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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 8.
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Cinematographicity of E. G. Vodolazkin’s Prose
Gudin Denis Sergeevich
2301-2306 Philological Sciences
E. Zamyatin’s Aesthetic Principles
Kurochkina Anzhelika Valerievna
2307-2311 Philological Sciences
Stylistic Colouring of Socio-Political Landscape of the 1860s in I. S. Turgenev’s Novel "Smoke"
Loskutnikova Maria Borisovna
2312-2316 Philological Sciences
A. N. Pypin’s "Notes on the Russian Literature" through the Lens of His Creative Biography
Stepanova Elena V.
2317-2321 Philological Sciences
Modern Interpretation of Traditional Fabulous Motives (by the Example of ATU 325 "The Magician and His Pupil" Fairy Tale Plot)
Troshkova Anna Olegovna
2322-2326 Philological Sciences
Concept "Courage" in K. M. Simonov’s Poem "The Artilleryman’s Son"
Zhang Wei
2327-2331 Philological Sciences
Mythological World Model in M. Kabirov’s Anti-Utopia "Китап (The Book)"
Davletshina Leila Khasanovna
2332-2336 Philological Sciences
Poem Genre Evolution in Akhsan Bayanov’s Creative Work
Nadyrshina Leysan Radifovna
2337-2341 Philological Sciences
Realistic Poems in the Tatar Poets’ Creative Work of the Early XX Century
Nadyrshina Leysan Radifovna, Khannanova Gulchira Makhmutovna
2342-2345 Philological Sciences
Content-Related and Structural-Compositional Features of B. Utizhev’s Ballad "The Song"
Khavzhokova Lyudmila Borisovna, Atlaskirova Radima Sufyanovna
2346-2350 Philological Sciences
Stories by the Evenk Writer Alexander Latkin: Personages, Problematics, Poetics
Khazankovich Yulia Gennadievna
2351-2356 Philological Sciences
Motives of Complaints, Trials and Patience in the Cycle "Х?бес" ("Prison") by A. Tubyli
Khasavnekh Alsou Ahmadullovna
2357-2361 Philological Sciences
Scottish ?migr? Poetry of the XIX Century: Realia, Symbols, Motives
Velilaeva Lilia Raimovna
2362-2366 Philological Sciences
Mythological Imagery and Ritual Practices in the Novel "Aluminum Cucumber" by Kang Byoung Yoong
Galizhanova Svetlana Alexandrovna
2367-2371 Philological Sciences
"Adult-child": Scarlett O’Hara in Margaret Mitchell’s Novel "Gone with the Wind"
Knertser Maria Pavlovna
2372-2377 Philological Sciences
F. M. Dostoevsky’s Traditions in T. Mann’s Short Story "The Hungry"
Melnikova Lyubov Alexandrovna
2378-2383 Philological Sciences
"Nouvelle Espagnole" (Spanish Novella) by Fran?oise de Graffigny: Genre Peculiarities
Morozov Artem Dmitrievich
2384-2389 Philological Sciences
Truth and Inspiration: On the Nature of Literary Creativity (by the Example of J. Barnes’s Novel "Flaubert’s Parrot")
Tolkachev Sergey Petrovich
2390-2393 Philological Sciences
"Green Man": Image Transformation in the English-Speaking Countries Literature
Chemezova Ekaterina Rudolfovna
2394-2400 Philological Sciences
Neural Lyrical Poetry in the Context of Postmodernist Aesthetics
Akopova Yuliya Alekseevna
2401-2405 Philological Sciences
?t?cha Fr., Kol??ov? I., Vondr??ek M., Bozd?chov? I., B?lkov? J., Osolsob? K., Kochov? P., Opavsk? Z., ?imandl J., Kop??kov? L., Vesel? V. Velk? akademick? gramatika spisovn? ?e?tiny. I., Morfologie. Druhy slov, tvo?en? slov. 2 svazky. Praha: Academia, 2018. 1148 s.: Opinion Paper
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
2407-2409 Philological Sciences
Spatial Nominations in Athanasius the Great’s Hagiography
Ilyin Boris Borisovich
2410-2414 Philological Sciences
Interpretative Space of Literary Text as Key Aspect of Content Intimization
Pechenyuk Aleksei Nikolaevich
2415-2420 Philological Sciences
Stable Comparisons with Component-Zoonym Used to Describe Person’s Unattractive Appearance in the Russian and Chinese Languages
Zhou Yang
2421-2425 Philological Sciences
Lexical Borrowings in Manuscript Documents of the Collection "The Tamchinsky Datsan" (Fund 84) of the State Archives of the Republic of Buryatia
Bukhogolova Sayana Batuevna, Batomunkueva Soelma Rinchinovna
2426-2431 Philological Sciences
Phraseological Units as Component of Muzafer Dzasokhov’s Individual Style
Kudzoeva Anjela Fedorovna
2432-2439 Philological Sciences
Structural-Semantic Peculiarities of Verbs of Touch in the Khanty Language
Nakhracheva Galina Leonidovna
2440-2444 Philological Sciences
Category of Duality in the Kabardino-Circassian Language: Ethno-Specificity, Functioning and Means of Expression
Khezheva Mar'yana Rashadovna
2445-2449 Philological Sciences
Means of Cohesion in the Buryat Folk Tales
Tsyrendorzhieva Bairma Dambievna
2450-2454 Philological Sciences
Borrowing as Colloqualization Source in the Modern German Language
Belyakova Olesya Pavlovna, Nefedova Lyubov Arkadyevna
2455-2462 Philological Sciences
Cognitive-Pragmatic Features of Personal Deictic Units in the Modern English-Language Blogosphere Discourse
Golik Natalya Aleksandrovna, Avanesyan Narine Karenovna
2463-2467 Philological Sciences
Attributes Functioning in S. T. Coleridge’s Poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
Zinovyeva Irina Viktorovna
2468-2474 Philological Sciences
Intentional Vocabulary and Its Role in Describing the Image of Will Freeman, Character of Nick Hornby’s Novel "About a Boy"
Kovalev Pavel Andreevich
2475-2482 Philological Sciences
Multi-Discursivity as Means of Intersemioticity Category Realization (by the Material of the German and American Press)
Kolomiytseva Olga Yuryevna
2483-2489 Philological Sciences
Participation of Euphemisms in Textual Modality Formation (by the Example of the English Language)
Kutinova Elena Viktorovna
2490-2494 Philological Sciences
Evaluativeness Role in the American Pre-Election TV Ads Strategies: Diachronic Aspect
Melnichuk Tatiana Alexandrovna
2495-2500 Philological Sciences
Means of Actualising Opposition "Them – Us" in Boris Johnson’s Inaugural Speech
Radyushkina Anna Anatolyevna, Frolova Yulia Olegovna
2501-2506 Philological Sciences
Meme Semantics and Situation Representation (by the Material of the German Language)
Rokhlina Tatiana Alexandrovna
2507-2511 Philological Sciences
Reminiscence as Meaningful Component of Screenplay and Its Dubbed Version (by the Material of the American TV Series "Once Upon a Time")
Ryabko Yelena Igorevna
2512-2517 Philological Sciences
Modern German Vocabulary through the Lens of Amateur Linguistic Criticism
Slinina Liudmila Iaroslavna
2518-2522 Philological Sciences
Verbal Act of Politeness: The Correlation with Speech Etiquette (on the Basis of the English Language)
Sokolova Nataliia Leonidovna
2523-2528 Philological Sciences
Word-Formation Models and Structural Types of Neologisms - ICT Terms in the English Language
Husnullina Yuliya Arsenovna, Abramov Vladimir Evgenyevitch
2529-2533 Philological Sciences
Aspects of Semantic Derivation and Development of Polysemy in Synchronic-Diachronic Perspective (by the Example of the German Lexeme Sprache)
Tsvetaeva Elena Nikolaevna, Maltseva Elizaveta Igorevna
2534-2540 Philological Sciences
Use of Nonce Proper Names in the French Publicistic Discourse
Aksenova Marina Viktorovna, Kirillov Egor Andreevich, Merzlyakova Anna Vladimirovna
2541-2544 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Peculiarities of the Sicilian Courteous Poetry of the First Half of the XIII Century (by the Material of Stefano Protonotaro’s Canzone "Pir meu cori alligrari")
Furtsev Roman Vitaljevic
2545-2548 Philological Sciences
Argumentative Mistakes as Factor in Media Discourse Transformation (by the Example of Public Discussion Scripts)
Barebina Natalia Sergeevna
2549-2555 Philological Sciences
Assessing Bilingual Child’s Russian-Language Speech Skills
Bochko Mikhail Mikhailovich
2556-2559 Philological Sciences
Lexical Semantic Diagram of Terminological Field "Combinatorial Linguistics"
Vlavatskaya Marina Vital'evna, Efanova Marina Andreevna
2560-2566 Philological Sciences
Evolution of Femicide Representation in the Latin-American Mass Media: From Legitimation to Deligitimation
Gornostaeva Yulia Andreevna
2567-2572 Philological Sciences
Intentionality of Precedent Phenomena in Literary Discourse of the Silver Age
Goryacheva Elena Dmitrievna
2573-2578 Philological Sciences
"Ginger" by I. Talkov: Cognitive Mechanisms to Overcome Negative Self-Identification
Ivanov Dmitry Igorevich, Deng Ying
2579-2585 Philological Sciences
Formal-Structural Peculiarities of Credit Terminology in Early New High German
Prystupa Nina Nikolaevna
2586-2590 Philological Sciences
Semantic Adaptation of the German Substrate Toponyms in the Volga Region Toponymic Space
Sychalina Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna
2591-2595 Philological Sciences
Statistical Analysis of Ship Construction Terminological System Asymmetry in the English and Russian Texts
Vinogradova Ekaterina Vadimovna
2596-2601 Philological Sciences
Cognitive-Semantic Analysis of Structure of Paroemias with Component-Zoonym in the Tatar, Russian and English Languages
Galimullina Ruzilya Irekovna
2602-2606 Philological Sciences
On Typology of Prepositions (by the Material of the Russian, English and German Languages)
Saleeva (Zaytseva) Ekaterina Mikhailovna
2607-2613 Philological Sciences
Concept WORLD in the Russian and Chinese Linguistic Worldviews
Fomenko Irina Borisovna
2614-2621 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Forming Students-Psychologists’ Professional Foreign-Language Competence
Kulichenko Yulia Nikolaevna, Korolevskaya Ekaterina Mikhailovna
2622-2626 Pedagogical Sciences
Efficiency of Higher School Language Education: Emotional and Intellectual Aspects
Melnichuk Marina Vladimirovna, Kalugina Olga Anatolevna
2627-2632 Pedagogical Sciences
Determining Relationship between Efficiency Criteria of Foreign Language Training of Students at University and Their Emotional Intelligence
Melnichuk Marina Vladimirovna, Vasbieva Dinara Giniyatullovna
2633-2641 Pedagogical Sciences
Efficiency of Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
Mordvintseva Valentina Samuilovna, Nikulina Nadezhda Aleksandrovna
2642-2647 Pedagogical Sciences
Typological Peculiarities of Teaching the German Phonetics in the Tatar-Speaking Audience
Sibgatullina Alfiya Ashrafullovna
2648-2653 Pedagogical Sciences
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