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SOURCE:   Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. 6.
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Activity-Related Factor behind Preventing or Mitigating Personalitys Desocialisation
Belikov Vladimir Aleksandrovich, Romanov Petr Yuryevich, Valeev Azat Salimyanovich, Grigoriev Evgeny Nikolaevich
719-726Pedagogical Sciences
Requirements for the Content of Spiritual and Moral Education: Classical Approach
Solovtsova Irina Afanasyevna
727-733Pedagogical Sciences
Levels of Cadets Patriotic Values in Military Higher School Educational Process
Sukhanova Anastasiia Sergheevna
734-737Pedagogical Sciences
Methodology of Teaching the Russian Scientific Speech to Foreign Military Students
Antipova Irina Alexandrovna, Sidorova Olga Yurievna
738-745Pedagogical Sciences
Using "Flipped Classroom" Technology in Online Arabic-Language Education of Non-Linguistic Students
Vavichkina Tatiana Anatolievna
746-750Pedagogical Sciences
Quizlet Application as a Means of Teaching Latin to Higher School Students
Golikova Maria Sergeevna
751-755Pedagogical Sciences
Forming 5th-11th-Grade Pupils Soft Skills during the Russian Language Competitions
Gromova Viktoriya Ivanovna
756-759Pedagogical Sciences
Method of Structural-Functional Analysis of Historical Content: Scientific and Methodological Heritage of Professor P. V. Gora
Donskaya Nadezhda Sergeevna
760-765Pedagogical Sciences
Exercises to Form Linguistic Competence of Students-Musicians from China
Zabuga Antonina Aleksandrovna
766-771Pedagogical Sciences
On Potential of Using Self-Moderated Group Discussions When Teaching a Foreign Language
Zarutckaia Ekaterina Vitalyevna
772-777Pedagogical Sciences
Experimental Work on Forming Future Elementary School Teachers Professional Competences in the Process of Teaching Higher Mathematics
Kondrashova Zoya Mikhailovna, Solokhin Nikolay Nikolaevich
778-783Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching English to Law Students by Means of Discourse Analysis on the Basis of C. Hoffmans Comprehensive Approach
Novikova Ekaterina Romanovna, Polyakov Oleg Gennadiyevich, Hausmann-Ushkova Nadezhda Vasilyevna
784-791Pedagogical Sciences
Functional Components of Pragmatic Competence and Their Role in Development of Communication Skills of Higher Education Institutions Students in the Process of Teaching English
Polunina Liudmila Nikolaevna
792-797Pedagogical Sciences
Technique to Correct Middle-Grade Pupils Phonetic Mistakes in English Classes
Prokhorova Natalya Yuryevna, Myagkova Valeria Yuryevna, Komarova Elena Yuryevna
798-803Pedagogical Sciences
Using Pedagogical Students Communicative Experience When Teaching Oral Foreign-Language Speech to Them on the Basis of Functional-Cognitive Approach
Serdyuk Elena Vladimirovna
804-810Pedagogical Sciences
Requirements for Organizing Students Autonomous Work When Teaching Foreign Language Using Flipped Classroom Model
Timkina Yuliya Yurevna
811-815Pedagogical Sciences
Developmental Speech Environment as Pedagogical Condition for Preservation of Aboriginal Languages in Educational Space
Unarova Vilena Yakovlevna
816-822Pedagogical Sciences
Using Professionally Oriented Tasks When Teaching Mathematics to 7th-9th-Grade Pupils
Fomina Tatiana Petrovna, Hortsev Andrey Valerievich
823-827Pedagogical Sciences
Forming Higher School Students Inclusive Competence: Efficiency of Organizational Teaching Models
Goryunova Liliya Vasilievna, Timchenko Ekaterina Sergeevna, Timchenko Ivan Vladimirovich
828-834Pedagogical Sciences
Inherent Inconsistency of Competence-Based Approach to Learning Outcomes Assessment
Kudrina Elena Anatolyevna
835-841Pedagogical Sciences
Monitoring Quality of Educational Resources for Foreign Military Specialists Studying at the Russian Higher Military Aviation Schools
Kuznetsov Yuri Nikolaevich
842-849Pedagogical Sciences
Police Officers Linguo-Communicative Training in the System of Additional Professional Education: Experience and Prospects
Lyskova Marina Invanovna
850-856Pedagogical Sciences
Competence-Based Approach to Organizing Pedagogical Students Autonomous Work on Foreign Language (by the Example of Home Reading)
Milbert Geniya Efimovna
857-862Pedagogical Sciences
Methods of Working with the Latin and French Paroemias at Foreign Language Department of Higher Education Institution
Murieva Meri Valerianovna, Kuliev Rachid Kerimovich
863-867Pedagogical Sciences
Motives and Values of Students - Future Teachers
Polkovnikova Natalia Borisovna
868-877Pedagogical Sciences
Personalisation of University E-Learning Environment as Linguodidactic Issue
Sorokovykh Galina Viktorovna, Vishnevskaya Ekaterina Mikhailovna
878-883Pedagogical Sciences
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