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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. № 9.
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Modernity I (Early ХХ Century) - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
9-15 Study of Art
Academician A. N. Krylov’s Contribution to Military-Engineering Education Development in Russia
Grigoryev Valeriy Sergeevich
16-19 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Prerequisites for Reorganization of Bailiff’s Offices in the Central Caucasus in the 1850s
Nakhusheva Inara Ruslanovna
19-23 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Russian Democratic Socialism of the First Half of the XX Century in the Context of the Global Socialist Movement
Protasova Olga Lvovna
23-30 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Regional Specificity of the Kuban and Stavropol Industrial Enterprises Development in the Last Years of New Economic Policy
Salfetnikov Dmitriy Anatolyevich
30-34 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Educational Activities of Tomsk Musical Technical School in the 1920s
Sotnikova Elena Vyacheslavovna
35-38 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Specificity of Population Reproduction in the Tyva Republic at the End of the 1980-1990s
Kozlova Ekaterina Andreevna
39-43 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Motives and Forms of the British Empire’s Participation in the Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905
Kutsenko Boris Olegovich
44-50 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Mythemes as Transcendental Laws of Realities
Baikov Aleksandr Alekseevich
51-55 Philosophical Sciences
Philosophical Interpretation of "Truth" Category
Nesterova Oksana Yurievna
55-59 Philosophical Sciences
Choice of Criterion: Developing a Classification of Philosophies
Tarasov Oleg Vladimirovich
60-66 Philosophical Sciences
Self-Care Practices in Gnosticism of the I-IV Centuries A.D
Bakhar Spiridon Aleksandrovich
67-72 Philosophical Sciences
Ideal of Integral Personality in P. L. Lavrov’s and N. K. Mikhaylovsky’s Philosophical Heritage
Vyazinkin Alexey Yurievich
72-75 Philosophical Sciences
Philosophical and Anthropological Aspects of Viktor Frankl’s Theory
Kosinova Maria Aslanovna, Karelin Vladislav Mikhailovitch
76-79 Philosophical Sciences
Stoic Narrative: On the Problem of Studying Stoic Heritage in the Western Philosophical Thought
Popov Danil Sergeevich
80-87 Philosophical Sciences
Hieroglyph as an Element of Ritual Language in Antonin Artaud’s Theatre
Shalganov Roman Dmitrievich, Karelin Vladislav Mikhailovitch
87-90 Philosophical Sciences
Topological and Perspective Interpretation of the Basic Ontological Foundations of E. Goffman’s Frame Theory
Akulinin Viktor Nikolaevich
91-94 Philosophical Sciences
Issue of Man’s Creativity Nature: Socio-Philosophical Analysis
Bashirov Timur Anvarbakovich
95-99 Philosophical Sciences
Corruption and Anticorruption Measures in the Context of Socio-Political and Ethical Discourse of the Ancient Roman Republic
Vezlomtsev Viktor Evgenievich
99-104 Philosophical Sciences
Ethnic Entrepreneurship under Current Migration Situation: Experience of the Chinese Diaspora in Russia
Igosheva Marina Anatolievna
104-109 Philosophical Sciences
Logic of Education in the Context of M. K. Mamardashvili’s Social Philosophy
Klyukina Lyudmila Alexandrovna
110-114 Philosophical Sciences
The Republic of Mordovia: Region’s Actual Image (Based on Expert Survey Results)
Napalkova Irina Gennadievna, Kurochkina Ksenia Vyacheslavovna
114-119 Philosophical Sciences
Developing Social-Philosophical Basis to Study Social Virtuality of Network Community
Sayapin Vladislav Olegovich
120-125 Philosophical Sciences
Ontological Aspects of Revolutionary Underground Formation in F. M. Dostoevsky’s Novel "Demons" in the Light of S. L. Frank’s Conciliarism
Chudinov Sergey Ivanovich
125-130 Philosophical Sciences
Masonic Mythology in W. A. Mozart’s Creative Work (by the Example of "The Magic Flute")
Baibikova Galina Valentinovna, Kuznetsova Alina Vladimirovna, Duying 
131-135 Philosophical Sciences
"Nulling" Phenomenon in Modern Culture
Konopleva Anna Alekseevna
136-139 Philosophical Sciences
Design as Philosophical Category
Pankratova Alexandra Vladimirovna
139-144 Philosophical Sciences
Architectonics of Childhood World
Popkova Tatyana Dmitrievna
144-149 Philosophical Sciences
John Cassian’s Salvation Doctrine in the Context of Semipelagian Polemics
Antonyan Artur Romanovich
150-154 Philosophical Sciences
Specificity of Theatre Broadcast Perception. Theatre HD as Synthesis of the Immediate and the Mediated
Kogut Nelli Andreevna
155-160 Study of Art
Reflecting the Russian National Character in Folk Dance Culture
Pashkova Tatiana Vitalyevna
161-164 Study of Art
Romantic Features in Creative Work of Tomsk Composer Konstantin Lakin
Belonosova Irina Vladimirovna
165-168 Study of Art
Modern Domestic Mono-Opera: Theory and Practice
Zadneprovskaya Galina Viktorovna
168-173 Study of Art
P. Juon’s Instrumental Works of the 1930s: Specificity of the Composer’s Late Style
Nerovnaia Tatiana Evgen’evna
173-178 Study of Art
Piano Jazz in the XX Century: Main Styles and Development Trends
Ogorodova Alena Vladimirovna, Ovcharov Igor' Vladimirovich, Orshanskaya Elena Ivanovna
179-187 Study of Art
Stepan Vasilyevich Smolensky and Folk Musical Culture
Smirnov Dmitry Vladimirovitch
187-191 Study of Art
A. P. Digby’s Contribution to Astrakhan Architecture
Bondareva Nadezhda Ivanovna
192-198 Study of Art
A. V. Khvastunova’s and A. V. Fonvizin’s Graphical Works in the Context of the Miriskusniks’ Artistic Tradition: Comparative Analysis
Popov Alexei Valentinovich
199-204 Study of Art
Stupas of Temple Complex in the City of Khovd (Mongolia): Results of Architectural-Semantic Analysis
Shishin Mikhail Yuryevich, Onufrienko Daniil Evgenievich
204-210 Study of Art
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