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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. № 1.
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Romanticism Epoch - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
9-16 Study of Art
Preparation of 1917 Elections to Ryazan City Duma
Abramov Yurii Ivanovich
17-20 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Specificity of Party Development among Disperse Ethnic Groups of the Don, Kuban and Black Sea Regions in the 1920-1930s
Aver'yanov Anton Viktorovich
21-25 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Rural Communities of "Rebellious" Region as Participants and Non-Combatants of Tambov Rebellion of 1920-1921
Bezai Oleg Vasil'evich, Bezgin Vladimir Borisovich
25-29 Historical Sciences and Archeology
"Polish Issue" in Russia’s Policy in the First World War Period (1914-1918)
Borisova Alla Aleksandrovna
30-33 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Tatar Mullahs’ Wills and Distribution of Parishioners’ Inheritance according to the Canons of Muslim Law in the Middle Volga Region at the End of the XIX - the Beginning of the XX Century
Malikov Rashid Il’yazovich
33-38 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Local History Retro-Dialogue: Techniques of Compiling, Usage in Educational Process
Pirozhkov Gennadii Petrovich
38-41 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Combatants’ Health Destruction under the Influence of the "Long War" of 1914-1922
Razin'kov Mikhail Egorovich, Morozova Ol'ga Mikhailovna, Posadskii Anton Viktorovich
42-49 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Contribution of the Muslim Entrepreneurs to the Development of National Educational System in the Second Half of the XIX - at the Beginning of the XX Century
Rafikov Azat Minnegayazovich, Sabirov Il'shat Talgatovich
49-53 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Formation of the System for Studying Forest Resources of Eastern Siberia in the 1950-1990s
Savchuk Natal'ya Vasil'evna
53-57 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Problems of Forming Old-Age Insurance Fund of the Ministry of Justice in Russia’s Law-Making Activity at the Beginning of the XX Century
Soklakov Vadim Nikolaevich
57-61 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Political Education within the Soviet System of Extra-Curriculum Activities in the 1920s - at the Beginning of the 1930s (by the Materials of the Lower Volga Region)
Timofeeva Elena Georgievna, Chemodanova Tat'yana Vyacheslavovna
61-65 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Civil Status of Aboriginal Population of Italian Libya (1911-1943)
Korobov Semen Aleksandrovich
66-70 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Description of European Russia and Siberia in the Geographical Work "Yochi Shiryaku" by Uchida Masao
Sharova Anna Borisovna
70-74 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Interethnic Interaction in the Traditional and Modern Wedding Rituals of the Peoples of the Republic of Mordovia
Akashkin Mikhail Mikhailovich
75-78 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Traditional Kuban Culture: Bread in Calendar Holidays of Winter - Spring Cycle
Balatsenko Natal'ya Sergeevna, Sartaeva Lyudmila Ivanovna
79-83 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Sakha People’s Territorial Identity: Images, Symbols, Metaphors
Danilova Nataliya Ksenofontovna
83-88 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Document of the Office Sale (Stela Cairo JE 52453)
Panov Maxim Vyacheslavovich
89-94 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Ontological and Gnoseological Limits of Intuitive Cognition
Bakhmet'ev Artur Eduardovich
95-98 Philosophical Sciences
Axial Age-2 in the Aspect of Electronic Virtual Reality
Sterledeva Tamara Dmitrievna, Sterledev Roman Konstantinovich
99-103 Philosophical Sciences
Virtual Space and "Place" Conception in Modern Philosophy
Shcherov Vladimir Ivanovich
104-107 Philosophical Sciences
Nationalism and Patriotism in E. N. Trubetskoy’s Philosophy of History
Burova Mariya Leonidovna
108-114 Philosophical Sciences
Peculiar Interpretation of M. Heidegger’s Doctrine of Language and World in J. Lohmann’s Philosophical Conception
Chernova Yana Sergeevna
114-118 Philosophical Sciences
Consciousness Technicalization Problem in Philosophical Thought: Origins and Effects
Kovalev Dmitrii Viktorovich, Tyapin Igor' Nikiforovich
119-124 Philosophical Sciences
Subject in Information Society: Free Will or "Product of Technologies"?
Parnakh Aleksandr Maksimovich
124-128 Philosophical Sciences
Global Virtualization as a Result of Society Informatization
Bocharova Tat'yana Aleksandrovna
129-132 Philosophical Sciences
Language of Ideology and Ideology of Language: Aspects of Interaction
Ivanova Mariya Evgen'evna
133-140 Philosophical Sciences
The Influence of Personnel’s Creative Potential on Developing Organization’s Cultural Policy
Ignatyuk Yuliya Leonidovna, Chumlyakov Kirill Stanislavovich
140-143 Philosophical Sciences
Fiction as a Factor of Individual’s Socialization
Kuleshov Valerii Ermolaevich, Tsareva Nadezhda Aleksandrovna
144-149 Philosophical Sciences
Narratological Approach to F. Fukuyama’s "The End of History" Conception
Maslov Evgenii Sergeevich
149-153 Philosophical Sciences
The Russian Political Culture: Dynamics and Trends
Ryazanov Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Morokhova Elena Igorevna
154-157 Philosophical Sciences
Specificity of Proselytic Activity of the New Age Movement by the Example of Regional Neo-Paganism (Philosophical and Juridical Analysis)
Khvastunova Yuliya Viktorovna
158-161 Philosophical Sciences
V. Yankelevich’s Conception of Death: The Vision from the Living World
Gilyazova Ol'ga Sergeevna, Zamoshchanskaya Anna Nikolaevna
162-167 Philosophical Sciences
H. Joas’s Values Genesis Conception and the Prospects of Its Application while Studying Anomie
Kuz'menkov Vladimir Aleksandrovich
167-171 Philosophical Sciences
Transformation of Ethical Values under the Conditions of Digital Technologies Development
Osintseva Nadezhda Vladimirovna, Muratova Irina Anatol'evna
171-175 Philosophical Sciences
From Voice of Conscience to Friend’s Voice in Philosophies by M. Heidegger and H. Arendt
Pankrat'ev Oleg Vladimirovich, Silaeva Kira Valer'evna
175-179 Philosophical Sciences
Specificity of V. Nabokov’s Anthropocentricity in the Situation of Biculturalism (by the Example of the Article "Nikolai Gogol")
Prudchenko Elena Aleksandrovna, Filyarovskaya Natal'ya Ivanovna, Shakirova Tat'yana Vladimirovna
179-183 Philosophical Sciences
Archetypes of Modern Slavonic Paganism (by the Example of the Feature Film "The Outpost")
Shizhenskii Roman Vital'evich, Zhbannikov Sergei Viktorovich
184-187 Philosophical Sciences
Archetypes Projections in the Texture of N. Medtner’s Piano Compositions
Budnikov Vladimir Viktorovich
188-193 Study of Art
Traditions of Orchestral Brass Performance of the XIX-XX Centuries
Zaritskii Vladimir Denisovich
193-196 Study of Art
The Mordovian Polyphony as an Object of Non-Material Cultural Heritage
Isaeva Svetlana Aleksandrovna
197-201 Study of Art
Deconstructivism in Fashion Design as a Cultural Code of Postmodernism
Kotlyarevskaya Nataliya Vladimirovna
202-206 Study of Art
Bai Juyi’s Quatrains in the Vocal Cycle "Nocturnes" by Edison Denisov: Creative Method of the Russian Composer of the Middle of the XX Century while Working with the Ancient Chinese Poetry
Wang Youwei
207-212 Study of Art
Tambov Period of V. K. Merzhanov’s Pedagogical Activity
Galushka Vadim Nikolaevich
213-216 Historical Sciences and Archeology
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