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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 8.
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Initiation Plot in the Story “Meat” by A. I. Kuprin
Darenskaya Natal'ya Aleksandrovna
2409-2413 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Spy Novel Tradition Interpretation in P. N. Prudkovsky’s Prose
Prikazchikova Olga Alexandrovna, Osmukhina Olga Yurievna
2414-2418 Philological Sciences
“Final” Book of Poems as a Major Genre Form in Perception of Modern Domestic Literary Criticism
Khozyaikina Anastasia Vladimirovna
2419-2424 Philological Sciences
Features of Russian-Language National Literature Emergence as a Result of Culture Globalization
Myshkina Albina Fedorovna, Yakovleva Galina Grigorievna, Savirova Marina Petrovna
2425-2429 Philological Sciences
Cultural Landscape in Uzheertu’s Story “Hunter’s Fate”
Khazankovich Yulia Gennadievna
2430-2437 Philological Sciences
American Society Paradigm in B. Lerner’s Novel “The Topeka School”
Bolotova Olga Borisovna
2438-2444 Philological Sciences
System of Characters as a Way of Assessing the Events of the Spanish Civil War in Javier Сercas ’ Novel “Lord of All the Dead”
Ivanova Nina Vladimirovna, Nemtseva Ksenia Igorevna
2445-2450 Philological Sciences
Charlotte Brontë’s Reception of Samuel Richardson’s Novel Creativity
Konak Amela Alievna
2451-2456 Philological Sciences
The “Blonde/Brunette” Binary Opposition in Early French Romanticism (“Corinne, or Italy” by G. de Staël)
Nuzhnaia Tatiana Vladimirovna
2457-2461 Philological Sciences
Lu Ji’s Life: With an Ink Brush and a Sword
Semenenko Ivan Ivanovich
2462-2472 Philological Sciences
Originality of Twelve Apparitions of Archangel Michael according to Coptic Tradition
Frangulian Lilia Rubenovna
2473-2478 Philological Sciences
Female Beauty Formulas (by the Material of the Even and the Yakut Epic Tradition)
Danilova Anna Nikolaevna, Pavlova Nadezhda Vasilyevna, Petrova Valentina Alekseevna
2479-2487 Philological Sciences
Discursive-Aesthetic Paradoxes of Modern Russian Original Rock Poetry (by the Material of S. Kalinin’s Creative Work). Paper One
Loktevich Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna
2488-2494 Philological Sciences
Key Areas of Reception of B. L. Riftin’s Research in China
Zhang Bing
2495-2501 Philological Sciences
Cognitive Poetics and Cognitive Stylistics: Variation and Incorporation of the Terms. The Onset of Cognitive Poetics and Its Modification at the Turn of the Millennia
Malneva Ekaterina Yurievna
2503-2509 Philological Sciences
Ďurovič Ľ., Giger M. Paradigmatika spisovné ruštiny. Hláskosloví a tvarosloví. Praha: Karolinum, 2020. 350 s.: Opinion Paper
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
2510-2511 Philological Sciences
Hybrid Verb-Adjective Forms as a Psychological Marker of a “Departing Character” in I. A. Bunin’s Short Story “Benevolent Participation”
Royko Oksana Valentinovna
2512-2516 Philological Sciences
Fear Factor in Social and Commercial Advertising (by the Example of Signboard Texts in Perm)
Tikhomirova Larisa Sergeevna
2517-2521 Philological Sciences
Visual Perception Verbs in the Tatar Language (Semantic and Word-Formation Aspect)
Gilazetdinova Gelinia Khajretdinovna, Salakhova Ruzilya Rashitovna
2522-2526 Philological Sciences
Figurative Content in the Structure of the SPRING Concept in the Evenk Linguoculture
Kuzmina Raisa Petrovna
2527-2530 Philological Sciences
Phenomenon of Representing Generalized Subject of Proverbs and Sayings in the Chuvash Language
Semenova Galina Nikolaevna, Yakimova Nadezhda Ivanovna
2531-2535 Philological Sciences
Phonetic Features of Australian English by the Example of Afferbeck Lauder’s Poem “With Air Chew”
Aiusheeva Marina Glebovna, Badmaeva Elena Sodnomovna
2536-2541 Philological Sciences
Lexeme “Hans im Glück” and Its Functions in Discourse
Blokhina Elena Nikolaevna
2542-2549 Philological Sciences
Speech Influence Techniques in the Headlines of Online Media Texts of the British Quality Press
Varzapova Viktoriya Yuryevna
2550-2555 Philological Sciences
Analysis of English Proverbs Verbalizing MONEY Concept in Modern Linguistic Worldview
Vasbieva Dinara Giniyatullovna
2556-2560 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Typing of Ethno-Marked Symbols in Creolized Text of the British Television Drama
Gorokhova Anna Mikhaylovna
2561-2567 Philological Sciences
Features of Word Formation and Translation of Author’s Neologisms in Modern English by the Material of J. K. Rowling’s Book “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”
Grushina Margarita Vladimirovna
2568-2572 Philological Sciences
Variety of Virtual Genres of Environmental Discourse in the Federal Republic of Germany (by the Example of Internet Communication on Environmental Topics)
Zaitseva Alla Valer’evna
2573-2579 Philological Sciences
Features of Gender Identity Construction in the Modern Political Media Discourse of Germany (by the Example of Women Politicians’ Nicknames)
Polonyankina Nadezhda Valeryevna
2580-2585 Philological Sciences
Structural Features of English-American Borrowed Advertising Terminology in the German Language and Ways of Its Translation into Russian
Prytkova Oksana Al’bertovna, Shuytseva Inga Al’fredovna
2586-2590 Philological Sciences
Onomasiological Structure of the Situations of Action and Modal Relation (by the Material of Sentences with German and English Causative Verbs)
Sakovets Svetlana Alexandrovna
2591-2598 Philological Sciences
Role of Artistic Devices of Absurdity and Nonsense in Formation of Structural and Semantic Organization of Text (by the Material of L. Carroll’s “The Hunting of the Snark”)
Soshnikov Alexander Olegovich
2599-2604 Philological Sciences
Genre Specifics of Modern English-Language News Media Texts on Coronavirus Topics
Syresina Irina Olegovna, Bondarenko Svetlana Vladimirovna, Korzova Elena Nikolaevna
2605-2610 Philological Sciences
Outgroup Distancing Mechanisms within “Ingroup - Outgroup” Opposition in Literature (Based on Texts of Contemporary Spanish and French Literature)
Abkadyrova Irina Rustemovna, Rezhuk Zinaida Vladimirovna
2611-2616 Philological Sciences
Linguopragmatic Features of the Modern Literary Narrative by the Material of the Short Story “Scène” by A. Robbe-Grillet
Glazkova Anastasiia Victorovna, Chabykina Daria Stanislavovna
2617-2623 Philological Sciences
Spelling Occasionalisms in Spanish Messengers and Social Networks
Davtian Iuliia Vladimirovna, Kryukova Elena Vladimirovna
2624-2628 Philological Sciences
Features of Using the Arabic Letter Sīn <s> to Represent Sounds of the Portuguese Language in Arabic-Portuguese Documents of the XVI Century
Tikhonova Oxana Viktorovna, Mazniak Maria Mikhailovna
2629-2633 Philological Sciences
Orthography of Old Spanish Texts in the Arabic Script (by the Examples of Proper Names from The Archive of Toledo’s Mozarabs of the XII-XIII Centuries)
Tikhonova Oxana Viktorovna, Iakushkina Ksenia Valerievna
2634-2638 Philological Sciences
Structural Schemes of Combinatorial Linguistics Terms in the English Language
Vlavatskaya Marina Vital’evna, Efanova Marina Andreevna
2639-2645 Philological Sciences
Goal Setting as a Psycholinguistic Mechanism and Its Implementation in the Modern English-Language Media Discourse
Guslyakova Alla Victorovna, Guslyakova Nina Ivanovna
2646-2653 Philological Sciences
Referentiality of Possible Worlds in Literary Text: Cognitive-Discursive Aspect
Dzyubenko Anna Igorevna
2654-2659 Philological Sciences
Internal Form of Language Unit as Motivator of Its Meaning (by the Material of the English and Russian Languages)
Savitskaya Ekaterina Vladimirovna
2660-2665 Philological Sciences
Style and Specificity of Stephen King’s Works Translation
Samarin Dmitry Alexandrovich
2666-2671 Philological Sciences
Framing in Crisis Communication (Based on the US Government’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic)
Chepurnaya Alena Ivanovna
2672-2676 Philological Sciences
Speech Substandards Rendering in the Russian Translations of the Middle of the 20th Century
Achkasov Andrei Valentinovich
2677-2682 Philological Sciences
Semantic Content Transformation in the Cartoon “9” When Translating from English into Russian
Buzaeva Yana Avalievna
2683-2688 Philological Sciences
Linguistic and Cultural Peculiarities of Translated Russian Movie Titles
Dvinova Evgeniia Olegovna
2689-2694 Philological Sciences
Determining the Optimal Translation Strategy for H. G. Wells’ Novel “The Invisible Man”
Korshunova Elena Sergeevna
2695-2699 Philological Sciences
Tactics of Changing the Compositional Structure of the Text When Translating Tourist Texts (by the Material of the Russian and Italian Languages)
Mamedov Said Zaurovich, Bolotin Yuri Evgenyevich
2700-2704 Philological Sciences
Secondary Nomination of Pressure Verbs “to milk”, «доить» and “traire”
Permyakova Elena Gennadyevna
2705-2710 Philological Sciences
Comparative Analysis of Metaphorics for the Verbs “to dig” / «копать» as a Part of the Thematic Group “Processes of Agricultural Labour” (by the Material of the English and Russian Languages)
Potsybina Elena Pavlovna
2711-2716 Philological Sciences
Adaptation Features in Translating News Texts (by the Example of News about China in the Russian and English Media)
Sun Minqing, Zhao Meiwei
2717-2725 Philological Sciences
Semantic Development of the English Word “town”
Khanbalaeva Sabina Nizamievna
2726-2735 Philological Sciences
Non-Mastery of Mediation Techniques and Means as a Pedagogical Deficit in the Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching
Abramova Ekaterina Alekseevna
2736-2740 Pedagogical Sciences
Interactive Methods of Foreign Language Teaching Relevant for Use in the Educational Process at a Military University
Zharovskaya Elena Victorovna, Votintseva Marina Vladimirovna
2741-2748 Pedagogical Sciences
The Current Situation and Strategies of English Translation Talents Cultivation in Colleges and Universities in Liaoning Province
Lin Fang
2749-2755 Pedagogical Sciences
Experimental Study of Errors in Russian Vowels Pronunciation by Chinese Students
Liu Feifei, Yu Zongling, Zhang Jiaxuan
2756-2763 Pedagogical Sciences
The System of Pronunciation Culture Formation in Classes on Practical Phonetics of the English Language at a Pedagogical University
Mirzoeva Elena Yurevna
2764-2770 Pedagogical Sciences
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