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SOURCE:   Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. 2.
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Representation of Laugh Phenomenon in the Russian-Language Literature of Kazakhstan of the Late XX - Early XXI Century (by the Material of U. Tazhikenovas Creative Work)
Baktybaeva Annel' Tleumagambetovna
233-238Philological Sciences
Images of the Ancient Chinese Poetry in Poems by A. Achair and B. Volkov
Bogdanova Olga Vladimirovna, Zang Yunmei
239-246Philological Sciences
Androgyny as Cycle-Forming Motive of B. Akunins "Fandorin Series"
Borunov Artem Borisovich
247-251Philological Sciences
The Story "Minus" by Roman Senchin as an Example of Auto-Psychological Prose
Wang Jiao
252-257Philological Sciences
Philosophical Reference as Method of Artistic World Modelling in Prose of the "Generation of Forty-Year-Olds" (by the Material of A. Bitovs and A. Kims Works)
Garipova Gulchira Talgatovna
258-263Philological Sciences
Specificity of Yelets Region Representation in M. Prishvins Works (by the Material of the Novel "The Chain of Kashchey")
Karaseva Elena Vladimirovna
264-268Philological Sciences
I. S. Turgenevs Creative Work as Assessed by the Chinese Literary Criticism (1980-2010)
Li Xilu
269-277Philological Sciences
Lermontovs Quotations and Allusions in the Novel "Neglected People" by N. S. Leskov
Mekhtiev Vurgun Georgievich
278-282Philological Sciences
Portrait as Literary Phenomenon in M. V. Nesterovs Memoirs "My Bygone Days" (by the Example of the Portrait "I. P. Pavlov")
Olyunina Margarita Vladimirovna
283-288Philological Sciences
Transformation of Gothic Demons Image in V. Orlovs Novel "Danilov, the Violist"
Osmukhina Olga Yurievna, Trushkina Aliona Petrovna
289-293Philological Sciences
Influence of Tolstoys Works on Folk Theatre
Sizova Irina Igorevna
294-306Philological Sciences
"The Aquanauts" by S. Pavlov vs A. Belyaev: Creative Dialogue
Startsev Dmitry Ivanovich
307-311Philological Sciences
Specificity of Artistic Detail Functioning in the Story "The Travel" by V. N. Gavrilyeva
Androsova Tatyana Lavrentyevna, Vasilyeva Tatyana Nilovna
312-316Philological Sciences
Moral and Ethical Searches of the Persona in Lyric Novellas by S. G. Khakhov
Bozieva Naima Borisovna
317-321Philological Sciences
National Distinctiveness of Themes of A. Krivoshapkins Works
Okorokova Varvara Borisovna, Semenova Valentina Grigorievna
322-327Philological Sciences
Theme of Ageing in Anne Enrights Creative Work (by the Example of the Novel "The Green Road")
Kemalova Milyausha Nazimovna
328-332Philological Sciences
Functions of Language Means in J. R. R. Tolkiens Creative Work
Maratova Zhamal
333-338Philological Sciences
Artistic Realization of the War Theme in B. Shaws Short Plays (1915-1916)
Chernova Valeriya Alekseevna
339-343Philological Sciences
Reception of Ancient Culture in D. Tartts Novel "The Secret History"
Shalimova Nadezhda Sergeevna
344-349Philological Sciences
J. R. R. Tolkien and the Indo-Iranian Mythology: Certain Intersections of Plots
Anikina Anna Alexandrovna
350-354Philological Sciences
Place of Phraseological Combinations in the System of Language Units
Wang Wanwan
355-360Philological Sciences
Compound Nonce Words: Ways to Determine Identifying Features
Gvozdeva Elena Viktorovna
361-367Philological Sciences
Peasants Nicknames in Business Written Monuments of XVII-Century Yenisei Siberia
Gorodilova Lyudmila M.
368-378Philological Sciences
Critical and Analytical View on Modern Television Speech
Danilevskaja Natalija Vasiljevna, Chigovskaja-Nazarova Janina Aleksandrovna
379-386Philological Sciences
Metaphorical Image of the Baikal in Advertising Tourist Narrative
Menshikova Ekaterina Evgen'evna
387-393Philological Sciences
Attributive Word Combinations as Means of Linguistic Representation of the Concept PERSISTENCE (by the Material of Newspaper Texts)
Xu Lili
394-402Philological Sciences
Predicative and Category of State in Historical Lexicography (by the Materials of "The Dictionary of the Russian Language of the XI-XVII Centuries")
Toporkov Pyotr Yevgenievich
403-408Philological Sciences
Initial Abbreviation in the English Bridge Building Terminology
Baiko Valeriya Aleksandrovna, Mirontseva Svetlana Sergeevna, Chernysh Igor' Yur'evich
409-414Philological Sciences
Faces of Russia: Linguistic Means of Creating Russias Image in the American Encyclopedistics (by the Example of "The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History")
Barsukova Elena Alexandrovna
415-420Philological Sciences
Linguistic Representation of the English-Language Linguo-Cultural Scenario "Banking"
Belyakova Olga Vladimirovna
421-425Philological Sciences
Linguo-Culturological Analysis of the German Phraseological Units with the Core Component "K?se" (Cheese)
Danilova Victoria Anatolievna
426-431Philological Sciences
Discovered in "The Economist" and "WCO News" Ellipsis of Words Attributed by Infinitive
Dyakonova Stanislava Arkadyevna
432-439Philological Sciences
Penetration and Functioning of Anglicisms in the German Sports Discourse
Zhilyuk Sergey Alexandrovich, Meibom Viktoria Evgenevna, Rozhina Alisa Alexandrovna
440-446Philological Sciences
Microfield "Der zweite Gang" ("Second Courses") as Part of Lexical-Semantic Field "das Essen" ("Food") in E. M. Remarques Novel "Der schwarze Obelisk"
Kurenkova Tatyana Nikolaevna, Strekaleva Tatyana Vladimirovna
447-452Philological Sciences
Paragraphemic Means of Expressiveness in the English-Language Fashion Discourse
Ryabova Marina Yurievna
453-457Philological Sciences
Cognitive Analysis of the English Phraseological Units with Verb of Motion in Water as Core Component
Shidlovskaya Diana Urievna
458-464Philological Sciences
Features of Text-Forming Function of Onyms in the French Comics
Salikhova Oksana Konstantinovna
465-469Philological Sciences
Verbal Devices of Fascination in the French Film Texts
Tkacheva Anna Nikolaevna
470-474Philological Sciences
Semantic Analysis of Slogans during the Pandemic in China
Dubinina Maria N.
475-483Philological Sciences
Historical Survey on Linguistic Situation in Brussels
Zhuravleva Olga Mikhailovna, Ulianitckaia Liubov Alexandrovna, Shumkov Andrey Arnoldovitch
484-491Philological Sciences
Dialogic Statement: Formation and Functioning (by the Material of "Pilot - Controller" Communication)
Lysenko Sergey Vladimirovich
492-497Philological Sciences
Original Simile as Means to Describe Secondary World in T. Pratchetts Discworld Novels and Problem of Its Translation into Russian
Baranova Taisiya Mikhailovna
498-505Philological Sciences
Terminographical Analysis of the Russian-Yakut, Yakut-Russian Terminological Dictionary "Management"
Borisova Yulia Mikhailovna
506-510Philological Sciences
Meliorative Vocatives in the Russian and Chinese Family Discourses
Wang Zhe
511-515Philological Sciences
Problem of Differentiating Homogeneous Coordinate Adverbial Modifiers (by the Material of the French and Russian Languages)
Gazilov Magomed Gazilovich
516-520Philological Sciences
Valency and Semantics of Predicate as Factor in Determining Referential Potential of Name of Person (by the Material of the English and Tatar Languages)
Ibragimova Elmira Rafailevna
521-525Philological Sciences
V. S. Kolokolovs Translation of "Mencius" through the Lens of Culture-Oriented Approach
Xu Gengyuan
526-530Philological Sciences
Translation Mistakes as a Result of Linguistic Interference of the English Language (by the Example of Students Works)
Terentyeva Daria Mikhailovna
531-536Philological Sciences
Emotional, Expressive and Evaluative Translation Equivalence of Political Speeches (by the Material of Campaign Speeches of the 2020 US Presidential Candidates)
Shageeva Anna Alekseevna, Sobakina Viktoriia Vadimovna
537-542Philological Sciences
Theory of Empathy in Analysing Discourse (by the Material of the English and French Languages)
Sheveleva Marina Sergeevna
543-552Philological Sciences
Principles of Prosodic Transcription in Corpus-Based Studies
Abaeva Iuliia Dogorzhapovna
553-557Philological Sciences
Speech Generation Process Control Using Sensory Feedback Mechanism
Kaganov Alexander Shlemovich
558-562Philological Sciences
Potential of Using Global Simulation Technology as Effective Means of Developing Communicative Competence in Foreign Students at All Levels of Russian as a Second Language Proficiency
Veselova Polina Nicolaevna
563-569Pedagogical Sciences
Creating Interdisciplinary Courses in the Process of Studying a Foreign Language at Nonlinguistic University
Voskovskaya Angela Sergejevna, Karpova Tatiana Anatoljevna
570-575Pedagogical Sciences
Regionally Oriented and Communicatively Oriented Electronic Dictionary - Reference Book on Russian as a Foreign Language (by the Material of Toponymic Space of Khabarovsk Region)
Pylkova Anna Aleksandrovna
576-582Pedagogical Sciences
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