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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 2.
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In Commemoration of Stanislav Nikolaevich Glazachev, Doctor in Pedagogy, Professor, Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation
Grishaeva Yulia Mikhailovna
147-149 Pedagogical Sciences
Forming Information Competency in Primary School Students in Project Activity
Abramovskyh Natalya Viktorovna, Ilinykh Victoria Sergeevna
150-156 Pedagogical Sciences
Expanding Predictive Function of Educational Comparative Studies in the Context of Globalisation
Benin Vladislav Lvovich, Pleshakova Anastasia Yurievna
157-161 Pedagogical Sciences
Genesis of the Notion "Educational and Cognitive Activity"
Zvonenko Anna Borisovna
162-167 Pedagogical Sciences
Potential of Volunteering Activity in Prevention of Social Escapism among the Student Youth
Kibalnik Alena Vyacheslavovna, Fedosova Irina Valerianovna
168-174 Pedagogical Sciences
Priorities in Educating Service Members of the National Guard of the Russian Federation to Counter Extremist Ideology
Merkulov Sergey Vladimirovich
175-181 Pedagogical Sciences
Improvement of Leisure Organization in Rural School Daytime Summer Camps
Pavlovich Daniil Aleksandrovich
182-190 Pedagogical Sciences
Features of Organising Distance Preparation for the Basic State Examination in English
Zhuvagina Anastasia Vladimirovna, Kharkova Elena Vladimirovna
191-197 Pedagogical Sciences
Visualization Principle in Teaching English Vocabulary to Secondary School Pupils
Zakharova Liudmila Borisovna, Zakharova Elena Valerievna
198-203 Pedagogical Sciences
Problem-Value Analysis of Authentic Literary Texts in the Context of Dialogue Space of Foreign-Language Education (Language Specialisations)
Izotova Nadezhda Vasilievna, Nikolaenko Elena Mikhailovna, Zubareva Alina Alexandrovna
204-210 Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching Language for Special Purposes to Foreign Students in the Process of Studying Principal Subjects
Krapivnik Liudmila Fedorovna, Puchkova Yelena Victorovna
211-221 Pedagogical Sciences
Methodological Model of Teaching Foreign-Language Intercultural Media Communication under Conditions of Manipulative Influence
Levina Olesia Mikhailovna
222-227 Pedagogical Sciences
Creating English Learning Board Game for Senior Pre-schoolers "Treasure Hunt" on the Basis of Iterative Approach
Lopukhova Maya Vladimirovna
228-234 Pedagogical Sciences
Authentic Feature Film as Means to Form Teenagers’ Foreign-Language Linguo-Sociocultural Competence under Conditions of Additional Education
Lubyanova Marina Alekseevna, Ovsyannikova Alla Viktorovna
235-241 Pedagogical Sciences
Musical-Pedagogical Technologies to Form Piano Performing-Intoning Culture in the Context of Modern Musical Pedagogy
Maryatch Anastasiya Yuryevna, Sukhova Larisa Georgievna
242-251 Pedagogical Sciences
Algorithm of Denotative Analysis of Literary Text When Teaching Russian to Foreign Students of Non-Linguistic Specialties
Petrov Sergei Valerievich
252-257 Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching the English-Language Art History Discourse to History Students Based on Set of Exercises on the Moodle Platform
Skripkina Ekaterina Alexandrovna, Voinova Viktoria Vladimirovna
258-264 Pedagogical Sciences
Sociocultural Conditionality of Upbringing in the System of Children’s Additional Education
Sukhitashvili Lyudmila Stefanovna, Aleinikova Natalya Gennadievna, Tolstokorov Evgeny Stefanovich
265-271 Pedagogical Sciences
Pedagogical Technology to Form Juridical Students’ Professionally Oriented Foreign-Language Communicative Competence
Ageeva Marina Gennadievna, Lapekina Yulia Yurievna
272-278 Pedagogical Sciences
Content of Foreign-Language Education at Higher Education Institution as Means for Fostering Personal Intellectual Culture in Future Teachers
Volodina Olga Vasilevna
279-290 Pedagogical Sciences
Linguo-Didactic Model of Foreign Language Teaching in Higher School Multicultural Educational Environment
Znikina Lyudmila Stepanovna, Sedykh Dina Viktorovna
291-297 Pedagogical Sciences
Using Digital Technologies When Teaching Foreign Language Vocabulary to Higher School Students
Kolesnichenko Alvina Nikolaevna
298-303 Pedagogical Sciences
Comprehensive Assessment of Professional and Personal Competence of Foreign Military Specialists Studying at the Russian Higher Military Aviation Schools
Kuznetsov Yuri Nikolaevich
304-309 Pedagogical Sciences
Specificity of Foreign-Language Training of Postgraduate Military Students at Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation (by the Example of Tyumen Advanced Training Institute of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation)
Lyskova Marina Ivanovna
310-317 Pedagogical Sciences
Tools and Techniques to Organize Distance Pedagogical Practice of Future Elementary School Teachers
Makarova Olga Vasilevna, Neverovich Galina Aleksandrovna, Tsyvareva Marina Anatolyevna
318-324 Pedagogical Sciences
Role of Culture in Formation of General Competences of Art College Students
Motornaya Svetlana Evgenievna, Zvagolskaya Svetlana Vasilievna
325-330 Pedagogical Sciences
Spiral Processual Approach in Organizing Lessons on Language Teaching Methodology for Linguistic Students
Stavtseva Irina Vyacheslavovna, Kolegova Irina Alexandrovna
331-338 Pedagogical Sciences
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