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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 4.
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At the Turning Point of History
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
959-968 Philological Sciences
Rhythm-Forming Factors in I. A. Goncharov’s Book "Frigate "Pallada"" (by the Material of the Chapter "To Irkutsk")
Bagautdinova Gul'zada Gadul'yanovna
969-973 Philological Sciences
"With Hope that in the God’s Eyes They’ll Look Well" (Cupolas in Poetry by P. A. Vyazemsky and V. S. Vysotsky)
Volkov Valery Vyacheslavovich, Volkova Natalya Vasilevna
974-979 Philological Sciences
"Food" as Special Concept Sphere in the Russian Children’s Poetry of the Great Patriotic War Period
Oktyabrskaya Olga Svyatoslavovna
980-985 Philological Sciences
Slavic Motifs in E. I. Zamyatin’s Tragedy "Atilla"
Plaksitskaya Nataliya Aleksandrovna
986-992 Philological Sciences
Artistic Embodiment of Creative Personalities’ Fates in the Bashkir Drama of the 80-90s of the XX Century
Akhmadiev Rif Barievish, Khuzhakhmetov Ainur Oskarovich, Bayguzhina Alfinur Rimovna
993-997 Philological Sciences
Eternal Images in D. Yulty’s Novel "Blood"
Ahmadiev Farit Vafievich
998-1002 Philological Sciences
Horseman with Yellow Hand: Isolated Detail of Image in the Kabardian Poetry
Borova Asiyat Ruslanovna, Hezheva Lena Khabilovna
1003-1008 Philological Sciences
National Character in the Modern Buryat Prose
Markhadaev Gombo Bairovich
1009-1013 Philological Sciences
Artistic Originality of Rasul Gamzatov’s Play "The Mountain Girl"
Murtazaliev Ahmed Magomedovich, Bashirova Roza Saadulayevna, Nabigulaeva Marjanat Nabigulaevna
1014-1020 Philological Sciences
Realistic and Romantic Aesthetics in F. Minnullin’s Criticism
Rafikova El'vira Damirovna
1021-1026 Philological Sciences
Edgar Allan Poe and Germany: On Some Aspects of Their Mutual Influence
Zhuliova Lidia Petrovna
1027-1031 Philological Sciences
Multicultural and Post-Colonial Problematics in the Novel "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman
Ilunina Anna Aleksandrovna
1032-1036 Philological Sciences
Image of the Irish Woman in A. Burns’s Creative Work (by the Example of the Novel "Milkman")
Kemalova Milyausha Nazimovna, Sakhapova Farida Hanifovna, Mazaeva Tatyana Viktorovna
1037-1041 Philological Sciences
Mother Image in Anne Enright’s Creative Work: Problem of Woman’s Social Status (by the Example of the Essay "Making Babies: Stumbling into Motherhood")
Kemalova Milyausha Nazimovna, Sakhapova Farida Hanifovna, Petunina Aigul Ramilevna
1042-1046 Philological Sciences
Dream Motif in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Poetry
Nagaytseva Ksenia Anatolyevna
1047-1053 Philological Sciences
Typology of Marie-Laure Grouard’s Poetry
Pinkovskiy Vitaly Ivanovich
1054-1058 Philological Sciences
Traditions of Expressionism in Modern Dramaturgy (by the Example of P. Turrini’s Plays)
Radaeva Ella Alexandrovna
1059-1063 Philological Sciences
Gangsters and Outlaws in Artistic and Historical Space of the Argentinian and Mexican Novel of the Second Half of the XIX Century
Sogomonyan Mariam Keropovna, Korotkova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna
1064-1069 Philological Sciences
Actualisation of Archetypal Meanings of "Bull" in World Culture
Kuchukova Zukhra Akhmetovna, Berberova Liana Burkhanovna
1070-1074 Philological Sciences
The Charles Dickens Letters Project
Goroshkova Renata Rishatovna
1075-1076 Philological Sciences
Opinion Paper: Philological Aspects of Media Culture [Electronic Source]: Inter-University Collection of Scientific Papers / ed. by M. E. Kroshneva. Ulyanovsk: UlGTU, 2020. 87 p. Available at: (accessed: 10.02.2021)
Kroshneva Marina Evgenevna
1077-1079 Philological Sciences
Opinion Paper: Academic Edition "The Ural Literature History. 19th Century": in 2 vols. / ed. by prof. E. K. Sozina. 2nd ed. Moscow, 2021. Vol. 1. 664 p.; Vol. 2. 776 p.
Skibina Olga Mikhailovna
1080-1082 Philological Sciences
Ethnic Stereotypes Representation in A. P. Chekhov’s Prose (by the Material of the Stories "The Intruder", "The Lion and the Sun", "A Tripping Tongue", "Gusev", "A Daughter of Albion", "In a Strange Land")
Zhukovskaya Natalia Valentinovna, Nuzhnova Elena Evgenievna, Savitskaya Angelika Nikolaevna
1083-1087 Philological Sciences
Adjectives with Suffixes -ейш-/-айш- in the Russian Language: Systemic Status and Functioning
Liu Fangfang
1088-1092 Philological Sciences
Introduction to Media Text in Social Networks: Semantic Transformations of News Proposition
Nosovets Svetlana Gennadjevna
1093-1097 Philological Sciences
Flame in Literary Space of A. Blok’s "Verses about the Beautiful Lady"
Spivakova Elena Michailovna
1098-1103 Philological Sciences
Lexical Means to Express Temporality in P. Krusanov’s Novel "Bite of an Angel"
Sheyko Elena Vladimirovna, Markova Violetta Vladimirovna
1104-1108 Philological Sciences
Nominations of Dishes and Cookware in the Khakass Language
Abdina Raisa Petrovna
1109-1114 Philological Sciences
Comparative Phraseological Units with Negative Evaluation in the Kabardino-Circassian Language
Dzuganova Rita Khabalovna, Bitokova Svetlana Khautievna, Oshroeva Karina Vyacheslavovna
1115-1119 Philological Sciences
Principles of Compiling the Tatar-English Online Dictionary of the Glosbe Project at Macroand Microstructure Levels
Safiullina Gulshat Rafailevna
1120-1124 Philological Sciences
Concept LOCKDOWN as Value and Anti-Value in the Modern British Society’s Life
Abdulkadyrova Asiyat Bagautdinovna
1125-1130 Philological Sciences
Productive Ways to Form Neologisms of the Conceptualized Group "Brexit" in the Modern English-Language Media Discourse
Vasbieva Dinara Giniyatullovna
1131-1137 Philological Sciences
Definitional Analysis of Lexical Unit ‘Love’ as Word-Representative of LOVE Concept (by the Material of Explanatory Dictionaries of the English Language)
Getman Anastasia Aleksandrovna
1138-1142 Philological Sciences
English-Language Institutional Customs Discourse in Mass-Media Internet Space
Dvoynina Ekaterina Vladimirovna
1143-1147 Philological Sciences
Orthographic Peculiarities, Semantic Relations and Ways of Translating Composites of "Corona" Conceptual Sphere (by the Material of the German Language)
Ignatova Evgenia Mikhailovna, Pivovarova Elena Wycheslavovna
1148-1154 Philological Sciences
The Anglo-American Borrowings in the German Marketing Terminology: Diachronic Aspect
Kalashnikova Yulia Mikhailovna, Sidorenko Yulia Nikolaevna
1155-1160 Philological Sciences
Frame Analysis of the English-Language Transport Logistics Terminology
Karavayskaya Olga Sergeevna
1161-1165 Philological Sciences
Phonetical Means to Transfer Aggressive Emotions in the American Political Discourse (by the Material of Donald Trump’s Speeches)
Leto Yana-Alex Valeriyevna
1166-1170 Philological Sciences
Features of Translating Colour Terms, Zoonyms and Lacunae from R. Bradbury’s Novel "Fahrenheit 451" from English into Russian
Mosolkova Marina Germanovna, Khusainova Anisa Amirovna, Kudryavtseva Marina Gennadievna
1171-1175 Philological Sciences
Problem of Word Combinations Translation Equivalence in Economic Discourse (by the Material of the German Language)
Petryanina Olga Valeryevna
1176-1181 Philological Sciences
Neologisms in the English Trading Terminology
Sidorenko Yulia Nikolaevna, Kalashnikova Yulia Mikhailovna
1182-1186 Philological Sciences
Cognitive Mechanisms of Graphical Means Regulativity in the Novel "The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt
Simonova Elena Petrovna, Kovalenko Galina Fedorovna
1187-1194 Philological Sciences
Peculiarities of Grammaticalization of the Italian Quantifiers of Indefinitely Big Quantity
Aksenova Ksenia Alexandrovna, Oborotova Elena Viktorovna
1195-1199 Philological Sciences
Word Stress Features in Vocal Speech
Agafonova Marina Pavlovna
1200-1207 Philological Sciences
Motive as Vector of Interpreting Motivation in Language
Vinogradova Svetlana Grigorievna, Gocheva Irina Vladimirovna
1208-1212 Philological Sciences
The Chinese Component in Linguistic Landscape of Kolomna’s Cultural and Historical Part
Dubinina Maria Nikolaevna, Kolodiazhnaia Daria Alexandrovna
1213-1217 Philological Sciences
Peculiarities of Defence Speeches in the Modern American Juridical Discourse (by the Material of Defence Speech of D. Trump’s Lawyer)
Korobova Ekaterina Andreevna
1218-1222 Philological Sciences
Culturological Direction of Modern Educational Lexicography (Based on English Bilingual Educational Dictionaries)
Kramarenko Olga Leonidovna, Bogdanova Oksana Yurievna
1223-1228 Philological Sciences
Classification of the French Stereotypes in the Russian Language (by the Material of the Russian Fiction)
Kuchminskaya Natalya Rudolfovna
1229-1233 Philological Sciences
Speech Strategies and Tactics of Manipulative Influence on Believer’s Consciousness in the Period of Violent Anti-Religious Campaign (1964-1967)
Moskvina Yuliya Alexandrovna
1234-1239 Philological Sciences
Fixed Imperatives of the German Language: Analysing Their Frequency of Use in Speech (by the Material of the DWDS Corpus of the German Language)
Panfilova Elena Gennadjevna
1240-1246 Philological Sciences
Dichotomy "Universal/Particular" of Lexical Meaning of Word as Deictic Potential of Indefinite Article
Popova Valeria Borisovna
1247-1256 Philological Sciences
Language Means for Creating Psychologism in Le?la Slimani’s Novel "Chanson douce"
Seliverstova Mariya Olegovna, Aslanyan Olga Vladimirovna
1257-1261 Philological Sciences
Linguocultural and Linguistic Features of the French Phraseological Units with Religious Component
Skachkova Lyubov Vladislavovna, Karaseva Dina Vadimovna
1262-1268 Philological Sciences
Thematic-Rhematic Progressions in Classical Chinese (W?ny?n) (by the Material of Stories from Liaozhai Zhiyi Collection)
Skvortsov Arsenii Vladimirovich
1269-1275 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Interaction of Percepts, Representations, Frames and Concepts in Mental World Model
Khakhalova Svetlana Alexeewna
1276-1282 Philological Sciences
Component Composition of Phraseological Units Referring to Wildlife in the French and English Languages
Avtaykina Larissa Yurievna
1283-1289 Philological Sciences
Syntactic Structures of the Concept DREAM/ХЫЯЛ in the English and Tatar Languages (by the Example of Romantic Discourse)
Giniyatullina Nailya Shakurovna, Urmanova Lidia Eduardovna
1290-1294 Philological Sciences
Peculiarities of Translating Youth Slang from Spanish into Russian (by the Material of the Modern Spanish Serials)
Grunina Yulia Aleksandrovna, Terentieva Ekaterina Dmitrievna
1295-1299 Philological Sciences
Productive Word-Formation Models in Youth Vocabulary of the German and Russian Languages
Guseva Marina Igorevna, Zaglyadkina Tatyana Yakovlevna
1300-1305 Philological Sciences
Conventional Norm and Equivalence in Evaluation of Translation Quality
Dulalaeva Irina Yulievna
1306-1312 Philological Sciences
Typology of Hybrid Names of Public Catering Establishments (by the Example of Public Catering Establishments Names of Tyumen (Russia), Seattle (the USA) and Toulouse (France))
Isakova Anna Alekseevna
1313-1319 Philological Sciences
Role of Translation Transformations in Solving the Problem of Interlingual Asymmetry and Translation Mistakes (by the Example of the English Language)
Terentyeva Daria Mikhailovna
1320-1324 Philological Sciences
Contrastive Analysis of Semantics of ‘Navi’ and ‘Osho’ Lexemes in the Khanty and Mari Languages
Shiyanova Anastasia Antonovna, Andreeva Lyudmila Anatoljevna, Khudobina Olga Fedorovna
1325-1331 Philological Sciences
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