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SOURCE:   Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. 8.
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Foat Galimullins Perception of the Tatar XX-Century Writers: Descriptive Review
Timofeeva Tatiana Vyacheslavovna, Gabidullina Farida Imamutdinovna
5-8Philological Sciences
Formation of I. S. Turgenevs Perception in China at the Beginning of the XX Century (Liang Qichao and Zhou Zuoren)
Guo Siwen
9-12Philological Sciences
Spatial-Temporal Continuum of M. Bulgakovs Novel "The Master and Margarita" As It Is Perceived in the Spanish-Speaking Culture (by the Material of the Monograph by B. S. Giudici Fern?ndez "El Maestro y Margarita: Novela ?tica" ("The Master and Margarita: Ethical Novel"))
Malysheva Olga Vladimirovna
13-16Philological Sciences
Theme of Power in the Novel "Kindrat. Blood Brothers" by A. Yu. Pekhov, E. A. Bychkova, N. V. Turchaninova
Safron Elena Aleksandrovna
17-20Philological Sciences
Buffoonery Theatre Genres in L. N. Tolstoys Artistic and Aesthetic Searches
Sizova Irina Igorevna
20-29Philological Sciences
N. S. Tikhonovs Translations of K. L. Khetagurovs Childrens Poems
Dzaparova Elizaveta Borisovna
30-34Philological Sciences
Man-Nature Interaction in V. N. Fyodorovs Novella "Citizen 1 of the Forever Gone Town"
Yefimova Alevtina Vladimirovna
34-38Philological Sciences
Hybrid Genre Forms in the Yakut Poetry of the Second Half of the XX Century: Form-Generative Peculiarities (by the Material of I. M. Gogolevs Poetry)
Efremova Ekaterina Mikhailovna
38-41Philological Sciences
Oral Poetical Tradition in Grigory Chinkovs Artistic Creative Work
Ivanova Elvira Vasilyevna
42-47Philological Sciences
Specificity of Inner Story in the Poetical Drama "Keryaii Valley" by I. Gogolev
Kirillina Maria Afanasievna
47-51Philological Sciences
The Bashkir Literature of the XX Century: Development Milestones of Poetry, Prose and Drama
Khuzhakhmetov Ainur Oskarovich, Sultanova Zilya Azatovna
51-56Philological Sciences
Meaning of the Title of the Novel "Love in Exile" by Bahaa Taher
Vlasova Yuliya Evgen'evna
57-62Philological Sciences
Compositional Features of John Steinbecks "A Russian Journal"
Dvoryashina Victoria Sergeevna
63-67Philological Sciences
Anglo-Welsh Relations in Ken Folletts "Century Trilogy"
Zinnatullina Zulfiya Rafisovna
68-72Philological Sciences
Intermediality of Artistic World of the Novel "Gryll Grange" by Thomas Love Peacock: Principles of Theatre and Operetta
Lipnyagova Svetlana Gennadievna, Pudova Olga Alexandrovna
72-75Philological Sciences
Traditional and Authors Symbols in Lin Huiyins Poetry
Savinova Tuyana Bairovna, Danchinova Sofia Konstantinovna
76-80Philological Sciences
"Aspiration to Glorify and Defend the Native Land": Patriotism of Edward Thomas and Rupert Brooke
Talyzina Elena Viktorovna
80-85Philological Sciences
Functional Specificity of Ekphrasis in R. D. Harriss Novel "Lustrum"
Schemeleva Elena Borisovna
85-90Philological Sciences
Surrealistic Code in Fiction: Definition and Realization
Gorelov Oleg Sergeyevich
91-96Philological Sciences
Toy in Literary Works of the XIX-XX Centuries
Podavylova Irina Aleksandrovna
96-101Philological Sciences
Means of Knowledge Representation in Na?ve Rhetoric (by the Material of the Russian Paroemiological Units)
Wang Peng
109-114Philological Sciences
Specifics of Adopting the English-Language Borrowed Economic Terms in Russian
Vranchan Elena Vitaljevna
114-117Philological Sciences
Answers-Assumptions as Special Type of Answers: Structural-Semantic and Functional-Pragmatic Aspects
Galanova Ekaterina Mikhailovna
118-122Philological Sciences
Model of Patent Discourse Genre
Kurkan Nataliya Vladimirovna
122-126Philological Sciences
Common Features of Religious Vocabulary Functioning in Historical and Poetical Discourses
Levina Ella Mikhailovna, Proskurnina Lyudmila Vasil'evna, Yakimova Ekaterina Mikhailovna
126-133Philological Sciences
Natural World in the Russian Dialect Discourse (by the Material of Vocabulary with Negative Prefixes)
Lysenkova Tatyana Vladimirovna
133-138Philological Sciences
Types of Addresses in Childrens Prose by Vitaly Bianki: Lexical and Functional Aspect
Marinchenko Irina Aleksandrovna, Vasil'eva Elena Vasil'evna
138-144Philological Sciences
Specificity of Presentation Discourse in "Instagram" Social Network
Streltsova Olga Igorevna
145-149Philological Sciences
Syntactic Position of Object in the Abaza Language
Pazov Sergey Umarovich, Pazova Lilia Kashifovna
150-154Philological Sciences
Derivation of Conjunctives Connecting Adverbial Clauses of Time in the Nakh Language
Tarieva Liliya Uvaisovna
154-161Philological Sciences
Experimental Study of HAUS Concept Representation in the Modern German Linguistic Consciousness
Bogdanova Anna Gennadievna, Zakharova Elena Olegovna, Zabrodina Irina Konstantinovna
162-165Philological Sciences
Grammatical Peculiarities of the German Phraseological Units as Indicator of Their Semantic and Structural Integrity
Briskina Elena Viktorovna
166-173Philological Sciences
Functional Specificity of Implicitness in the German Humorous Texts
Kabalina Olesya Igorevna
174-178Philological Sciences
Anaphoric and Cataphoric Functions of Euphemisms (by the Material of the English and German Publicistic Texts)
Kutinova Elena Viktorovna
179-184Philological Sciences
The German Realia and Their Functioning in Texts of Different Styles
Levchenko Marina Nikolayevna, Markaryan Narine Vladislavovna
184-191Philological Sciences
Ways of Forming Coat Colour Names in the English Language
Mironov Mikhail Vladimirovich
191-196Philological Sciences
Concepts of Heaven and Their Representation in the German Medieval Literature
Panevina Irina Grigor'evna
196-203Philological Sciences
Conceptual Nature of the German-Language Journalistic Headline
Chertousova Svetlana Viktorovna
203-208Philological Sciences
Linguistic Means to Form Identity (by the Material of the French Language)
Kosteeva Daria Yurievna
209-213Philological Sciences
Poly-Interpretativeness of Biblicisms (by the Material of the English and Russian Languages)
Alexandrova Galina Nikolayevna
214-219Philological Sciences
Combinatorial-Semantic Analysis of the English and Russian Collocations with the Component "Red"
Vlavatskaya Marina Vital'evna, Tsvenger Larisa Vladimirovna
219-227Philological Sciences
Components of Notion and Corresponding Emotional State (by the Material of Interdisciplinary Study of Everyday Consciousness)
Kolodina Nina Ivanovna
228-233Philological Sciences
Lexico-Semantic Group "Personal Names" in Early Hieroglyphic Dictionaries "Cangjie Pian" and "Ji Jiu Pian"
Kravchuk Aleksandr Ivanovich
233-241Philological Sciences
Systemic Functional Analysis of Narrative and Argumentative Types of Discourse
Maksimova Elena Nikolaevna
242-246Philological Sciences
Linguistic Peculiarities of the Evenk Epic Texts
Protsukovich Elena Alexandrovna
246-250Philological Sciences
Lexico-Semantic Means to Evaluate the Ukrainian Conflict in the German Political Discourse
Putilina Ludmila Vasilevna, Salnikov Mikhail Ivanovich
250-253Philological Sciences
Representation of the Societys Environmental Awareness in the English-Language Internet Space: Linguistic Aspect (by the Example of the Social Network Instagram)
Pushkareva Ekaterina Vladimirovna, Kalinovskaya Elena Aleksandrovna
254-257Philological Sciences
Specifics of Translating Colouristic Vocabulary in O. Wildes Works into Russian
Andreeva Lyudmila Anatoljevna, Khudobina Olga Fedorovna, Avsankina Nikolina Nikolajevna
258-262Philological Sciences
Green Colour Symbolism in Phraseological Worldview: Comparative Aspect (by the Material of the Russian, English, German and Italian Languages)
Kulichenko Yulia Nikolaevna, Korolevskaya Ekaterina Mikhailovna
262-265Philological Sciences
Opposition "the Native - the Outsider" in the Russian and Czech Presidential Debate Discourse as Means to Develop Persuasive Strategy
Neiman Valentina Nikolayevna
266-270Philological Sciences
Peculiarities of 1906 Meadow Mari Translation of Gospels
Peksheeva Evira Ivanovna, Fedoseeva Nadezhda Aleksandrovna
271-274Philological Sciences
Comparative Study of Synonymic Relations within Semantic Field "" / "Success" in the Russian and English Languages
Tsoraeva Olesya Igorevna
275-279Philological Sciences
Prospects of Using Content Analysis Programmes in Translation Practice
Ivanova Anna Mikhailovna, Soboleva Tatiana Aleksandrovna
280-285Philological Sciences
Non-Linguistic Students Interferential Mistakes When Translating English-Language Texts of Juridical Subject Area
Kaurova Elena Mikhailovna, Chepak Ol'ga Aleksandrovna
286-289Philological Sciences
Teaching Iranian Students to Express Object-Predicate Relations in Russian Sentences with Reflexive Verbs of Emotions
Ashtiani Majdabadi Kohneh Narges, Salimi Abdolmaleki Kosar, Eskandari Mahnush
290-295Pedagogical Sciences
Linguo-Didactic Potential of the Modern English-Language Small Prose (B1-C1 Levels)
Erokhina Aleksandra Borisovna
295-301Pedagogical Sciences
Taking into Account Semantic Peculiarities of English Verbs of Thinking When Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
Zubova Ol'ga Vladimirovna
301-307Pedagogical Sciences
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