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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 5.
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P. Ya. Chaadaev’s Image Reception in the Novel "Sergei Chalygin’s Confessions" by Ya. P. Polonsky
Vyushkova Irina Gennadievna, Silchenko Grigory Viktorovich
1339-1343 Philological Sciences
Buddhist Concept of "Samsara" in I. A. Bunin’s Creative Work
Liu Yuanyuan
1344-1353 Philological Sciences
Time Category as a Basis of Architectonics of the Program Cycle "Life as a Year" (1982) by V. D. Kolupaev
Morozova Inna Viktorovna
1354-1358 Philological Sciences
Metanovel vs Metatext: A Contentious Aspect of Studying V. Pelevin’s Prose
Osmukhina Olga Yurievna, Maryushkina Anastasia Pavlovna
1359-1363 Philological Sciences
"The Jester" by Yu. Vyazemsky vs "The Jester" by A. Eshpai: Specificity of Cinema Interpretation of a Literary Character’s Image
Osmukhina Olga Yurievna, Ovsyannikova Ekaterina Pavlovna
1364-1369 Philological Sciences
Interpretation of Eugene Onegin’s Image in Chinese Pushkin Studies
Zhu Yan
1370-1376 Philological Sciences
Fusion of Image and Thought Forming the Creative Basis of Fictionalised Journalistic Images in Mustai Karim’s Sketch Stories
Akhmadiev Rif Barievich
1377-1380 Philological Sciences
Song Folklore of the Chuvash People from Yanshikhovo-Norvashi Village of the Yantikovskiy District of the Chuvash Republic in Autochthonous and Siberian Existence
Ilyina Galina Gennadievna, Alexandrov Alexey Anatolievich, Ismagilova Ekaterina Igorevna
1381-1387 Philological Sciences
Specifics of the Modern Chechen Literature Genre System Developing (Based on Kanta Ibragimov’s Military-Historical Prose)
Inarkayeva Subran Islamovna, Yakhyaeva Zukhra Idrisovna
1388-1393 Philological Sciences
Collective Memory in the Context of Autobiographical Works (by the Material of German-Language Autobiographies)
Molchanova Anna Sergeevna
1394-1398 Philological Sciences
Linguo-Psychological Analysis of Female Characters in the Works of the Scottish Poetesses of the XX Century
Tulup Elzara Refatovna
1399-1403 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Formal Analysis of Non-Morphological Derivatives in the Modern Russian Language
Golaydenko Larisa Nikolaevna, Salnikov Vadim Borisovich
1404-1409 Philological Sciences
Status of Border Components of Anthroponymic Formula in Business Writing Monuments of the Yenisei Siberia of the XVII Century
Gorodilova Lyudmila Mikhailovna
1410-1417 Philological Sciences
Homonymy of Acronyms and Common Words: Principles for Compiling a Dictionary Entry
Merkuryeva Nataliya Mikhaylovna
1418-1423 Philological Sciences
Axiological Potential of Hashtags with Lexical Units "Woman" and "Man"
Nepomnyashchikh Ekaterina Alexandrovna, Boyko Irina Vladimirovna
1424-1427 Philological Sciences
GARBAGE Cluster: Gender-Aspect Organization of Cognitive Segment of the Basic Metaphor DIRT in Political Discourse
Yao Jiaxu
1428-1433 Philological Sciences
Function of Conjunctions in a Complex Syntactic Unity in the Tatar Language
Giniyatullina Liliya Minnullovna
1434-1438 Philological Sciences
Ablaut Alternations and Derivational Affixes as a Means of Forming Verbal Antonyms in the Kabardian-Circassian Language
Dzuganova Rita Khabalovna
1439-1443 Philological Sciences
Names of Water Bodies in Monuments of the Old Tatar Written Language of the XV-XVI Centuries
Kadirova Enze Khanafievna, Minnullin Kim Mugallimovich
1444-1448 Philological Sciences
Social and Speech Portrait of the Tatar Peasants of the Late XIX - Early XX Century
Mirkhayev Rifat Firdinatovich
1449-1453 Philological Sciences
Grammatical Transformations in Translation of Instructions for Medical Products Use from English into Russian (Based on the Instruction for the Use of the Immunostimulating Medical Product Keytruda)
Amirova Oksana Georgievna
1454-1458 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Actualisation of the Author’s Personality in the English-Language News Discourse (by the Material of the BBC News Portal)
Andrienko Anna Aleksandrovna, Bets Yulia Vasilyevna, Medvedeva Aliya Aleksandrovna
1459-1465 Philological Sciences
Structure of the CHOICE Concept in the British Linguistic Worldview (by the Example of I. Murdoch’s Novel "The Black Prince")
Dmitrieva Olga Petrovna, Anashkina Elena Valer’evna
1466-1473 Philological Sciences
New Zealand Language Space in the Context of New Educational Trends
Kazakova Irina Evgenievna
1474-1479 Philological Sciences
Analysis of Word-Formation Potential of English Terms of Transport Logistics by Family of Words Composition
Karavayskaya Olga Sergeevna
1480-1484 Philological Sciences
Gender Influence on Speech Behaviour of Commanding Officers of Foreign Armies in Situations of Professional Communication (Based on the Material of the English, German and Norwegian Languages)
Kotova Anna Aleksandrovna
1485-1490 Philological Sciences
Antonymic Opposition "War" - "Peace" as a Method of Speech Impact on the Addressee’s Consciousness in the American Political Discourse (Based on D. J. Trump’s Speeches)
Margaryan Aykanush Akopovna
1491-1496 Philological Sciences
Proper Name in the Structure of the Dicteme of Introducing Character’s Image in the English Literary Text
Noskova Anna Ivanovna
1497-1501 Philological Sciences
Lexical-Semantic Means of Forming Evaluation of the MUSLIM WOMAN Concept in the English Internet Discourse
Sidorenko Elizaveta Maksimovna
1502-1505 Philological Sciences
Oil and Gas English: High-Frequency Vocabulary
Tokareva Olga Vladimirovna, Evdokimov Mikhail Vitalievich
1506-1512 Philological Sciences
Strategies, Tactics and Means of Their Implementation in Valeological Psychological Discourse (by the Material of the German Language)
Fink Tatiana Evgenievna
1513-1520 Philological Sciences
Etymological Analysis of English Phraseological Units That Emerged in the XX Century
Sheveleva Irina Alexandrovna, Yakimovich Irina Gennadievna, Mitina Olga Alexeevna
1521-1525 Philological Sciences
Globalization and Interdisciplinary Nature of English Oil and Gas Terms
Shuytseva Inga Al’fredovna
1526-1530 Philological Sciences
Semantic Modifications of English-Language Units of Spatial Semantics
Yanina Viktoriya Viktorovna, Maletina Oxana Andreevna, Popova Olga Yurievna
1531-1535 Philological Sciences
Features of Translation of French Medical Terms into Russian
Datsiouk Vasilisa Vitalievna
1537-1542 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Signs of Gender Neutrality in the English and Russian Languages (by the Example of the Internet Publications)
Bozhenko Yulia Sergeevna, Em Lyudmila Sergeevna, Kalinovskaya Elena Alexandrovna
1543-1547 Philological Sciences
Functioning of Psychotherapeutic Terms in the Russian Internet Discourse
Zdrikovskaya Tatyana Alexandrovna, Mokhova Yulia Alexandrovna
1548-1553 Philological Sciences
Terminology in the Aspect of Human Experience Decoding (on the Material of English-Language Sports Texts)
Kislitsyna Natalia Nikolajevna, Novikova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
1554-1559 Philological Sciences
Manipulation Involving the Speaker’s Interpersonal Attitudes in the English-Language Judicial Discourse
Konovalenko Tatiana Georgievna, Kashirskaia Kseniia Sergeevna
1560-1567 Philological Sciences
Means of Achieving Functional Equivalence When Translating English Discursive Markers in Oral Speech Communication in Legal Sphere
Korotkova Mariya Dmitrievna, Bogacheva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, Molodkin Anatoly Mihailovich
1568-1573 Philological Sciences
Sociocultural Communicative Type "Maryivanna" in Pedagogical Discourse: Features of Destructive Behaviour
Panchenko Nadezhda Nickolaevna
1574-1578 Philological Sciences
Speech Portrait of the Female Character from Hayao Miyazaki’s Anime Film "Nausica? of the Valley of the Wind"
Rufova Elena Stepanovna, Osipova Sardana Evgenievna
1579-1583 Philological Sciences
Persuasive Potential of Linguistic Means of Expressing Evaluation in Mass Media Discourse (Based on the German Texts of the Discussion on the Award of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Peter Handke)
Sergeeva Maria Sergeevna
1584-1589 Philological Sciences
Multicomponent English Terms in the Sphere of Bioethics and Law of the Term System "Bioethics of Reproductive Technologies"
Yakovleva Elena Vladimirovna
1590-1594 Philological Sciences
The Occitan Language: Searching for Standard and Status
Bestolkova Galina Vasilievna
1595-1598 Philological Sciences
Features of Translating Terminological Units in the Subject Area of Finance, Audit and Investment from English into Russian
Borunov Ivan Aleksandrovich, Ulitkin Ilya Alekseevich
1599-1606 Philological Sciences
Comparative Analysis of the Lexical-Semantic Field "Tea" in Russian and English (Basing on Dictionary Interpretations and Compatibility of the Lexeme "Tea")
Vorobets Tatyana Alekseevna, Gerdt Elena Valerievna, Lobkova Elena Vladimirovna
1607-1616 Philological Sciences
Linguo-Culturological Features of Poetic Text Translation by the Example of M. Yu. Lermontov’s Poem "Demon" Translation into English
Gasanova Farida Rauf kizi
1617-1622 Philological Sciences
Particularities of Synonymy of Terms in Translated Grammars of the XVIII Century in Germany and Russia
Gumbatova Fidan Ekhtibarovna
1623-1627 Philological Sciences
Problem of Determining Borrowed Reflexive Words Sources by the Material of the Turkish and Adyghe Languages
Dzhankylych Adnyan
1628-1632 Philological Sciences
Occasionalisms in Neil Gaiman’s Fantasy Works: A Linguo-Translational Aspect (Based on the Novella "The Graveyard Book", the Novel "Neverwhere" and the Novel "American Gods")
Ivanova Svetlana Anatolievna, Filatova Anna Andreevna
1633-1639 Philological Sciences
Morpheme "-ing" as One of the Most Widely Used Means of Word Formation in the Indian Variety of the English Language at the Differentiation Stage of English in India
Komarnitskaya Yaroslava Yurievna
1640-1645 Philological Sciences
Foreignization and Domestication Strategies in the Aspect of Translating Legal Terminology on Migration Processes Issue (by the Material of the English and German Languages)
Parfenova Maria Andreevna
1646-1651 Philological Sciences
Translations of "The Panther" by R. M. Rilke in the Genre Aspect
Pinkovskiy Vitaly Ivanovich
1652-1657 Philological Sciences
Translation Modelling from the Standpoint of Cognitive-Activity Translation Studies
Remkhe Irina Nikolayevna
1658-1662 Philological Sciences
Discursive Characteristics of Rhetorical Questions in Oral Speech in the German and Russian Languages
Sanishvili Irina Tamazievna
1663-1668 Philological Sciences
Cognitive-Style Approach to Studying Translator’s Linguistic Personality (Experimental Research)
Terentyeva Daria Mikhailovna
1669-1673 Philological Sciences
Lexemes Nominating Organs of Speech in Russian and Chinese Phraseological Units
Fomenko Irina Borisovna
1674-1679 Philological Sciences
Comparative Degree of Adjectives and Adverbs as a Means of Representing the Centre of Comparability Functional-Semantic Field in German, English and Russian (by the Material of Weather Report Texts)
Shatalova Alena Vladimirovna, Biriukova Evgeniia Viktorovna
1680-1686 Philological Sciences
Code-Switching by a Teacher in Speech Communication in a Foreign Language Class
Vasbieva Dinara Giniyatullovna
1687-1692 Pedagogical Sciences
Practical Reflection on Non-Traditional Forms of Conducting Classes in Cooperative Learning as a Way of Foreign Language Learning at a Pedagogical University
Voitkova Anastasia Nikolaevna, Goncharova Tatiana Vladimirivna
1693-1699 Pedagogical Sciences
Adaptive Learning Strategy Applicable within "Foreign Language" Discipline at Non-Linguistic University
Kim Yulia Vitalievna
1700-1705 Pedagogical Sciences
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