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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 3.
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Specularity of Water Surface in the Silver Age Poetry
Avdonina Lyonora Nikolayevna, Gordeeva Tatyana Aleksandrovna, Bulatova Albina Olegovna
583-588 Philological Sciences
Synthetism as Dominant of A. Chudakov’s Autobiographical Novel "A Gloom Is Cast upon the Ancient Steps"
Bogdanova Olga Vladimirovna, Wang Jiao
589-594 Philological Sciences
Oriental Motives and Images in Yustina Krusenstern’s Poetry
Bogdanova Ol’ga Vladimirovna, Zang Yunmei
595-601 Philological Sciences
Artistic Realization of "Post-Literary" Cultural and Philosophical Models in Modern Literature (by the Material of V. Sorokin’s Novel "Manaraga")
Garipova Gulchira Talgatovna
602-607 Philological Sciences
Illusion of Reality as Basis for Dramaturgic Conflict in A. Volodin’s Creative Work
Meshchanskii Aleksandr Yur'evich, Savelova Lyubov' Anatol'evna
608-613 Philological Sciences
"Borderlands" of the Russian Empire in Dostoevsky’s Geopolitical Worldview
Mikhnovetc Mariia Vladimirovna
614-620 Philological Sciences
Bazarov’s Image Reception in Novels of the 1860-1870s
Pecherskaya Tatiana Ivanovna
621-625 Philological Sciences
Meaningful Architectonics of E. P. Rostopchina’s Lyrical Works
Shevtsova Larisa Ivanovna
626-630 Philological Sciences
Theme of Art in A. Genatulin’s Works
Abdullina Amina Shakiryanovna, Kazyeva Liana Hamidovna
631-634 Philological Sciences
Artistic Features and Genre Motifs of M. Akhmedov’s Elegy
Gadjilova Shanisat Magomedovna
635-641 Philological Sciences
Theme of Modernity in the Bashkir Drama of the 1930s
Gareeva Gulfira Nigamatovna, Sultanova Zilya Azatovna
642-646 Philological Sciences
Image of Wolverine in Folklore of the Forest Yukaghir
Prokopeva Praskovya Egorovna
647-652 Philological Sciences
Certain Aspects of Comparative Linguistics in G. F. Yumart’s Works
Sofronova Irina Vladimirovna, Isaev Yuri Nikolaevich
653-657 Philological Sciences
Artistic Detail in R. T?pffer’s Short Story "La Travers?e"
Anisimova Alexandra Naumovna, Efremova Yulia Ivanovna
658-662 Philological Sciences
"American Dream" and Identity in Philip Roth’s Novel "American Pastoral"
Vikhrova Kseniya Aleksandrovna
663-668 Philological Sciences
Life Choices: The Spanish Civil War in the Novel "La Vie r?v?e d’Ernesto G." ("The Amazing Life of Ernesto Che") by Jean-Michel Guenassia
Ivanova Nina Vladimirovna
669-674 Philological Sciences
Contemplation Conception in J. W. Goethe’s Worldview
Kazakova Irina Borisovna
675-679 Philological Sciences
Reception of the French Physiological Essay in Russia (by the Example of Worker and Spinster Images)
Petrova Rimma Yurievna
680-685 Philological Sciences
Expressionism in Literature of the Late XX Century: Drama "Endlich Schluss" ("Enough") by Peter Turrini
Radaeva Ella Alexandrovna
686-690 Philological Sciences
Origins of the Modern Turkish Fantasy
Repenkova Mariya Mihaylovna
691-697 Philological Sciences
"Ode to Dance" by Fu Wuzhong (I Century A.D.): Formation of Author’s and Aesthetic Self-Consciousness
Semenenko Ivan Ivanovich
698-716 Philological Sciences
Creolized Texts as Means to Increase Linguistic Politeness Degree in Virtual Communicative Space
Baev Evgeniy Vladimirovich
717-721 Philological Sciences
Lexical Transformations in Revolutionary Newspapers Language (by the Material of "Narodnaya Gazeta")
Gao Liya
722-725 Philological Sciences
Intercultural Dialogue in Tyumen City Advertising
Isakova Alla Anatolievna
726-731 Philological Sciences
The Predicative and Category of State in Historical Lexicography (by the Materials of "Dictionary of the Russian Language of the XVIII Century")
Toporkov Pyotr Yevgenievich
732-736 Philological Sciences
Comparative Constructions in Arseny Tarkovsky’s Poetry as Means for Representing Images of Child and Childhood in the Context of Cultural Codes
Troshina Natalya Viktorovna, Fedorova Tatyana Vladimirovna, Fedorova Svetlana Konstantinovna
737-742 Philological Sciences
Country-Specific Units Reflecting Socio-Political System of the USA
Aitov Valery Fakilievich, Rakhmanova Irina Yurievna
743-748 Philological Sciences
Colouratives Functioning in Juridical Discourse (by the Material of the English Language)
Aleksandrova Tatyana Anatolyevna, Rudchenko Tatyana Lyvovna
749-754 Philological Sciences
Associative Priming as Method to Reconstruct Professionally Oriented Foreign-Language Text (by the Example of the English Language)
Alferova Yulia Ivanovna
755-766 Philological Sciences
Contrastive Analysis of Semantics of Phraseological Units of the German Literary Language and Regional Idioms
Blokhina Elena Nikolajevna
767-776 Philological Sciences
Peripheral Synonymic Chains of Adjectives of Size with the Meaning "Big Size" in the English Language
Grintsova Olga Vasilievna, Solmanidina Natalya Viktorovna
777-782 Philological Sciences
Structural Organization of Multicomponent Terms in the English-Language Scientific Ecological Discourse
Zakharova Elena Olegovna, Bogdanova Anna Gennadievna, Zabrodina Irina Konstantinovna
783-788 Philological Sciences
The Evolution of Island Mythologeme in English Fiction
Karpukhina Tamara Petrovna, Lugovskoi Aleksandr Vital'evich
789-795 Philological Sciences
Irony and Humour as Tool of Realising Persuasive Strategies in Parliamentary Debates (by the Material of Debates in the German Bundestag)
Katamadze Mariya Olegovna
796-803 Philological Sciences
Author’s Realisation of Linguocultural Character Type "English Detective" in K. Ishiguro’s Novel "When We Were Orphans"
Krivtsova Yulia Petrovna
804-809 Philological Sciences
Intent Analysis of Moral Discourse (by the Example of the German-Language Media Texts)
Nevolina Ksenia Viktorovna
810-815 Philological Sciences
Interlingual Culturological Lacunas in Political Discourse and Their Elimination during Translation into English
Spiridovskii Oleg Vladimirovich
816-822 Philological Sciences
Word-Formative Derivation of Ethnically Marked Literary Onyms in the English Language
Sukhareva Olga Vadimovna
823-827 Philological Sciences
Productive Term Formative Models in Sublanguage of Bridge Building in the English Language
Chernysh Igor' Yur'evich, Mirontseva Svetlana Sergeevna, Baiko Valeriya Aleksandrovna
828-833 Philological Sciences
Anglicisms in the Spanish-Language Social Network Discourse
Ivlieva Elena Alexeevna
834-838 Philological Sciences
Conversive Structures in the System of the French Adjective Predicates of Relation
Khutoretskaya Olga Alexandrovna, Kirichenko Maria Alexandrovna
839-844 Philological Sciences
Change of Word Sound Shell as Factor of Linguistic Identity (by the Material of the German and Russian Languages)
Zharkova Uliana Anatoljevna
845-850 Philological Sciences
Evolution of D. Jones’s Phonological Theory in the Modern English Phonology
Korotkova Mariya Dmitrievna, Bogacheva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
851-855 Philological Sciences
Different Approaches to Definition of "Intercultural Communication" Concept from the Standpoint of Linguocultural Communities’ Interaction
Kramarenko Olga Leonidovna, Bogdanova Oksana Yurievna
856-861 Philological Sciences
"Uber mich" / "Обо мне" Section in the German-Language and Russian-Language Blogs as Standalone Genre Form
Leonova Elena Vladimirovna
862-867 Philological Sciences
Cognitive-Cultural Characteristics of the Concept LABOUR ACTIVITY (by the Material of the Greek Language)
Miroshnichenko Luiza Nikolaevna, Fomenko Larisa Nikolaevna
868-873 Philological Sciences
Social and Discursive Comparison of Orientational Metaphors in Political Life of Great Britain in the Early XX Century
Dubin Pavel Pavlovich
874-880 Philological Sciences
Kinesic Components in Romantic Communication: Comparative Analysis in the Russian, English and Spanish Linguocultures
Zagrebelnaya Alina Sergeevna
881-887 Philological Sciences
Gaming, Aesthetic and Performative Functions of Modern Book and Their Representation in Professional Terminology (on the Material of the English and Russian Languages)
Zoidze Ella Amiranovna
888-894 Philological Sciences
Linguo-Stylistic Peculiarities of Lexical Units Nominating Higher Education Institutions (by the Material of the German and Russian Languages)
Rudenko Tatiana Ivanovna
895-901 Philological Sciences
Literary Text Intermediality as Translation Problem (by the Example of the English Translation of Colouronyms from I. A. Bunin’s Story "Shrove Monday")
Simonenko Marina Aleksandrovna
902-909 Philological Sciences
Concept WAR in the Russian and Chinese Linguistic Worldviews
Fomenko Irina Borisovna
910-917 Philological Sciences
Features of Naming Weather Phenomenon "Rain" in the English and Tatar Languages
Khairullina Dinara Dilshatovna, Gilyazeva Emma Nikolaevna, Bazarova Liliya Vyazirovna
918-922 Philological Sciences
Semantic Peculiarities of International Trade Terms in the Russian and Chinese Languages
923-927 Philological Sciences
Representation of the English-Language Professional Terminology in Educational Texts for Construction Specialities Students
Pisarik Oksana Ivanovna, Gorozhanov Alexey Ivanovich
928-932 Philological Sciences
Developing Foreign-Language Speech Skills in Master’s Degree Students-Lawyers on the Basis of Fiction Texts Containing Modality
Belkina Elena Pavlovna
933-938 Pedagogical Sciences
Developing Individual Path of Teaching a Foreign Language to Ensure Sustainable Development of Educational System
Vasbieva Dinara Giniyatullovna
939-944 Pedagogical Sciences
Linguo-Pragmatic Features of Using Authentic Foreign-Language Film Discourse in English Classes at Higher School
Voitkova Anastasia Nikolaevna, Goncharova Tatiana Vladimirivna
945-952 Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching Structural Method of Ecological Terms Translation to Non-Linguistic Students
Lutfullina Gulnara Firdavisovna
953-958 Pedagogical Sciences
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