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SOURCE:   Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. 5.
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The Russian Literature of the War Years. On the 75th Anniversary of Victory
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
5-15Philological Sciences
Specificity of Graphic Design of A. P. Chekhovs Book "Sakhalin Island"
Borisova Irina Mikhailovna, Provatorova Ol'ga Nikolaevna
16-20Philological Sciences
Artistic Originality of V. P. Sysoevs Naturalistic Prose
Vasil'eva Tat'yana Vladimirovna
20-24Philological Sciences
Poetics of the Symbol "Witchs Hair" in Yu.V. Buidas Story of the Same Name
Dedyukhina Ol'ga Vladimirovna
24-28Philological Sciences
Ancient Sources of V. T. Shchukins Novel "Red Cloaks": Xenophon of Athenss "Hellenica"
Kazeeva Elena Aleksandrovna, Bogatova Mariya Andreevna
29-34Philological Sciences
"Artists Book" - Creative Union of a Writer and a Painter ("Boris Godunov" by A. S. Pushkin and V. I. Shukhaev)
Kapitsa Vera Fedorovna
34-38Philological Sciences
Typology of Biographical Genre in the Russian Literature of the XX-XXI Centuries (by the Material of Works by B. K. Zaytsev and A. N. Varlamov)
Kostyleva Irina Aleksandrovna
38-43Philological Sciences
"Chinese Text" and "Chinese Context" in the Russian Literature of the XIX Century
Krasnoyarova Anna Aleksandrovna
43-48Philological Sciences
In Search of the Essential: Stories of the Writer and Journalist S. N. Makarova-Gritsenko in the Context of the Modern Russian Literature
Lebedinskaya Viktoriya Grigor'evna
48-52Philological Sciences
"My Cherry Orchard" by A. Slapovsky: Modern Interpretation of Chekhovs Dramaturgy
Ramazanova Gyul'naz Gilemdarovna, Faizrakhmanova Al'fiya Anvarovna
53-57Philological Sciences
Reception of Folk Drama in L. N. Tolstoys Creative Work
Sizova Irina Igorevna
57-64Philological Sciences
Role of Problematics and Artistic Principles of Nurdin Muzaevs Poem "Surkho, the Son of Ada" in Evolution of the Lyric-Epic Genre in the Chechen Literature
Dauletukaeva Kamila Dundovna
65-69Philological Sciences
Artistic Originality of the Komi Poet A. P. Razmyslovs Creative Work
El'tsova Elena Vlasovna
70-73Philological Sciences
Specificity of Conflict in F. Yarullins Tales-Plays
Nureeva Gul'shat Il'shatovna
74-77Philological Sciences
Formation and Evolution of the Short Story Genre in the Kabardinian Literature of the Second Half of the XX Century
Khavzhokova Lyudmila Borisovna, Kuantova Zhanna Yur'evna
78-82Philological Sciences
Artistic Originality of C. F. Meyers Novella "The Amulet"
Anisimova Aleksandra Naumovna, Efremova Yuliya Ivanovna
83-86Philological Sciences
Evolution of Private Detectives Image in A. C. Doyles Prose
Vareshin Nikita Vladimirovich
87-93Philological Sciences
Specificity of Occult and Mystical Approach to Breath Phenomenon in E. A. Poes Story "Loss of Breath"
Kapustkin Aleksandr Andreevich
93-97Philological Sciences
Basic Trends of the Turkish Immigration Literature in Germany
Perfil'eva Zinaida Evgen'evna
97-102Philological Sciences
The Documentary and the Artistic in the Novel "Oona & Salinger" by Fr?d?ric Beigbeder
Podavylova Irina Aleksandrovna
103-107Philological Sciences
"A Star Called Sun": Symbolic Interpretation of Components in the Newly Appeared Set Expression of the Russian Language
Abramova Veronika Igorevna, Arkhangelskaya Yuliya Vladimirovna
117-121Philological Sciences
Verbal Aggressiveness as Language Phenomenon Hindering Learning Process
Barchenkova Yana Vladislavovna, Sheiko Elena Vladimirovna
122-125Philological Sciences
Specificity of Responsive Replicas with the Interrogative Word "Why"
Wang Lina
126-130Philological Sciences
Overcoming Semantic Oppositions in Semiotically Complicated Fiction Texts
Wang Na
131-134Philological Sciences
Category of Evaluation in the Russian Phraseology
Verzilova Arina Aleksandrovna
134-138Philological Sciences
Historical and Etymological Analysis of Exotisms, Ethnographisms and Non-Equivalent Vocabulary in V. I. Dals "The Lezginian Assans Stories about His Adventures"
Guseinov Garun-Rashid Abdul-Kadyrovich, Emirbekova Benevsha Nadirovna
138-142Philological Sciences
Game Names in the System of Lexico-Grammatical Categories of Nouns
Kovalykh Elena Valer'evna, Molchanova Natal'ya Sergeevna
142-147Philological Sciences
Semantic Opposition "Truth - Lie" within the Dichotomy "God - Devil" (by the Material of Hagiographic Literature of the XV-XVII Centuries)
Pisar' Nadezhda Vladimirovna
148-151Philological Sciences
Communicative Situation of Public Interaction in Intellect Show "Smart Boys and Girls"
Rodnova Mariya Andreevna
152-156Philological Sciences
Emotional-Expressive Phraseological Units in Scientific Texts
Shishlova Irina Yur'evna
156-160Philological Sciences
Temporal Adverbs in the Modern Khakass Language
Chugunekova Alena Nikolaevna
161-165Philological Sciences
Specificity of Representing Information Sources in the German-Language Arctic Media Discourse
Astakhova Tat'yana Nikolaevna
166-170Philological Sciences
Lexical Means of Creating the Image of the International Tchaikovsky Competition in the Modern English-Language Media Discourse
Barsukova Elena Aleksandrovna
170-174Philological Sciences
Linguocultural Type "Lady" (by the Material of J. Austens "Pride and Prejudice")
Danchuk Ol'ga Vasil'evna, Shakhmaeva Dar'ya Alekseevna
174-178Philological Sciences
Dynamics of Genre-Structural Peculiarities in the German-Language Poetic Discourse of the XXI Century
Datsko Dar'ya Aleksandrovna
179-183Philological Sciences
Cluster Analysis as a Method of Studying Affixal Word Formation (by the Material of the English Language)
Dmitrieva Elizaveta Igorevna, Telegin Lev Aleksandrovich
183-189Philological Sciences
The English Phraseological Units as a Source of Information on Occupations and Professions
Dolgova Elena Vladimirovna
189-193Philological Sciences
Schwank Figurative Means as a Key to Understanding the Russian Germans Worldview
Drukarov Mikhail Evgen'evich
193-199Philological Sciences
Types of Polysemy of the English Idioms
Ivanova Elizaveta Vasil'evna
199-203Philological Sciences
Semantic Processes in the English Terminological System of Transport Logistics
Karavaiskaya Ol'ga Sergeevna
203-207Philological Sciences
Dynamics of the Concept SPORT/HORSES by the Example of the English Idioms
Lyakhova Elena Georgievna, Moroz Natal'ya Yur'evna
207-211Philological Sciences
Oscar Wildes Colour Palette in the Novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray" as Representation of the Authors Aesthetic Worldview
Pavlenko Larisa Gennadievna, Savitskaya Anzhelika Nikolaevna
211-219Philological Sciences
Linguistic Representation of Information Source in Situation of Rumour (by the Material of the English-Language Media Texts)
Ramantova Ol'ga Vyacheslavovna
219-224Philological Sciences
Verbs Actualising Semantics of Doubt Modality in Texts of the English-Language Publicistic Discourse
Skorobach Natal'ya Yur'evna
224-229Philological Sciences
Lexical Means of Evaluation Representation: Unity and Struggle of Opposites (by the Material of the English-Language Articles on the British Monarchy)
Strokan Elena Vladimirovna
229-236Philological Sciences
Mixed Metaphor and Malaphor in Cognitive Anti-memetics in the English Language
Taymour Maria Pavlovna
236-240Philological Sciences
Heroic Myth as a Source of Proper Names (by the Material of the English Language)
Yuyukina Lyudmila Viktorovna, Garanina Natal'ya Viktorovna
240-244Philological Sciences
Spanish Quantitative Adverbs in Authors Idiolect (by the Material of the Novels of the XIX-XX Centuries)
Boichuk Elena Igorevna, Dzhonson Mariya Aleksandrovna
245-250Philological Sciences
Biofeedback Method in Simultaneous Interpreting
Balaganov Dmitrii Vladimirovich
251-256Philological Sciences
Field Modelling of the Migrant Image (by the Example of the Modern American Literature)
Borovitskaya Eva Igorevna
256-261Philological Sciences
Organising Principles of Verbal Manipulative Communication Practices
Larionova Tat'yana Vladimirovna
261-265Philological Sciences
Situational Model of Speech Production: Genesis and Specificity
Lysenko Sergei Vladimirovich
266-269Philological Sciences
Specificity of Phraseological Unit Semantics: Contextological Approach (by the Example of the Phraseological Unit "Field Day")
Andreeva Mariya Igorevna
270-274Philological Sciences
Typology of Original Similes from the Viewpoint of the Recipients Perception in the Translation Aspect
Baranova Taisiya Mikhailovna
274-280Philological Sciences
Allusions in the Russian-Language and English-Language Movie Slogans
Galikhanova Farzaniya Ul'masovna, Davletbaeva Diana Nyailevna
280-284Philological Sciences
Functioning and Referential Peculiarities of Tense Forms with the Systemic Semantics of Imperfect in the Germanic, Romance and Slavonic Languages (by the Example of the English, French and Russian Languages)
Demidkina Dar'ya Aleksandrovna, Marzoeva Irina Vladimirovna
284-288Philological Sciences
Olfactory Code in the Russian and English Versions of A. P. Chekhovs Stories
Olitskaya Dar'ya Aleksandrovna, Chertkova Viktoriya Viktorovna
289-294Philological Sciences
Philological Peculiarities of the Taoist Treatise "Tao Te Ching" as Inexhaustible Source of Hermeneutic Interpretations (by the Material of the Analysis of the First Chapter and Its Russian Translations)
Rudenko Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Meng Xia
294-300Philological Sciences
Problem of Translating Spanish Realia
Toporkova Yuliya Aleksandrovna
300-304Philological Sciences
Means to Express Temporality in the Russian and Chinese Languages
Qu Rui
304-309Philological Sciences
Teaching Masters Degree Students to Decode Abbreviations in Technical Texts
Vlasko Natalya Konstantinovna, Erokhin Sergei Konstantinovich, Vilkova Polina Vladimirivna
310-315Pedagogical Sciences
Rendering as Basic Cognitive Mechanism to Form Students Professional Linguo-Communicative Competence
Voitkova Anastasiya Nikolaevna, Goncharova Tat'yana Vladimirovna
315-320Pedagogical Sciences
Using Regional Component in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language at Pre-University Stage (on the Basis of Khabarovsk Onomasticon and Authentic Texts of the Far Eastern Authors)
Pylkova Anna Aleksandrovna
320-327Pedagogical Sciences
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