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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. № 3.
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Artistic Time, Space and Rhythm in I. A. Goncharov’s Essay "The Month of May in Petersburg"
Bagautdinova Gul'zada Gadul'yanovna
5-8 Philological Sciences
Zen Buddhism in the Novel "The Sacred Book of the Werewolf" by V. Pelevin
Guo Wei
8-12 Philological Sciences
Motive of Temptation in L. M. Leonov’s Novelistics
Zadorina Alena Olegovna
12-16 Philological Sciences
Reconstruction of the Past in M. Shishkin’s Small Prose (by the Material of the Short Stories Collection "The Half-Belt Overcoat")
Kuryaev Il'gam Ryasimovich
16-20 Philological Sciences
Figurative Paradigm "Human Being - Human Being" in A. Akhmatova’s Poetical Collection "Reed"
Nekoz Olesya Aleksandrovna
21-26 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Author’s Self-Identification in Lyrical Works by Lee Yanling - "The Chinese with the Russian Soul"
Samoilenko Tat’yana Vyacheslavovna
26-30 Philological Sciences
King David the Psalmist’s Image in the Russian Poetry of the XVII-XX Centuries
Khimich Galina Aleksandrovna
30-35 Philological Sciences
Images of Nature in Dzhaminat Kerimova’s Creative Work
Alkhlavova Inna Khumkerkhanovna
36-40 Philological Sciences
Meaningful and Poetical Originality of the Story "The Legend of Khuga" by I. S. Khugaev
Afanas'ev Oleg Igorevich
40-46 Philological Sciences
Ivan Poddubny’s Disciple: Artistic Image of Athlete and Strongman in Historical Novel
Guseinov Malik Alievich
47-51 Philological Sciences
Family Values in A. Bryzhinsky’s Stories
Ermina Natal'ya Ivanovna
51-54 Philological Sciences
Artist’s Destiny in Poetical Interpretation of the Modern Ossetian Writers (by the Material of Works by A. M. Kodzaev and Sh. F. Dzhikaev)
Kabulova Gayana Sogratovna
55-58 Philological Sciences
Problem "Man and War" in the Context of S. Faulks’s Aesthetical Search
Belozerova Anna Vladimirovna
59-62 Philological Sciences
Claude Simon: Life and Creative Path
Vishnyakov Aleksei Georgievich
63-69 Philological Sciences
Reception of J. W. Goethe’s Works by Ferdinand von Zaar
Loshakova Galina Aleksandrovna, Smirnova Lyudmila Evgen'evna
69-73 Philological Sciences
New Age Mystery: On Genre Nature of G. G. Byron’s Biblical Drama "Cain"
Mikhailenko Elena Nikolaevna
73-76 Philological Sciences
Demystification of "Woman Myth" in Early Plays by Elfriede Jelinek
Pridorogina Elena Aleksandrovna
77-80 Philological Sciences
Heuristic Dominant in Ch. Aitmatov’s Novel "Cassandra’s Brand"
Savina Mariya Sergeevna
80-85 Philological Sciences
Mythological Allusions in R. D. Harris’s Works as Postmodernist Techniques to Actualize Social and Historical Context (by the Material of the Novels "Imperium" and "Dictator")
Shchemeleva Elena Borisovna
85-89 Philological Sciences
"Myth-Creation" and "Author’s Myth Creation": Problem of Notions Differentiation
Ermolenko Oksana Vladimirovna
90-94 Philological Sciences
Antonymy as a Means to Create Contrast in A. I. Kuprin’s Stories
Viktorina Tat'yana Valentinovna
103-106 Philological Sciences
Precedent Name "Plyushkin" in Modern Communicative Consciousness
Zhilenkova Irina Ivanovna, Titova Anna Sergeevna
107-110 Philological Sciences
Description of Culturally Specific Units: Linguo-Culturographical Aspect (by the Example of Clothes, Footwear and Hat Names)
Li Junying
111-115 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Personality of Khalimat Bairamukova: Value Aspect
Alieva Tamara Kazievna, Edieva Radmila Yusufovna, Bidzhieva Lyudmila Yusufovna
116-120 Philological Sciences
Buryat Constructions of Cause and Purpose with Evaluative Component
Darzhaeva Nadezhda Bairovna
120-124 Philological Sciences
Semantic Development of Socio-Political Lexemes in the Kabardino-Circassian Language
Zhiletezhev Khazhismel' Chilyanievich, Unatlokov Vyacheslav Khautievich
125-128 Philological Sciences
Lexical and Stylistic Means to Realize Verbal Manipulation Strategies in Professional Customs Discourse (by the Material of the English-Language Customs Press)
Dvoinina Ekaterina Vladimirovna
129-132 Philological Sciences
Constructive Role of Language in the Modern English-Language News Discourse
Zhiganova Anna Vladimirovna
133-136 Philological Sciences
Expressive Colour Nomination in the English-Language Mass Media Texts
Zakharova Viktoriya Anatol'evna
136-140 Philological Sciences
Pragmatic Specificity of the English-Language "Stand-Up Comedy" Speeches
Ivanova Svetlana Anatol'evna, Vel'dina Nataliya Grigor'evna
141-144 Philological Sciences
Word-Formative Model "ver- + English stem" in the Modern German Language
Kudrikova El'vira Ivanovna
145-149 Philological Sciences
Micro-Field "Wine Sorts" as a Component of Lexico-Semantic Field "Food" in the Novel "The Black Obelisk" by E. M. Remarque
Kurenkova Tat'yana Nikolaevna
149-154 Philological Sciences
Malaphora as a Type of Mixed Metaphor under Conditions of Multi-Paradigmaticity (by the Material of the English Language)
Taimur Mariya Pavlovna
154-158 Philological Sciences
Attributive Word Combinations in the Context of Knowledge Formatting (by the Material of the English Language)
Tkachenko Anna Vadimovna
158-162 Philological Sciences
Means to Form the English Medical Terms-Eponyms
Khakieva Zalikha Usmanovna, Zekieva Petimat Masudovna, Abdulkhadzhieva Mar'yam Ruslanovna
163-167 Philological Sciences
Semantic Formation of Culturally Specific Units in the Terminological System of the British School Education
Tsverkun Yuliya Borisovna
167-170 Philological Sciences
Terminologization in the English-Language Sports Discourse (by the Example of Winter Sports Terminology)
Tsybina Larisa Viktorovna, Koshel'kina Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, Izosimova Valeriya Olegovna
171-174 Philological Sciences
Lexico-Semantic and Structural-Grammatical Peculiarities of Phraseological Units with Temporal Meaning in the Spanish Language
Kalashova Anna Samvelovna, Kopnina Olesya Igorevna
175-180 Philological Sciences
Realization of Subjective-Evaluative Meanings of Adjectives within the Framework of the Stratification Model of Internet Diaries (by the Material of French Blogs)
Loran Elena Yur'evna
181-186 Philological Sciences
Associative Representation of Gr?ve (Strike) Phenomenon in the French Linguistic Consciousness
Sukhorukova Yuliya Sergeevna
186-191 Philological Sciences
Psycholinguistic Foundations of Simultaneous Translation
Balaganov Dmitrii Vladimirovich, Knyazeva Elena Georgievna
192-197 Philological Sciences
Phraseological Worldview as Representation of Human Mentality (by the Material of Phraseological Units with Component-Zoonym in the Russian and Lithuanian Languages)
Vaulina Svetlana Sergeevna, Golubenko Ol'ga Mikhailovna
198-202 Philological Sciences
Universal and Nationally Specific Semantic Features of the Lexemes Серый and Grey in Colourative Collocations of Newspaper Discourse
Vlavatskaya Marina Vital'evna, Tsvenger Larisa Vladimirovna
203-210 Philological Sciences
Functional-Semantic Analysis of Occasional Collocations in the Ode "Bonaparte" by A. de Lamartine
Emel'yanova Anastasiya Vyacheslavovna
210-215 Philological Sciences
Experimental Research on Peculiarities of the Evenks-Bilinguals’ Linguistic Consciousness (by the Example of the Concept ЧЕЛОВЕК/БЭЕ/КИ?И)
Zakharova Nataliya Egorovna
215-219 Philological Sciences
Mechanism of Discursive Space Transformation in the Situation of Verbal Conflict
Larionova Tat'yana Vladimirovna
220-225 Philological Sciences
Functioning of the Romanian Military Terms in Discursive Space of the Network Media (Actualization and Determinologization)
Malysheva Elizaveta Yur'evna
226-230 Philological Sciences
Prosodic Markers of Communicants’ Maximum Emotional Level under Conditions of Abnormal Communication
Martynova Elena Mikhailovna
231-235 Philological Sciences
Criteria to Identify a Non-Marked Intertextual Unit in the Poetical Text (by the Material of the English-Language Poetry)
Sergodeev Il'ya Vital'evich
235-241 Philological Sciences
Creolized Text of the Modern Mass Media as a Means to Form Readers’ Emotional-Evaluative Attitude
Skorokhodova Elena Yur'evna, Borodyanskaya Ekaterina Andreevna
242-245 Philological Sciences
Peculiarities of Onym Usage in I. A. Bunin’s Stories (by the Material of the Stories Included in the First Part of "Dark Alleys" Cycle)
Sotnikova Elena Aleksandrovna, Ivanova Marina Yur'evna
246-249 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Peculiarities of Marketing Communication (by the Material of Instagram Publications in the Russian, English and German Languages)
Biryukova Evgeniya Viktorovna, Borisova Elena Georgievna, Khokhlova Irina Viktorovna
250-254 Philological Sciences
Anglicisms in the Modern French Language in Comparison with Russian: Contextual Study
Gorelik Polina Leonidovna, Peten Nataliya Vital'evna, Bryukhovskaya Lyudmila Grigor'evna
255-259 Philological Sciences
Communicative and Functional Approach to Studying Representation of Silence Phenomenon in Proverbs and Sayings (by the Material of the Russian, English and German Folk Aphorisms)
Denisova Elena Aleksandrovna, Lipatova Yuliya Yur'evna
259-263 Philological Sciences
Comparative Analysis of Disagreement Expression Means in the English and Spanish Languages (by the Material of the Novel "The Dollmaker of Krakow" by Rachel Romero)
Deputatova Natal'ya Anatol'evna, Shangaraeva Liya Faridovna, Akimova Ol'ga Valer'evna
263-267 Philological Sciences
Inter-Discursive Inclusions in the Aspect of Translation (by the Material of Ch. Tomlinson’s Poems)
Kovalenko Galina Fedorovna
268-271 Philological Sciences
Transformation of Personages’ Speech Portraits in the English Dub of the Film "Moscow Does not Believe in Tears"
Morilova Ekaterina Sergeevna, Kidyarova Anna Andreevna
271-278 Philological Sciences
Specificity of the English and Russian Comparisons in Linguo-Culturological Aspect
Ryzhenkova Anna Aleksandrovna
278-284 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Taxis Relations in the Russian and Chinese Languages
Qu Rui
285-289 Philological Sciences
Semantic Peculiarities of Phraseological Units with the Component "Clothes" in the English, German and Russian Languages
Yusupova Liya Gayazovna, Kuz'mina Ol'ga Dmitrievna, Kuznetsova Il'vira Ildusovna
290-294 Philological Sciences
Principles and Criteria for Choosing a Fiction Text when Teaching Russian to the Tajik Students
Baryshnikova Elena Nikolaevna, Saidov Zainularab Zaburiddinovich
295-299 Pedagogical Sciences
Comparative Conceptology as a Means to Form the Chinese Students-Philologists’ Linguo-Culturological Competence (by the Material of Literary Text)
Litovkina Anna Mikhailovna, Makarova Emiliya Aleksandrovna
300-305 Pedagogical Sciences
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