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SOURCE:   Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. 4.
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Notion of Professionals Secondary Linguistic Personality in Domestic and Foreign Linguodidactics: Systematic Review
Sorokovykh Galina Vikortovna, Shafikova Inna Rimovna
419-424Pedagogical Sciences
Formation of the Term "Care" in the Context of Pedagogical Science
Volodin Vladimir Vladimirovich
425-430Pedagogical Sciences
Interdisciplinarity as Basis for Realization of Integrative Approach to Forming Professional Culture
Danilova Ul'yana Borisovna
431-436Pedagogical Sciences
Inclusive Education Quality Management Based on Conception of Universal Design for Learning
Kovyazina Ekaterina Sergeevna, Volosnikova Lyudmila Mikhailovna
437-442Pedagogical Sciences
Criteria to Assess Oral Speech Skills of Secondary School Pupils Studying Udmurt as a Foreign Language
Botalova Nadezhda Prohorovna, Kotkova Aljona Valerjevna
443-449Pedagogical Sciences
Familiarizing Foreign Students with Specificity of the Russian Mentality by the Example of A. I. Solzhenitsyns Works (Advanced Level of the Russian Language Proficiency)
Goncharova Natalya Alexandrovna, Shvetsova Victoria Mikhailovna
450-456Pedagogical Sciences
Specificity of Argumentation Skills Manifestation in Argumentative Essay of Unified State English Exam
Kashcheeva Anna Vladimirovna
457-462Pedagogical Sciences
Developing Creative Competence of a Future Teacher of Foreign Languages on the Basis of Special Exercises
Kizrina Natal'ya Gennad'evna
463-468Pedagogical Sciences
Using Game Technologies at Online Foreign Language Lessons When Teaching the Theme "Coronavirus Infection" to Secondary and Higher School Students
Kushnyr Maria Andreevna, Prikhodchenko Petr Ivanovich
469-473Pedagogical Sciences
Meaningful Aspect of Using Video Materials as Means to Develop Learners English-Language Communicative Competence
Nikshikova Lana Yurievna, Firsova Anna Mikhailovna
474-479Pedagogical Sciences
Methodology of Using Video Materials When Teaching the English Vocabulary on the Theme "School Days" to 3rd-Grade Pupils
Parfenova Svetlana Olegovna, Nagornaya Nadezhda Andreevna
480-491Pedagogical Sciences
Developing a Course of Linguistic and Local History Orientation for Foreign Students at Short-Term Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language
Pisar Nadezhda Vladimirovna, Dronova Anastasiya Leonidovna, Agulnik Ekaterina Sergeevna
492-498Pedagogical Sciences
Methodology to Develop Military Students Infographic Competence
Rapakova Tat'yana Borisovna
499-505Pedagogical Sciences
Game Activity as Way of Organizing Labour Education within Additional Education System in Russia
Qiao Lanju
506-512Pedagogical Sciences
Pedagogical Model of Using Digital Technologies in Realization of Intercultural Component of Bachelors Foreign-Language Professional Communicative Competence
Chernyaeva Irina Vasil'evna
513-519Pedagogical Sciences
Factors Influencing Efficiency of Teaching Audition to Non-Linguistic Students
Akimova Irina Nikolaevna, Akimova Ekaterina Anatol'evna, Logacheva Natal'ya Mikhailovna
520-526Pedagogical Sciences
Aspects of Forming Students Cultural Knowledge When Teaching Professional Foreign-Language Communication
Baukina Svetlana Alekseevna, Novikova Inna Valerievna
527-531Pedagogical Sciences
Developing Spatial Thinking of Engineering and Technical Profile Students While Studying Geometrical Applications of Multiple Integrals
Golysheva Svetlana Pavlovna
532-539Pedagogical Sciences
Innovative Technology of Pedagogical Cues System Usage
Zorina Elena Mikhailovna
540-549Pedagogical Sciences
Developing Translators Lexical Competence When Teaching Military Translation
Kalashnikova Olga Anatolyevna
550-557Pedagogical Sciences
Forming Masters Degree Students Projective Skills While Studying the Discipline "Theory and Practice of Educational Process Management"
Kozilova Lidiya Vasilievna
558-563Pedagogical Sciences
Pedagogical Conditions of Future Physicians Communicative Culture Formation While Studying the Discipline "Pedagogy"
Fetisova Ekaterina Yurievna
564-568Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching Literary Translation by the Material of the Russian Folk Tales to Linguistic Students
Fokeeva Yuliya Aleksandrovna
569-574Pedagogical Sciences
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