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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 2.
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Representation of Laugh Phenomenon in the Russian-Language Literature of Kazakhstan of the Late XX - Early XXI Century (by the Material of U. Tazhikenova’s Creative Work)
Baktybaeva Annel' Tleumagambetovna
233-238 Philological Sciences
Images of the Ancient Chinese Poetry in Poems by A. Achair and B. Volkov
Bogdanova Olga Vladimirovna, Zang Yunmei
239-246 Philological Sciences
Androgyny as Cycle-Forming Motive of B. Akunin’s "Fandorin Series"
Borunov Artem Borisovich
247-251 Philological Sciences
The Story "Minus" by Roman Senchin as an Example of Auto-Psychological Prose
Wang Jiao
252-257 Philological Sciences
Philosophical Reference as Method of Artistic World Modelling in Prose of the "Generation of Forty-Year-Olds" (by the Material of A. Bitov’s and A. Kim’s Works)
Garipova Gulchira Talgatovna
258-263 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Yelets Region Representation in M. Prishvin’s Works (by the Material of the Novel "The Chain of Kashchey")
Karaseva Elena Vladimirovna
264-268 Philological Sciences
I. S. Turgenev’s Creative Work as Assessed by the Chinese Literary Criticism (1980-2010)
Li Xilu
269-277 Philological Sciences
Lermontov’s Quotations and Allusions in the Novel "Neglected People" by N. S. Leskov
Mekhtiev Vurgun Georgievich
278-282 Philological Sciences
Portrait as Literary Phenomenon in M. V. Nesterov’s Memoirs "My Bygone Days" (by the Example of the Portrait "I. P. Pavlov")
Olyunina Margarita Vladimirovna
283-288 Philological Sciences
Transformation of Gothic Demon’s Image in V. Orlov’s Novel "Danilov, the Violist"
Osmukhina Olga Yurievna, Trushkina Aliona Petrovna
289-293 Philological Sciences
Influence of Tolstoy’s Works on Folk Theatre
Sizova Irina Igorevna
294-306 Philological Sciences
"The Aquanauts" by S. Pavlov vs A. Belyaev: Creative Dialogue
Startsev Dmitry Ivanovich
307-311 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Artistic Detail Functioning in the Story "The Travel" by V. N. Gavrilyeva
Androsova Tatyana Lavrentyevna, Vasilyeva Tatyana Nilovna
312-316 Philological Sciences
Moral and Ethical Searches of the Persona in Lyric Novellas by S. G. Khakhov
Bozieva Naima Borisovna
317-321 Philological Sciences
National Distinctiveness of Themes of A. Krivoshapkin’s Works
Okorokova Varvara Borisovna, Semenova Valentina Grigorievna
322-327 Philological Sciences
Theme of Ageing in Anne Enright’s Creative Work (by the Example of the Novel "The Green Road")
Kemalova Milyausha Nazimovna
328-332 Philological Sciences
Functions of Language Means in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Creative Work
Maratova Zhamal
333-338 Philological Sciences
Artistic Realization of the War Theme in B. Shaw’s Short Plays (1915-1916)
Chernova Valeriya Alekseevna
339-343 Philological Sciences
Reception of Ancient Culture in D. Tartt’s Novel "The Secret History"
Shalimova Nadezhda Sergeevna
344-349 Philological Sciences
J. R. R. Tolkien and the Indo-Iranian Mythology: Certain Intersections of Plots
Anikina Anna Alexandrovna
350-354 Philological Sciences
Place of Phraseological Combinations in the System of Language Units
Wang Wanwan
355-360 Philological Sciences
Compound Nonce Words: Ways to Determine Identifying Features
Gvozdeva Elena Viktorovna
361-367 Philological Sciences
Peasants’ Nicknames in Business Written Monuments of XVII-Century Yenisei Siberia
Gorodilova Lyudmila M.
368-378 Philological Sciences
Critical and Analytical View on Modern Television Speech
Danilevskaja Natalija Vasiljevna, Chigovskaja-Nazarova Janina Aleksandrovna
379-386 Philological Sciences
Metaphorical Image of the Baikal in Advertising Tourist Narrative
Men’shikova Ekaterina Evgen'evna
387-393 Philological Sciences
Attributive Word Combinations as Means of Linguistic Representation of the Concept PERSISTENCE (by the Material of Newspaper Texts)
Xu Lili
394-402 Philological Sciences
Predicative and Category of State in Historical Lexicography (by the Materials of "The Dictionary of the Russian Language of the XI-XVII Centuries")
Toporkov Pyotr Yevgenievich
403-408 Philological Sciences
Initial Abbreviation in the English Bridge Building Terminology
Baiko Valeriya Aleksandrovna, Mirontseva Svetlana Sergeevna, Chernysh Igor' Yur'evich
409-414 Philological Sciences
Faces of Russia: Linguistic Means of Creating Russia’s Image in the American Encyclopedistics (by the Example of "The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History")
Barsukova Elena Alexandrovna
415-420 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Representation of the English-Language Linguo-Cultural Scenario "Banking"
Belyakova Ol’ga Vladimirovna
421-425 Philological Sciences
Linguo-Culturological Analysis of the German Phraseological Units with the Core Component "K?se" (Cheese)
Danilova Victoria Anatolievna
426-431 Philological Sciences
Discovered in "The Economist" and "WCO News" Ellipsis of Words Attributed by Infinitive
Dyakonova Stanislava Arkadyevna
432-439 Philological Sciences
Penetration and Functioning of Anglicisms in the German Sports Discourse
Zhilyuk Sergey Alexandrovich, Meibom Viktoria Evgenevna, Rozhina Alisa Alexandrovna
440-446 Philological Sciences
Microfield "Der zweite Gang" ("Second Courses") as Part of Lexical-Semantic Field "das Essen" ("Food") in E. M. Remarque’s Novel "Der schwarze Obelisk"
Kurenkova Tatyana Nikolaevna, Strekaleva Tatyana Vladimirovna
447-452 Philological Sciences
Paragraphemic Means of Expressiveness in the English-Language Fashion Discourse
Ryabova Marina Yurievna
453-457 Philological Sciences
Cognitive Analysis of the English Phraseological Units with Verb of Motion in Water as Core Component
Shidlovskaya Diana Urievna
458-464 Philological Sciences
Features of Text-Forming Function of Onyms in the French Comics
Salikhova Oksana Konstantinovna
465-469 Philological Sciences
Verbal Devices of Fascination in the French Film Texts
Tkacheva Anna Nikolaevna
470-474 Philological Sciences
Semantic Analysis of Slogans during the Pandemic in China
Dubinina Maria N.
475-483 Philological Sciences
Historical Survey on Linguistic Situation in Brussels
Zhuravleva Olga Mikhailovna, Ulianitckaia Liubov Alexandrovna, Shumkov Andrey Arnoldovitch
484-491 Philological Sciences
Dialogic Statement: Formation and Functioning (by the Material of "Pilot - Controller" Communication)
Lysenko Sergey Vladimirovich
492-497 Philological Sciences
Original Simile as Means to Describe Secondary World in T. Pratchett’s Discworld Novels and Problem of Its Translation into Russian
Baranova Taisiya Mikhailovna
498-505 Philological Sciences
Terminographical Analysis of the Russian-Yakut, Yakut-Russian Terminological Dictionary "Management"
Borisova Yulia Mikhailovna
506-510 Philological Sciences
Meliorative Vocatives in the Russian and Chinese Family Discourses
Wang Zhe
511-515 Philological Sciences
Problem of Differentiating Homogeneous Coordinate Adverbial Modifiers (by the Material of the French and Russian Languages)
Gazilov Magomed Gazilovich
516-520 Philological Sciences
Valency and Semantics of Predicate as Factor in Determining Referential Potential of Name of Person (by the Material of the English and Tatar Languages)
Ibragimova Elmira Rafailevna
521-525 Philological Sciences
V. S. Kolokolov’s Translation of "Mencius" through the Lens of Culture-Oriented Approach
Xu Gengyuan
526-530 Philological Sciences
Translation Mistakes as a Result of Linguistic Interference of the English Language (by the Example of Students’ Works)
Terentyeva Daria Mikhailovna
531-536 Philological Sciences
Emotional, Expressive and Evaluative Translation Equivalence of Political Speeches (by the Material of Campaign Speeches of the 2020 US Presidential Candidates)
Shageeva Anna Alekseevna, Sobakina Viktoriia Vadimovna
537-542 Philological Sciences
Theory of Empathy in Analysing Discourse (by the Material of the English and French Languages)
Sheveleva Marina Sergeevna
543-552 Philological Sciences
Principles of Prosodic Transcription in Corpus-Based Studies
Abaeva Iuliia Dogorzhapovna
553-557 Philological Sciences
Speech Generation Process Control Using Sensory Feedback Mechanism
Kaganov Alexander Shlemovich
558-562 Philological Sciences
Potential of Using Global Simulation Technology as Effective Means of Developing Communicative Competence in Foreign Students at All Levels of Russian as a Second Language Proficiency
Veselova Polina Nicolaevna
563-569 Pedagogical Sciences
Creating Interdisciplinary Courses in the Process of Studying a Foreign Language at Nonlinguistic University
Voskovskaya Angela Sergejevna, Karpova Tatiana Anatoljevna
570-575 Pedagogical Sciences
Regionally Oriented and Communicatively Oriented Electronic Dictionary - Reference Book on Russian as a Foreign Language (by the Material of Toponymic Space of Khabarovsk Region)
Pylkova Anna Aleksandrovna
576-582 Pedagogical Sciences
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