frame-network model of the conceptual and semantic organization of notions of computational linguistics
Prokhorova Olga Nikolaevna, Polshchykova Olga Nikolaevna
265-272 Philological Sciences
A model of a systematic description of argot units incorporated into the fabric of a literary text (based on the novel “Sang dessus dessous” by Claude Izner)
Vysotskaya Anna Sergeevna
273-280 Philological Sciences
Psychologism in the novellas by D. H. Lawrence and Tennessee Williams: A comparative aspect
Nikolaeva Marina Nikolaevna, Fedorenko Olga Yaroslavovna
281-290 Philological Sciences
Deconstruction of V. Mayakovsky’s satirical play “The Bedbug” in a romantic-utopian and a postmodern version in Chinese reception
Liu Chao, Kuzmishcheva Natalya Mikhailovna
291-299 Philological Sciences
Methodology for assessing the quality of student translations in the course “Official Business Translation” as a means of improving professional competencies among future translators
Nikiforova Alisa Michkailovna
300-310 Pedagogical Sciences
Micro-field “Alcohol” of the lexico-semantic field “Food” in the novel “The Rebel Angels” by Robertson Davies
Kurenkova Tatyana Nikolaevna, Strekaleva Tatyana Vladimirovna
311-318 Philological Sciences
Realization of diminutive meanings by verbs with the suffix -el(n) in modern German
Petryanina Olga Valeryevna, Revina Elena Vladimirovna
319-325 Philological Sciences
Verbs ‘работать’ (to work) and ‘делать’ (to do) in N. S. Dashevskaya’s individual style: A pragmasemantic aspect
Golosova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
326-332 Philological Sciences
Words with complex stems as members of a word family in German (by the example of the word family with the base word “lieben”)
Krupnova Nataliya Aleksandrovna
333-338 Philological Sciences
Transformation of literary and folklore genre structures in the literary fairy tale “Ivan the Fool” by Leo Tolstoy (1885-1886)
Sizova Irina Igorevna
339-346 Philological Sciences
The functional and pragmatic aspect of the use of paraphonation tools in expressing the emotional state of a character in I. S. Turgenev’s novel “Fathers and Sons”
Levina Ella Mikhailovna, Polovneva Marina Vladimirovna, Yakimova Ekaterina Mikhailovna
347-353 Philological Sciences
Dedication as a way of ontologization of the heterogeneity of modern English-language scientific discourse
Efimova Nadezhda Nikolayevna, Violina Marina Igorevna
354-362 Philological Sciences
Semantic variation of the gustatory attribute ‘гуащIэ’ (sour) in the Kabardian language
Chilova Tamara Aleksandrovna
363-368 Philological Sciences
Color conceptual sphere in English, French and Russian: A linguocultural analysis of phraseological units with a color feature
Glebova Ekaterina Alexandrovna, Bgantseva Irina Vladimirovna, Ionkina Ekaterina Yuryevna
369-376 Philological Sciences
Images of cities in the creative work of the Indian poet Kunwar Narain (1927-2017)
Strelkova Guzel Vladimirovna, Guria Anastasia Georgievna
377-388 Philological Sciences
Heart motifs in the creative work of Joseph Brodsky
Baranova Tatyana Nikolaevna
389-394 Philological Sciences
Transformation and synthesis of mythological plots and images in the modern Chuvash dramatic fairy tale
Perepelkina Elena Petrovna, Yakimova Ekaterina Romanovna
395-400 Philological Sciences
Representation of A. Blok’s creative work in video poetry
Zaitseva Tatiana Borisovna, Tsurkan Veronika Valentinovna, Veseleva Alena Olegovna
401-406 Philological Sciences
Female ethnotype in the lyrical songs of ‘Shijing’ (11th-6th centuries BC) and in the narrative prose of medieval China
Zakharova Natalya Vladimirovna
407-411 Philological Sciences
Realization of poetic discourse in the recreative phase of translation (based on an English translation of Sergei Gontsov’s poem “In a red tower-room”)
Guseva Elena Nikolayevna
412-418 Philological Sciences
Linguo-cognitive mechanisms of metaphorization in COVID-19 discourse (based on Russian-language media)
Dadueva Alexandra Sokratovna, Khakhalova Svetlana Alexeyevna
419-424 Philological Sciences
Cinematic quality as a feature of poetics in Kazuo Ishiguro’s novels
Orlova Tatiana Sergeevna
425-432 Philological Sciences
Rendering of artistic imagery in poetic translation (based on the poetry of R. Burns)
Alekseeva Olga Pavlovna
433-437 Philological Sciences
Specifics of using pronouns in Tatar-language and English-language advertising slogans
Fakhretdinova Gulnaz Nurkhametovna
438-442 Philological Sciences
Cultural code and its image component (by the example of the image of nature in English films)
Pankratova Svetlana Anatolyevna
443-447 Philological Sciences
English imperative sentences in the functional-communicative and the translatological aspect
Brykina Svetlana Viktorovna, Sudovchikhina Luidmila Alexandrovna
448-453 Philological Sciences
Syntactic means of expressiveness (based on the titles of Udmurt journalistic texts)
Kondrateva Natalia Vladimirovna, Chernysheva Larisa Mikhailovna
454-459 Philological Sciences
Problems in translating political jokes from German into Russian
Shcherbina Sergey Yuerevich
460-465 Philological Sciences
Modal potential of synthetic and analytical forms of the future tense in German and Russian
Averina Anna Viktorovna
466-473 Philological Sciences
Biographical myth about M. Gorky and artistic reality: The dramatic trilogy “Three versions of one fate. Plays” by N. Pributkovskaya
Urtmintseva Marina Genrichovna
474-479 Philological Sciences
“Your 18th Century. Your 19th Century. The Verge of the Ages” by N. Ya. Eidelman. Saint Petersburg: Azbuka; Azbuka-Attikus, 2023. 800 p. (Non-Fiction. Big Books): Book review
Skibin Sergey Mikhailovich
480-482 Philological Sciences
Textemic analysis of special texts on winemaking
Sibiryakov Andrey Viktorovich, Timokhina Arina Vladimirovna
483-489 Philological Sciences
Diary texts of V. D. Kasyanov in the aspect of diachronic study of word collocations
Kudryavceva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
490-495 Philological Sciences
Expression of the category of precedence by prepositions and conjunctions in the English language
Lutfullina Gulnara Firdavisovna, Savinov Savva Sergeevich
496-502 Philological Sciences
Glory to you, my hard life!": Life and creative peripetias of the fate of the neo-peasant writer P. I. Karpov
Zhilina Maria Alexandrovna
503-507 Philological Sciences
Completive (finalizing) mode of verbal action in the Kabardian-Circassian language
Dzuganova Rita Khabalovna
508-512 Philological Sciences
Features of the structure and linguistic realization of the categorial situation of necessity in German instructional texts with a specific action subject – an animal
Boguslavskaya Irina Vilenovna
513-519 Philological Sciences
Rhizome as a mechanism of manipulation in German-language journalistic text
Chetyrkina Inna Valerjevna
520-526 Philological Sciences
Features of the “Onegin text” reception in the literary process of the 21st century
Gudkova Svetlana Petrovna, Rauzhina Anastasia Mikhailovna
527-532 Philological Sciences
Conceptual strategies of post (social) realism (A. Turgenev’s novel “So that God tears you to pieces from the inside!”)
Bibergan Ekaterina Sergeevna, Bogdanova Olga Vladimirovna
533-540 Philological Sciences
Visualization of precedent situations in an advertising poster (using the example of an Uber advertising campaign in France)
Anisimov Vladislav Evgen’evich, Anisimova Ekatherina Dmitrievna, Nebyvaeva Natalia Sergeevna
541-550 Philological Sciences
Structure of the media concept DIGITAL ECONOMY in the discourse of English-language media
Kalugina Olga Anatolevna
551-556 Philological Sciences
The concept of SLACKTIVISM and its implementation in network discursive practices (based on the Russian, English, and French languages)
Borodulina Natalia Yurievna, Makeeva Marina Nikolaevna
557-563 Philological Sciences
Frame structure of allusive anthroponym as a literary concept (on the material of Donna Tartt’s novel “The Secret History”)
Tomberg Olga Vitalievna, Ananyina Marina Aleksandrovna
564-572 Philological Sciences
Hybrid discourse: Constitutive features of geographic essays
Balandina Ekaterina Sergeevna
573-578 Philological Sciences
Implementation features of indirect politeness strategies within the communicative strategies of political media discourse (based on Markus Söder’s appearance on the talk show “Markus Lanz”)
Arkhipova Daria Igorevna
579-586 Philological Sciences
Systematization of English terminological abbreviations in the field of transport logistics
Karavayskaya Olga Sergeevna
587-591 Philological Sciences
The issue of memory and its interpretation specifics in the novels of A. Teppeev
Sarbasheva Alena Mustafaevna
592-596 Philological Sciences
Composition of the socio-political vocabulary of the Ingush language
Barahoeva Nina Mustafaevna, Galaeva Zharaidat Batirovna
597-600 Philological Sciences
Features of the terminological composition in english-language navigation discourse
Tarnaeva Larisa Petrovna, Malinina Svetlana Mikhailovna
601-606 Philological Sciences
Linguistic creativity as the basis for formation of polysynthetic nominations in English language media discourse
Zakharov Oleg Igorevich
607-615 Philological Sciences
Representation of figurative meanings of the lexemes ‘булка’ / ‘Brötchen’ in a bilingual Russian-German linguistic-cultural dictionary
Blokhina Elena Nikolaevna
616-625 Philological Sciences
Linguistic-pragmatic characterization of annotations of massive open online courses (based on the German language)
Katalkina Natalia Anatolyevna, Ripacheva Elena Anatolyevna
626-634 Philological Sciences
Formation of a new language personality when teaching a foreign language in a non-linguistic university in the context of digitalization: changing motivational triggers
Bocharova Marina Nikolaevna
635-640 Pedagogical Sciences
Myth-Novel" by G. Swift: Genesis and reception of fenland mythology
Varyoshin Nikita Vladimirovich
641-647 Philological Sciences
Metaphorical term formation in technical discourse (based on Russian, Bashkir, and English)
Bilalova Dina Nurimanovna
648-654 Philological Sciences
Argumentative explication of the text of parliamentary speeches at the micro level (based on the French language)
Gavrishina Irina Nikolaevna
655-661 Philological Sciences
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