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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 4.
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Junior Pupils’ Project Skills: Essence and Assessment
Abisheva Irina Vladimirovna
513-520 Pedagogical Sciences
Cooperation of State and Society in Providing Continuous Pedagogical Assistance to Multiple-Child Families
Antoshko Yelena Anatolyevna
521-529 Pedagogical Sciences
Forming Preschoolers’ Functional Literacy in the Process of Literary Education in the Native (Udmurt) Language
Borodina Anna Yevgenyevna
530-536 Pedagogical Sciences
Transhumanization of Human Consciousness as a Result of Education Digitalization (Psychological and Pedagogical Analysis)
Gordin Aleksandr Innokentevich, Gordina Olga Vasilevna
537-547 Pedagogical Sciences
Regional Continuing Education Model for Teachers in "Industrial Arts" Subject Area
Rogaleva Elena Vladimirovna, Tretyakova Ludmila Robertovna
548-554 Pedagogical Sciences
Humanities Education in the Russian Higher School under Digital Revolution: Success Factors and Ways of Optimisation
Skvortsova Elena Mikhailovna, Voskresenskaya Nina Olegovna
555-562 Pedagogical Sciences
SMART Learning as New Educational Model through the Eyes of Teachers and Students
Chernykh Arina Andreevna, Krolevetskaya Elena Nikolaevna
563-569 Pedagogical Sciences
Specific Nature of Bilingual Environment in Foreign Students’ Language Training (by the Example of Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University)
Antonova Lina Nikolaevna
570-576 Pedagogical Sciences
QR Code and Canva Platform as Means to Form Schoolchild’s Reading Culture at Literature Lessons
Bryakova Irina Evgenievna, Mezhebovskaya Victoria Victorovna
577-585 Pedagogical Sciences
Ways to Overcome Overgeneralization When Teaching Korean to Russian-Speaking Students (Pre-Bilingual Stage)
Voronina Lyudmila A.
586-590 Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching Foreign Students to Write Abstract for Research Paper (Level B2)
Guo Yujie
591-598 Pedagogical Sciences
Techniques to Overcome Native Language Interference When Training the Adyghe-Russian Bilingual Students for the Unified State Russian Exam Essay
Gorobetc Lyudmila Nikolaevna, Dokshina Natalya Valerianovna
599-604 Pedagogical Sciences
Improving Digital Competences of Students-Bachelors of the Field of Study 38.03.02 "Management"
Zykova Natalya Valeryevna, Konovalova Lyudmila Vladimirovna, Malinina Yekaterina Sergeevna, Ushakova Tatyana Nikolaevna, Khudyakova Oksana Nikolaevna
605-615 Pedagogical Sciences
Empirical Approaches to Assessing Phonological Competence in English as Lingua Franca
Liubimova Alina Andreevna
616-622 Pedagogical Sciences
Factors of Optimising Foreign Language Teaching Methodology at the Stage of Secondary Education in the Context of Bilingual Consciousness Formation Theory as Goal Setting
Spirochkina Polina Aleksandrovna
623-628 Pedagogical Sciences
Substantiation of Structure of Linguistic Competence as Component of Students-Linguists’ Communicative Competence
Iudina Tamara Vladimirovna
629-636 Pedagogical Sciences
Studying Features of Social Competencies Formation in Adolescents with Mild Mental Deficiency (Intellectual Disabilities)
Volgutskova Ekaterina Izmailovna
637-643 Pedagogical Sciences
Peculiarities of Descriptive Narrative Speech of Junior Schoolchildren with Mental Retardation
Egorova Elizaveta Evgen'evna, Kurilova Tamara Vladimirovna
644-649 Pedagogical Sciences
Studying the Potential of Speech-Language Therapy in Cases of Severe Aphasia with the Use of Multimedia Programme Application
Maksimova Kseniya Yur’evna
650-655 Pedagogical Sciences
Comparative Analysis of Ideas about Young Scientist in the Russian and Foreign Academic Practice
Bakhova Natalya Aleksandrovna
656-664 Pedagogical Sciences
Formation of Future Teachers’ Professional Reflection during Pedagogical Practice
Bobryshov Sergey Viktorovich, Sumenko Larisa Vasil'evna, Taran Olga Alekseevna
665-672 Pedagogical Sciences
Inclusive Higher Vocational Education for Special Needs Students in the Scandinavian Countries and in the Russian Federation: Comparative Analysis
Goncharova Valeria Vladimirovna, Kuznetsova Natalia Vladimirovna
673-679 Pedagogical Sciences
Using CLIL Basics in Teaching English to Future Engineers in Digital Educational Environment
Zakharova Olga Olegovna
680-687 Pedagogical Sciences
Designing Moodle Course on Foreign Language for Educational Institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
Kalashnikova Svetlana Viktorovna, Pestova Elena Vladimirovna
688-693 Pedagogical Sciences
Methodology to Monitor Intellectual and Personal Resource of Foreign Military Specialists Studying at the Russian Higher Military Aviation School
Kuznetsov Yuri Nikolaevich
694-699 Pedagogical Sciences
SWOT Analysis of Educational Process in Digital Educational Environment of University
Ovinova Lada Nikolaevna, Shraiber Elena Grigorievna
700-707 Pedagogical Sciences
Realization of College Students’ Creativity through Extra-Curriculum Activity within Additional Educational Programs
Rynkova Svetlana Anatolievna
708-713 Pedagogical Sciences
Using "Academic Discussion" Technology in Practical English Classes with Officer Cadets and Trainees in Educational Organisations of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia
Shashkova Valentina Nikolaevna
714-720 Pedagogical Sciences
Intensive Foreign Language Training Technology for Internal Affairs Personnel
Iakupov Filaret Abdullovich
721-727 Pedagogical Sciences
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