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SOURCE:   Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. 2.
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Methodological Aspects of Using Interactive Technologies when Teaching a Foreign Language to Higher School Students
Asmolovskaya Mariya Vladimirovna, Valeev Agzam Abrarovich
135-141Pedagogical Sciences
Criteria-Based Assessment of Higher School Students Educational Achievements
Zemlyanskaya Elena Nikolaevna
142-147Pedagogical Sciences
Students Social Interaction Competence: Essence, Structure and Content
Rodina Ol'ga Nikolaevna
148-152Pedagogical Sciences
Factors to Develop Efficient "Teacher - Student" Relations in Modern School
Ushatikova Irina Igorevna, Khuzin Al'bert Galimzyanovich
153-157Pedagogical Sciences
Developing English-Language Lexical Competence among Alfa Generation Children Using Mobile Applications
Anisiforova Tat'yana Sergeevna, Klochkova Galina Mikhailovna
158-162Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching Visual Art to Children with Restricted Health Abilities on the Basis of a Special Partial Program under the Conditions of Preschool Educational Institutions
Astaf'eva Mariya Anatol'evna, Lukovenko Tat'yana Gennad'evna, Gavrishchak Marina Vladimirovna
163-169Pedagogical Sciences
Linguo-Didactic Potential of Authentic Video Resources while Forming Professional Foreign-Language Auditory Competence in the Sphere of International Tourism
Dzhenenko Ol'ga Vladimirovna
170-175Pedagogical Sciences
Practical Russian Language Skills as a Prerequisite for Academic Adaptation of the Central Asian Students
Korneva Galina Viktorovna, Gerasimova Elena Evgen'evna
176-179Pedagogical Sciences
Organization of Subject Olympiads for Schoolchildren (by the Example of Olympiads in Journalism)
Kravchenko Yuliya Dmitrievna
180-184Pedagogical Sciences
Specificity of Forming Junior Pupils Crosscultural Communicative Competence in Extracurricular Project Activity with the Use of Authentic Materials
Parfenova Svetlana Olegovna, Semenova Lyubov' Anatol'evna, Vasilenko Ekaterina Dmitrievna
185-189Pedagogical Sciences
Attempt of Using a Mini-Site while Teaching the English Grammar to Correspondence Students
Pasechnik Tat'yana Borisovna, Karyakina Ekaterina Mikhailovna
190-195Pedagogical Sciences
Eco-Psychological Model as a Basis of Developmental Teaching in Secondary Education
Plaksina Irina Vasil'evna, Samsonova Svetlana Yur'evna
196-201Pedagogical Sciences
Linguo-Culturological Analysis of Fiction Text at the Lessons of the Russian Language and Literature at the Senior Stage of Secondary Education
Ryabchenko Natal'ya Nikolaevna, San'kova Alena Aleksandrovna
202-206Pedagogical Sciences
Historical Chronology at History Lessons and Its Place in Development of Students Cognitive Interest
Skopa Vitalii Aleksandrovich
207-211Pedagogical Sciences
Value Aspect of Education in the Context of Forming Future Journalists Professional Identity
Avdonina Natal'ya Sergeevna, Koibina Dar'ya Sergeevna
212-217Pedagogical Sciences
Using Lexical Approach when Forming Linguistic Students Foreign-Language Communicative Competence
Vartanova Karina Yur'evna, Kiseleva Anna Vladimirovna, Sokolovskaya Natal'ya Aleksandrovna
218-222Pedagogical Sciences
Methodology to Develop Military Students Foreign-Language Communicative Competence
Grigor'eva Dar'ya Aleksandrovna, Nain Al'bert Yakovlevich, Karpova Ol'ga Leonidovna
223-227Pedagogical Sciences
Raising Technical Students Motivation for Studying English by Means of the English Language Week
Zakharova Olga Olegovna
228-234Pedagogical Sciences
Knowing the Basics of Information Technologies as a Prerequisite for Admission to Civil Engineering University
Ignat'ev Vladimir Petrovich, Tsoi Tamara Vladimirovna
235-239Pedagogical Sciences
Formation of Philological Students Reading Experience
Inozemtseva Nadezhda Vladimirovna, Lar'kina Svetlana Evgen'evna
240-244Pedagogical Sciences
Formation of Pedagogical Subjectivity and Research Potential of 4th-Year Bachelor Students during Pedagogical Practice
Malova Elena Nikolaevna
245-252Pedagogical Sciences
Linguistic Business Game as a Means to Form Technical Students Communicative Competence
Parochkina Mariya Mikhailovna
253-258Pedagogical Sciences
Mass Media Texts as a Means to Form Foreign Students Crosscultural Communicative Competence
Semenova Inna Vladimirovna
259-264Pedagogical Sciences
Regional Model of Foreign Students Professional Socialization: Basic Characteristics
Solovtsova Irina Afanas'evna
265-271Pedagogical Sciences
Means to Develop Pedagogical Optimism in the Process of Future Teachers Training
Yakovleva Yuliya Vladimirovna
272-276Pedagogical Sciences
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