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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 12.
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"It Was a Wounded Heart...": 200th Anniversary of N. A. Nekrasov’s Birth. Essay 2
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
3615-3623 Philological Sciences
Critical Reflection of the Comical among "Young Editorial Board" Members of "Moskvityanin" ("The Muscovite") Magazine (1850-1856)
Abalueva Snezhana Nikolaevna
3624-3627 Philological Sciences
Recycling of Soviet Culture in Victor Pelevin’s Prose
Andrianova Maria Dmitrievna
3628-3633 Philological Sciences
"There Is Only One Armenia in the World": Maria Petrovykh’s Armenian Cycle
Wang Mengjiao
3634-3638 Philological Sciences
"If It Were Mathematically Proved to You That Truth Is Outside Christ...": Problem of Truth and Evil in the Works of Fyodor Dostoevsky and William Shakespeare
Kovalevskaya Tatyana Vyacheslavovna
3639-3643 Philological Sciences
Specifics of "Artistic Consciousness" in Female Travelogue of the First Half of the XIX Century (Based on the Notes of E. A. Avdeeva)
Konstantinova Natalya Vladimirovna
3644-3648 Philological Sciences
V. B. Shklovsky’s Epistolary Genre Conception Formulated in His Monograph "Pro et Contra: Notes on Dostoevsky" (1957)
Krichevskii Grigorii Aleksandrovich
3649-3655 Philological Sciences
Vasily Loginov’s Poetry: Harbin’s Version of "Satirikon"
Loshchilov Igor Yevgenyevich
3656-3660 Philological Sciences
Folklore-Mythological Images and Motives in Nikolai Klyuev’s Poetry
Manukovskaya Tatiana Vasilievna, Biryukova Svetlana Nikolaevna
3661-3666 Philological Sciences
Cultural-Historical Chronotope in D. I. Stakheyev’s Discourse
Pupysheva Evgeniya Leonidovna
3667-3671 Philological Sciences
Genesis of L. N. Tolstoy’s Drama "The Christian" (1903-1905): By the Materials of V. G. Chertkov’s Archives
Sizova Irina Igorevna
3672-3676 Philological Sciences
Marriage Theme in Stories by L. Petrushevskaya "Little Fearsome" and Eileen Chang "The Golden Cangue" (Comparative Aspect)
Tao Li
3677-3681 Philological Sciences
Three Contexts of the "Common Folk Tale" "The Groom" by Alexander Pushkin
Khurumov Stanislav Yurievich
3682-3689 Philological Sciences
Distinguishing Features of Oriental Poetry in Lyubov Martyanova’s Creative Work
Sofronova Irina Vladimirovna, Semenova Galina Nikolayevna
3690-3695 Philological Sciences
The Eskimo Zoya Nenlyumkina’s Poetry: "Horizons of Expectations"
Khazankovich Yulia Gennadievna
3696-3701 Philological Sciences
Tuta Borukaev’s Poems and Fairy Tales: Affiliation to the Genre of Fable
Khashir Kara Oskarovna
3702-3706 Philological Sciences
Artistic Comprehension of the Theme "Destiny of the People" in the Theatrical Novel "Гасыр мо?ы" ("Melody of the Century") by Zulfat Khakim
Sharipova Alsu Samigullovna
3707-3711 Philological Sciences
"Women’s Identification" Issues in Gajaz Ishaki’s Drama "In the Abyss" ("Дулкын эченд?")
Sharipova Alsu Samigullovna, Shamsutova Alsu Atlasovna
3712-3716 Philological Sciences
Genre of Encyclopedia in Sociocultural Context of the 500-1250s (Origins, Stages of Development)
Gerasimova Svetlana Anatolievna
3717-3721 Philological Sciences
Representation of Category of Time in M. Pavich’s Novels
Zotkina Anastasiya Sergeevna, Maslova Alina Yurevna
3722-3728 Philological Sciences
Narrative Structure of Buket Uzuner’s Novel "Mediterranean Waltz" (1997)
Repenkova Mariya Mihaylovna
3729-3733 Philological Sciences
Existential Principle in E. Albee’s Play "Three Tall Women"
Smetanina Natalia Alexandrovna
3734-3738 Philological Sciences
Two-Worldness in the Novel "Everything Under" by D. Johnson
Chemezova Ekaterina Rudolfovna
3739-3744 Philological Sciences
"The Society of the Spectacle" in Muriel Spark’s Story "The Public Image"
Chernova Iuliia Vladimirovna, Belyakov Dmitry Aleksandrovich
3745-3748 Philological Sciences
Photography as Illustrative Material in Representation of Traumatic Experience in J. S. Foer’s Novel "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"
Shalagina Olga Vadimovna
3749-3753 Philological Sciences
Krasukhin K. G. Comparative-Historical Linguistics: Introduction to Indo-European Linguistics. 2nd ed. Moscow: Yurait, 2021. 314 p.: Opinion Paper
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
3755-3757 Philological Sciences
Image-Building and Navigational Functions of Urban Environment Texts (by the Material of Ulan-Ude Ergourbonyms)
Varfolomeeva Yulia Nikolaevna
3758-3763 Philological Sciences
Basic Cognitive Features of Concept PUBLIC OPINION in Mind of Modern Russian Language Speakers
Ershova Irina Vladimirovna
3764-3767 Philological Sciences
Monosubjectivity Rule When Using Adverbial Participles: Language Norm and Usus
Kuznetsova Svetlana Mikhailovna
3768-3772 Philological Sciences
Functions of Lexical Repetitions in N. A. Zabolotsky’s Collection "Columns"
Metlyakova Elena Vladimirovna, Tuktangulova Elena Vasilievna
3773-3777 Philological Sciences
Speech Act "Oath" in Everyday Communication: Communicative-Semantic, Typological, Axiological and Gender Aspects
Mitronov Ivan Alexandrovich
3778-3783 Philological Sciences
The Role of Diminutive and Augmentative Suffixes in the Formation of Corona-Related Neologisms (by the Material of the "Russian COVID-19 Dictionary")
Popova Olga Aleksandrovna, Grigorova Elena Alekseevna
3784-3787 Philological Sciences
Military Metaphor in Kazakhstan Political Discourse (by the Material of N. A. Nazarbayev’s Works in the Russian Language)
Skvortsova Ekaterina Yurievna
3788-3792 Philological Sciences
Structural and Semantic Types of Complex Syntactic Unities in Modern Media Texts (by the Material of the Tatar Language)
Giniyatullina Liliya Minnullovna, Shakurova Muslima Magesumovna
3793-3797 Philological Sciences
Word-Formation Specifics of Numerals in the Tundra and Forest Dialects of the Yukaghir Language
Kurilova Ladina Gavrilovna
3798-3802 Philological Sciences
Derivative Structure of Phytonymic Vocabulary in the Khanty Language
Lelkhova Fedosia Makarovna
3803-3807 Philological Sciences
Space Specification in the System of Adverbs of Place in Icari Dargwa
Mutalov Rasul Osmanovich
3808-3813 Philological Sciences
Diminutive Word Formation Models in the Buryat Language and Their Semantics
Tsybenova Chechek Sergeevna
3814-3818 Philological Sciences
Spelling Norms for Expressing the System of Vocalism in the Language of Tatar Sufi Poetry of the XIX Century
Yusupov Ayrat Faikovich
3819-3822 Philological Sciences
Adjective "Empty" in the British National Corpus
Anikina Anna Aleksandrovna
3823-3826 Philological Sciences
Language Portrait of Russia and Russians in the English-Speaking Culture
Belkina Irina Valerievna, Yatsenko Yulia Nikolaevna, Gafurova Valeria Alekseevna
3827-3832 Philological Sciences
Stable Word Complexes with the Kopf Component in Modern German (on the Relationship between Lexis and Phraseology)
Gutarova Aleksandra Viktorovna
3833-3839 Philological Sciences
Logosemic and Communicemic Structure of a Small Genre Literary Text (by the Material of W. Borchert’s Short Story "Nachts schlafen die Ratten doch" ("Rats Do Sleep at Night"))
Makarenko Anastasia Sergeevna
3840-3846 Philological Sciences
Contextual and Semantic Characteristics of Realia in Newspaper-Style Texts in the Modern German Language
Markaryan Narine Vladislavovna
3847-3853 Philological Sciences
Expressive Potential of English Onomatopoeic Elements in F. S. Fitzgerald’s Novel "This Side of Paradise": Semantic and Functional Aspect
Medvedeva Aliya Aleksandrovna, Andrienko Anna Aleksandrovna
3854-3858 Philological Sciences
Lexical and Semantic Variation in the Dialect Vocabulary of Russia Germans
Moskvina Tatiana Nikolajevna
3859-3864 Philological Sciences
Metaphorical Interpretation of Movement Accompanied with Sounding in the Scots Dialect of English
Nadeina Luiza Vasilievna, Shvagrukova Ekaterina Vasilievna
3865-3869 Philological Sciences
Cognitive Metaphor as Basis of English Somatic Phraseological Units Formation
Pavlenko Larisa Gennadievna, Teryukalova Anna Igorevna
3870-3875 Philological Sciences
Pun as Variant of Linguistic Game (by the Material of English Media Texts Devoted to the UK Leaving the EU)
Semerdzhidi Valentina Nikolaevna
3876-3879 Philological Sciences
Metaphorical Concepts WHEEL MECHANISM, GAME, THEATRE as a Means of Emotivity Category Realization in German Publicistic Texts of Juridical Subject Area
Skotnikova Tatyana Andreevna
3880-3884 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Features of Expressing Gender Stereotypes in Political Communication (by the Example of Public Speech of British and American Establishment Representatives)
Stanchuliak Tatiana Gennadievna, Zhukova Alexandra Igorevna
3885-3891 Philological Sciences
The Role of Phraseological Units in Movie Discourse (by the Material of the British TV Serial "Sherlock")
Cherkass Irina Anatolievna
3892-3897 Philological Sciences
Linguocultural Features of Concept SOUND: Objectification of Microconcept "Sounds Caused by Human Activity" by the Material of English Phraseological Units
Chibysheva Olga Anatolyevna, Osadchuk Natalia Vladimirovna
3898-3903 Philological Sciences
Archaisms in English-Language Diplomatic Correspondence
Shaglanova Elena Andreevna, Bulanova Marfa Nikolaevna
3904-3908 Philological Sciences
Aesthetic Function of Alogisms in a Literary Text (by the Material of J. S. Foer’s Short Story "Here We Aren’t, So Quickly")
Shutemova Natalia Valerevna
3909-3914 Philological Sciences
Spelling Peculiarities of Portuguese Texts in the Arabic Script of the XVI Century
Mazniak Maria Mikhailovna, Tikhonova Oxana Viktorovna
3915-3920 Philological Sciences
Author’s Modality in Poetic Text (by the Material of R. Kipling’s Poem "If")
Dreeva Dzhanetta Murzabekovna, Farnieva Bella Uruzmagovna
3921-3925 Philological Sciences
Annual Reports of Banking Institutions: Structure, Pragmatics and Linguistic Features
Drozhashchikh Alexander Vladimirovich
3926-3931 Philological Sciences
Experimental Study on the Acquisition of Native Idioms by Preschoolers (Psycholinguistic Approach)
Erastova Diana Alekseevna
3932-3936 Philological Sciences
Some Aspects of Polysuffixal Method of Participle Formation in the Ossetian and Persian Languages
Kachmazova Ezetkhan Sergeevna
3937-3942 Philological Sciences
The Implicational of Author’s Irony in A. I. Kuprin’s Legend "Four Beggars"
Kuznetsova Anna Vladimirovna
3943-3947 Philological Sciences
Dualism in the Lexical System of Special English for Radiotelephony Communication in Aviation
Lysenko Sergey Vladimirovich
3948-3952 Philological Sciences
Personality Category in Text Linguistics and Pragmalinguistics (by the Material of the Russian and English Languages)
Manzheleevskaya Elena Vyacheslavovna, Stratiychuk Elena Yurievna
3953-3958 Philological Sciences
Experimental Study of Regional Media Space Formation
Melnikova Ekaterina Alexandrovna
3959-3963 Philological Sciences
Morphothemic Approach to Studying the Verbal and Cognitive Category of Situational Subjectivity
Skoromolova Yuliya Vladimirovna
3964-3969 Philological Sciences
Abbreviations in the Volga Germans’ Post-Revolutionary Press as a Result of Language and Cultural Contacts
Sychalina Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna, Mikhailova Vladislava Alexeevna
3970-3974 Philological Sciences
Morphological Analytical Construction with the Verb Get in Modern English
Shershukova Natal’ya Vladimirovna
3975-3980 Philological Sciences
Elimination of Ethnographic Lacunae during the Translation of G. Sh. Yakhina’s Novel "Zuleikha" into Chinese
Andreeva Iana Yevgenievna
3981-3985 Philological Sciences
Keywords Extraction on the Topic "Образование/Education"
Bashmakova Anastasiia Yurievna
3986-3990 Philological Sciences
Concept EXISTENCE in B. Grebenshchikov’s and Bob Dylan’s Poetic Works
Bondarenko Irina Viktorovna, Sakharova Natalia Gennadievna
3991-3996 Philological Sciences
Language Play in Names of Eating Establishments in Russian, English and French
Isakova Anna Alekseevna
3997-4004 Philological Sciences
Metaphorical Representation of the Media Image of the Armed Forces (by the Example of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army)
Kalinin Oleg Igorevich, Radus Larisa Aleksandrovna
4005-4010 Philological Sciences
Strategies and Tactics of Touristic Website Translation: Communicative-Functional Approach (by the Material of the Russian and English Languages)
Mamedov Said Zaurovich, Bolotin Yuri Evgenyevich
4011-4019 Philological Sciences
Cultural Codes: Representation of the Sun in English and Russian Riddles
Filippova Sargylana Vasilievna, Ammosova Darya Vladimirovna
4020-4023 Philological Sciences
Pragmatic Parameters of Communicative Failures in Russian-Swedish Court Interpreting
Frantsuzova Alina Dmitrievna
4024-4031 Philological Sciences
American English and Syrian Arabic Forms of Address: A Contrastive Analysis
Khalil Amr Ahmad
4032-4035 Philological Sciences
Working with Opening Sentences of a Text in Preparation for Writing a Summary in the Russian Language in the 9th Form
Gladysheva Marina Sergeevna
4036-4041 Pedagogical Sciences
Using the Algorithm in Teaching Intertextual Analysis of a Work of Art for Students-Philologists
Zakirova Oksana Vyacheslavovna
4042-4047 Pedagogical Sciences
Specificity of Multiethnic Students’ Interaction with Artificial Educational Environment in Foreign Language Classes
Islamov Roman Sergeevich
4048-4055 Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching Written Foreign-Language Communication to Maritime Transport Workers on the Basis of Competence-Based Approach
Moleva Marina Valer’evna
4056-4063 Pedagogical Sciences
Linguo-Didactic Potential of Infographic Texts when Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language to Distant Learners
Pylkova Anna Aleksandrovna
4064-4068 Pedagogical Sciences
Realization of Additional Educational Programs for Special Disciplines Teachers on the Basis of Andragogy Principles
Salnaia Leila Kliment’evna
4069-4074 Pedagogical Sciences
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