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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 9.
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The Russian Musical Art of the Early XX Century: Preamble
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
1757-1759 Study of Art
Formation of Enlightenment and Education System of Tambov Governorate in the Late XIX - Early XX Century: Society of Popular Readings
Yukhachev Sergey Petrovich
1760-1765 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Reviewing the Documents of I. A. Yakushev’s "Siberian Archives" from Collections of the State Archives of the Russian Federation on the Activities of White Russian ?migr? Organisations in Countries of the Asia-Pacific Region in the 1920s-1930s
Vinokurov Aleksandr Danilovich
1766-1770 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Clay D. "David vs Goliath": The Congo Free State Propaganda War, 1890-1909 // The International History Review. 2020. Vol. 43. № 3. P. 457-474: Opinion Paper
Zarubin Dmitry Konstantinovich
1771-1772 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Tabunshchikova L. V. Church and the Soviet Regime in the Don Region (Church-State Relations within the Territory of the Don (Rostov) Oblast (1920-1943)). Rostov-on-Don: Southern Federal University Publishing House, 2021. 380 p.: Opinion Paper
Kropachev Sergey Alexandrovich
1773-1775 Historical Sciences and Archeology
"He Always Stayed True to Himself": On the Collected Works in Memoriam of S. V. Tyutyukin
Udaltsov Ivan Sergeevich
1776-1778 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Juvenile Delinquency in Tobolsk Province in the Second Half of the XIX - at the Beginning of the XX Century
Aksarin Vyacheslav Valerievich
1779-1786 Historical Sciences and Archeology
State Policy and the Muslim Community Revival in Mari El in the 1990s
Efremov Evgeny Nikolaevich
1787-1792 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Vladimir Ivanovich Ogorodnikov (1886-1938) -The Destiny of the First Soviet Rector of State Far Eastern University
Malyavina Lyudmila Sergeyevna
1793-1800 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Everyday Life of Evacuated Leningrad Orphanages during the Great Patriotic War
Mezit Lyudmila Edgarovna
1801-1805 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Material Support of the Soviet Regional Party-Political Elite during the 1960s-1980s (by the Materials of Orenburg Oblast)
Pakhomov Andrei Viktorovich
1806-1810 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Prince Vladimir‘s Korsun Campaign and the Events Preceding Christianization of Rus'
Polyakov Alexander Nikolaevich
1811-1816 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Zemstvo and Its Activities on the Pages of Regional Publications (by the Materials of Vyatka Governorate)
Subbotina Anna Mikhailovna
1817-1821 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Large-Scale Charitable Actions of Tatiana Committee in the Yakutsk Region in 1915
Tishkina Ksenia Alekseevna
1822-1825 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Negative Processes of the Second Economy during the Khrushchev "Thaw" (by the Materials of the BASSR)
Urazov Aidar Zagirovich
1826-1829 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Formation and Development of "Soft Power" Institutions in Turkey at the Turn of the XX-XXI Centuries (By the Example of Turkic-Speaking Countries)
Badretdinova Svetlana Anatolyevna, Badretdinov Irik Raufovich
1830-1838 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Measure as a Philosophical Category in the Discourse of Ontology
Golobokov Aleksei Viktorovich
1839-1842 Philosophical Sciences
"Overcoming Platonism" as an Attempt to Develop Orthodox Sophiology in V. V. Zenkovsky’s Creative Work
Buzhor Evgeniya Sergeyevna, Buzhor Vadim Ivanovich
1843-1850 Philosophical Sciences
"The Personal Is Political": Key Provisions of the Feminist Methodology for Analysing Social Processes
Batsanova Sophia Vladimirovna
1851-1855 Philosophical Sciences
Rhizomatic Approach to Disability Issues
Goldovskaya Alyona Viktorovna
1856-1860 Philosophical Sciences
Medical Discourse from the Perspective of Social Constructivism
Guseva Irina Ivanovna, Spiridonova Evgeniya Pavlovna
1861-1866 Philosophical Sciences
Personal Identification, Normativity and Communication in the "Self - Other" System
Erokhin Vladimir Sergeevich, Erokhina Natalya Viktorovna
1867-1871 Philosophical Sciences
Alienation Epidemic: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Social Alienation Processes
Izmailova Dzhamilia Ibragimovna
1872-1877 Philosophical Sciences
Risks of Religious Socialization in a Digital Society: Analysis and Prevention
Orlov Mikhail Olegovich, Syusyukin Vladimir Alekseevich
1878-1882 Philosophical Sciences
Communicative Side of Considering the Ageing Process
Pashina Lyudmila Aleksandrovna
1883-1886 Philosophical Sciences
Problems of Modern Social Communication: Philosophical Aspect
Seregin Alexey Anatolyevich
1887-1891 Philosophical Sciences
Virtual Reality through the Lens of S. L. Frank’s Socio-Philosophical Teaching
Sorokin Sergey Nikolayevich
1892-1896 Philosophical Sciences
Influence of Information Space on the Formation of an Antisocial Subject in Extreme Activities
Chudina-Shmidt Natal'ya Vital'evna
1897-1901 Philosophical Sciences
Modernization Theory and World-Systems Approach as Methodological Principles of Understanding the Historical Experience and the Current State of Russia
Berezuyev Evgeny Anatolyevich
1902-1907 Philosophical Sciences
Perception of Indian Religions in A. S. Khomyakov’s Philosophy of Religion
Solopov Oleg Viktorovich
1908-1914 Philosophical Sciences
PR Technologies in Modern Theatre: Russian Experience
Volkova Viktoriya Borisovna
1915-1919 Study of Art
Folk Instrument Sound Imitation in Chinese Piano Works
Rong Yan
1920-1927 Study of Art
Neofolk Orchestra Concert in the Creative Work of Domestic Composers of the Second Half of the XX Century: Structural and Dramaturgic Peculiarities, Development Stages
Zavyalov Evgeny Nikolaevich
1928-1934 Study of Art
Influence of Folk Material on Musical Form Development (by the Example of M. I. Volkov’s Piano Cycle "The Seasons")
Isaeva Svetlana Aleksandrovna, Gulaya Tatyana Nikolaevna
1935-1941 Study of Art
The Role of Foreign Flutists of Imperial Mariinsky Theatre in the Formation of Domestic Flute School in the XIX Century
Lupachev Denis Vyacheslavovich
1942-1947 Study of Art
Russian-Chinese Cooperation in the Sphere of Instrumental Performance: Theoretical Issues
Zhang Mingyi
1948-1955 Study of Art
Role of Classical Chinese Philosophy in Creating the Chinese Piano Music of the 1980s
Zhuang Junjie, Michkov Pavel Aleksandrovich
1956-1960 Study of Art
Children’s Images in the Works of Interior Porcelain Plastics of the USSR and the People’s Republic of China in the 1950s-1960s
Wang Yu
1961-1967 Study of Art
Series of A. Canaletto’s Venetian Capriccio Paintings of the 1740s and Features of Their Spatial Construction
Ivanov Aleksandr Olegovich
1968-1973 Study of Art
The Causes and Specificity of Miriskusniks’ Artistic Tradition Revival at the End of the XX - the Beginning of the XXI Century
Popov Alexei Valentinovich
1974-1978 Study of Art
W. Hasenclever’s Play "Napoleon Greift Ein" ("Napoleon Intrudes") on the Stages of Moscow and Leningrad (1930-1931): History, Relevance, Genre Peculiarities, Criticism
Pavlova Natalia Gennadyevna
1979-1983 Study of Art
Artistic Interpretation of V. Nijinsky’s Creativity in Graphical Works of Mexican Painter R. Montenegro
Portnova Tat'yana Vasil'evna
1984-1988 Study of Art
M. A. Zakharov’s Production "Cruel Games" (Lenkom Theatre, 1979): Genre, Plot, Composition, Way of Actor’s Existence
Ryaposov Alexandr Yuryevich
1989-1996 Study of Art
Modern Russian Enamel as a Phenomenon of Easel-Decorative Arts
Steklova Irina Alekseevna, Polyakova Tamara Alexandrovna
1997-2002 Study of Art
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