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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 11.
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"It Was a Wounded Heart...": 200th Anniversary of N. A. Nekrasov’s Birth. Essay 1
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
3263-3272 Philological Sciences
N. V. Gogol’s "Viy" on the Russian Stage of the Late 19th - Early 20th Century
Gavrilchenko Oksana Vladimirovna
3273-3277 Philological Sciences
Plot about a "Journey to Venice": From a Topography into a Biography (by the Material of E. Margolis’s Book "Traces on the Water")
Konstantinova Natalya Vladimirovna
3278-3282 Philological Sciences
N. V. Gogol’s and F. M. Dostoevsky’s Works in Folk/Public Theatre: Problems of Adaptation and Perception by Audience
Sizova Irina Igorevna
3283-3287 Philological Sciences
Adaptive Translations of French Plays in A. N. Ostrovsky’s Creative Work
Taganov Alexandr Nikolaevich
3288-3292 Philological Sciences
Acceptance of Soviet Literature by China in 1949-1966 by the Example of "Wenyi Bao" Periodical
Chang Jingyu, Timofeeva Irina Nikolaevna
3293-3297 Philological Sciences
R. Ishmuratov’s Play "In Ten Years" as Evidence of Ideological Pressure in Literature
Akhmetova Milyausha Ansarovna
3298-3302 Philological Sciences
Poem Genre Development Features in Tatar Literature in the First Half of the 1920s
Nadyrshina Leysan Radifovna
3303-3307 Philological Sciences
Loneliness Motif in Sh. Khusainov’s Tragicomedy "Zubaida Is a Child of Man"
Habibullina Leylya Fayazovna
3308-3313 Philological Sciences
Concept of Soul in Poetry of Symbolism (K. D. Balmont, F. K. Sologub, A. I. Tokaev, D. A. Gatuev)
Khetagurova Dzerassa Kazbekovna
3314-3321 Philological Sciences
National Characters in Tatar Soviet Dramaturgy of the 1970-1980s (by the Example of T. Minnullin’s Works)
Sharipova Alsu Samigullovna
3322-3327 Philological Sciences
Image of the Wind (?il) in the Chuvash National Worldview and Literary Prose
Yakovleva Olga Nikolaevna, Myshkina Albina Fedorovna
3328-3332 Philological Sciences
Hidden Ekphrasis in D. G. Rossetti’s "The Portrait": Possibility of Intersemiotic Translation
Akatova Alexandra Alexandrovna
3333-3337 Philological Sciences
Translator’s Commentary on "San Zi Jing" as an Example of N. Ya. Bichurin’s Translation Tactics
Zakharova Natalia Vladimirovna
3338-3341 Philological Sciences
The Problem of Czech-German and Slovak-German Cultural and Historical Relations in the Modern Women’s Prose
Knyazkova Viktoria Sergeevna, Mironenko Anastasia Alexandrovna, Mityashina Yana Valentinovna
3342-3348 Philological Sciences
"Silent Generation" Portrait in the Novels by K. Ishiguro "A Pale View of Hills" and "An Artist of the Floating World"
Lyubeeva Svetlana Vasilievna
3349-3352 Philological Sciences
Image of a Fasting Girl in E. Donoghue’s Creative Work (by the Example of the Novel "The Wonder")
Sayfullina Milyausha Nazimovna, Sakhapova Farida Hanifovna, Petunina Aigul Ramilevna
3353-3357 Philological Sciences
The Hero of Modern American Novellistics
Sokolova Irina Vsevolodovna, Shishkova Irina Alekseevna
3358-3363 Philological Sciences
Humor Representation in English Fictional Works of the XIX-XX Centuries
Temkina Vera Lvovna, Rudakova Ekaterina Alekseevna
3364-3371 Philological Sciences
"Russian Journey" by J. B. Priestley: Imagological Aspect
Chernova Yulia Vladimirovna, Belyakov Dmitry Aleksandrovich
3372-3376 Philological Sciences
?mejrkov? S. Jazyk a dialog: v?bor z text? / eds. Jana Hoffmannov? & Petr Kaderka. Praha: Nakladatelstv? Lidov? noviny, 2019. 505 s.: Opinion Paper
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
3377-3378 Philological Sciences
Factors Influencing the Usage of a Third-Person Anaphoric Pronoun after the Indefinite Pronoun "Что-то (Something)"
Burov Eduard Evgenievich
3379-3384 Philological Sciences
Vocabulary of the Dialect of the Kamennoye Village in the Oktyabrsky District of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District - Yugra in Terms of Interlanguage and Interdialect Contacts
Islamova Yulia Valeryevna, Baksheeva Marina Gennadievna
3385-3390 Philological Sciences
FOOD/EDIBLES Conceptual Sphere as a Source of Metaphorical Nominations of Young Children in Family Discourse
Prokudina Irina Sergeevna
3391-3397 Philological Sciences
Linguocultural Potential of Russian Limnonyms
Semenova Natalia Vladimirovna
3398-3403 Philological Sciences
Diminutive "Потихоньку" in the Texts of Parallel Corpus
Sidorova Elena Yurievna
3404-3409 Philological Sciences
Communicative Strategies and Tactics to Discuss Victory Day (by the Example of Instagram Social Network)
Charykova Irina Anatolyevna
3410-3414 Philological Sciences
Compound Nouns of Subordinate Type in the Hungarian Language
Ariskina Tatyana Pavlovna
3415-3419 Philological Sciences
Development of Zoological Terminology in the First Half of the 30s of the XX Century (Based on the Material of the Tatar Language)
Galimova Olga Nikolaevna
3420-3424 Philological Sciences
Microtoponyms of the Village of Yantyk in the Tyumensky District of Tyumen Oblast
Hisamov Oleg Rishatovich, Bulatova Alfiya Karimovna
3425-3428 Philological Sciences
Corpus Research Methods in Solving Translation Problems
Abdulmanova Adelia Khamitovna, Kulikova Marina Nikolaevna, Lekomtseva Irina Alekseevna
3429-3435 Philological Sciences
Structural Features of the GESETZ (LAW) Concept as the Basis for Synonymy in German Legislative Texts
Berezovskaya Anastasia Viktorovna
3436-3443 Philological Sciences
Features of D. Trump’s Identity during the Immigration Crisis (Based on Posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)
Galchuk Daria Sergeevna
3444-3448 Philological Sciences
Argumentative Markers in the English-Language Scientific Humanitarian and Natural Scientific Discourse
Nekrasova Mariya Yur'evna, Mirontseva Svetlana Sergeevna, Baiko Valeriya Aleksandrovna
3449-3454 Philological Sciences
Colour Tropes in Modern English Mass Media Text
Pokrovskaia Natalia Vladimirovna
3455-3461 Philological Sciences
Place of English-Language Literary Pseudonyms in the Onymic System and Approaches to Their Study
Sidorov Andrei Vladimirovich
3462-3466 Philological Sciences
Metaphorical Concept of the BIBLE as a Means of Realising Emotiveness in German Newspaper-Publicistic Texts on Legal Topics
Skotnikova Tatyana Andreewna
3467-3471 Philological Sciences
Difficulties in Translating Road-Engineering Texts from Russian into English/German Based on Materials from Road Builders’ Websites
Khafizova Leisan Yunusovna, Tsareva Ekaterina Evgen'evna, Suntsova Mariya Stanislavovna
3472-3476 Philological Sciences
Free Indirect Speech in Translation (by the Material of Russian Translations of G. Flaubert’s Novel "Madame Bovary")
Karapets Valentina Valeryevna
3477-3485 Philological Sciences
Types of Lexical Neologisms in C?te d'Ivoire French
Kondratieva Anna Sergeevna
3486-3490 Philological Sciences
Semantic and Pragmatic Characteristics of French COVID-Related Neologisms
Borodulina Natalia Yurievna, Makeeva Marina Nikolaevna, Kopelnik Vladislava Igorevna
3491-3495 Philological Sciences
Situational Speech Characteristics of Incompetence in the Russian Communicative Space
Gartung Stella Rudolfovna
3496-3502 Philological Sciences
Paradigmatic Relations between Lexical Units of Modelling Cultural Space in Literary Text: Contextual Aspect
Gorbatovsky Alexandr Sergeevich
3503-3507 Philological Sciences
Speech Behaviour of XIX-Century Russian Writers in the Genres of Informal Letter Writing and the Novel
Manzheleevskaya Elena Vyacheslavovna
3508-3513 Philological Sciences
Speech-Making and Linguistic Creativity in the Discourse of the Chinese Media in English
Nikolaeva Olga Vasilyevna, Kokhan Irina Nikolaevna
3514-3519 Philological Sciences
Communicative Text Event and Ways of Its Attractive Construction in the Media Space (by the Material of the Russian and Korean Languages)
Orsoeva Aiuna Alexandrovna, Serebrennikova Evgeniia Fyodorovna
3520-3525 Philological Sciences
Linguistic and Stylistic Features of a Russian Folk Song
Teppeeva Dzhamilya Ramazanovna
3526-3530 Philological Sciences
Linguistic and Extra-Linguistic Features of Alliterative Parallelisms Functioning in R. Wilbur’s Poetical Texts
Fomushkina Olga Viktorovna
3531-3535 Philological Sciences
Dramatic Conflict in the Context of Modern Translated Film Discourse in Russia and China: Linguo-Pragmatic Aspect
Qin Meng
3536-3540 Philological Sciences
Implementation Features of the WOMAN’S AGE Concept and Its Distortions in News Discourse
Yuan Lin, Xiao Dongxia
3541-3544 Philological Sciences
Lexical Fields of the Pandemic Semantics in English and Russian
Averianova Natalia Aleksandrovna, Kostina Natalya Urievna
3545-3549 Philological Sciences
Homonyms as a Linguistic Resource for Creating Puns in an Advertising Text in the Chinese and Russian Languages
Wang Yuzhi
3550-3554 Philological Sciences
Typological Similarities and Dissimilarities of the Differently Structured English and Tatar Languages as a Fact of Historical Conditionality
Gafiullina Kadrija Nakipovna
3555-3559 Philological Sciences
Definition and Classification of Paroemia in the Russian and Spanish Languages
Zakharova Liudmila Borisovna, Zakharova Elena Valerievna
3560-3564 Philological Sciences
Interlingual Lacunarity in Simultaneous Translation within the Framework of a Language for Special Purposes (Based on the Material of English and Russian Languages)
Ibragimova Karine Grachievna, Rykova Pelageya Andreevna
3565-3570 Philological Sciences
Comparative Analysis of Metaphorical Nominations in Touristic Discourse (on the Material of the German and Russian Languages)
Kirillova Yuliya Nikolaevna
3571-3575 Philological Sciences
Euphemisms Functioning in Advertising Discourse (by the Material of the French and Russian Languages)
Kuzmina Elena Konstantinovna
3576-3582 Philological Sciences
Linguocultural Features of Toponyms of the Western Regions ?? from the Historical Perspective
Lyulina Anastasiya Gennadievna
3583-3586 Philological Sciences
Semantic Relations of Synonymous Terms (Based on the Lexemes "Художник" and "Живописец" and Their English Equivalents "Painter", "Artist")
Rulevskaya Elena Sergeevna
3587-3591 Philological Sciences
Semantic Aspect of Communicative Failures in Judicial Interpreting with the Usage of the Russian and Swedish Languages
Frantsuzova Alina Dmitrievna
3592-3599 Philological Sciences
Bird Symbolism in the Russian and Chinese Linguistic Worldview
Cui Lulu
3600-3605 Philological Sciences
Digital Textbook as a Means of Communicative Competence Formation during RFL Classes
Trushina Natalya Petrovna, Gainanova Liliya Mullanurovna
3606-3613 Pedagogical Sciences
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